Chapter 7

"Incoming!" Came a voice from behind the walls followed by fragments of another, as explosions ran all over the town. The defenders kept their heads low as the shelling kept on closer and closer to the walls. Commissar Klemrith was the first to rise from his positions and started yelling commands.

"Reply to the barrages of the traitors with our missile launchers. Lascannons fire to the oncoming traitors." The men quickly pulled themselves up and started firing on the targets as the Commissar ordered.

Like a gigantic wave the traitors, armed with whatever weapons they could scavenge, fell on the surrounding wall of the city. One after another the latters that they used to try and climb over the wall started falling. This attack is like all previous ones, the Commissar thought, reassuring himself that they would see another day. Suddenly another barrage of missiles shook the city's walls. Dead bodies of traitors and loyalist defenders alike fell to the ground, burned and mutilated.

"They have breached the walls sir" an Officer informed Klemrith.

"We shall repel them," Klemrith replied confidently, but the look of his eyes betrayed his thoughts. He descended to the point of the hole where some guardsmen were giving a valiant battle against unaccounted foes. He immediately threw himself onto the enemies firing to all directions, making in front of him a pile of dead bodies. He turned his head to see his men the minute a team of renegades were tearing apart the body of Officer Neonion to pieces in awful screams.

"Reinforcements to the breach!" shouted Klemrith as he saw more and more servants of Chaos entering and the guardsmen were not enough to repel them.

"Drive them away. Kill them all. Send them back to their foul Gods!" he was feeling the rage stronger inside him as he used his boltpistol in all directions laying death to the enemies and giving the example to his men.

A loud noise awoke him from his killing trance thundering in his ears. The headquarters' building had accepted a barrage of missiles and was already in flames. A guardsman by his side asked him if they were to help the injured and trapped inside the flaming building. His reply was cold and swift.

"We have no time or men to help those people. Emperor have mercy their souls."

The tide of this attack was obviously turning in favor of the renegades. The guardsmen were trying to repel them but their numbers were many. Tired, weary and injured, some fell back and Commissar killed them to maintain the morale of the rest of the defenders. As he saw that, many more were ready to desert their positions and the resistance he shouted a command.

"To the landing pad. We shall make our final stand there. Fall back to the landing pad" and inside his teeth "And Emperor have mercy us all".