Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: Camp 88 - Interrogation room 009

Inquisitor Lancelot stopped writing and looked up. Sergeant Hoffman had stopped talking. "Finished?" Asked the Inquisitor.

"Yes sir. That is what happened." Replied Hoffman nervously.

"The story fits in with what I think happened but there are a few facts that are... inconclusive." Said Lancelot. "We still do not know what hit the valkyrie that caused it to crash," continued Lancelot, "We do not even know if it was hit or if it was sabotage. What do you think happened?"

"Personally. Well. I think it was sabotage, I think someone was trying to have me... removed. If you got that message from commissar Nelson you will know who I think is responsible." Concluded the sergeant.

Lancelot leaned back in his chair and sighed, he surveyed the sergeant. He seemed tired but weary at the same time. He obviously didn't trust anyone anymore. "Who can blame him?" Thought the Inquisitor.

"What of camp 89?" Asked Hoffman.

The Inquisitor turned his head, both eyes looking straight at the sergeant, looking for any signs that the sergeant was tainted. "Camp 89 was attacked at 05:00 by forces of the Inquisition to remove any tainted from the area. This is when you received a message on the long vox from camp 89 I believe?" Enquired Lancelot.

"That is correct. Why then did they say they were under attack from traitor forces?" Asked Hoffman.

"It seems that the whole of camp 89, or rather all that were willing, fully turned to Chaos soon after you left for that mission, they would have thought us untainted ones traitors to them," Said the Inquisitor, "Commissar Nelson it seems was assassinated a few nights before you left for the mission. It was the night he warned me of colonel Wilson's motives. I assume you didn't know of the commissar's fate sooner as it must have been covered up by the colonel."

"Yes sir." Sighed Hoffman. He looked down at his feet. Nelson had been his life long friend ever since they had fought together on Medusa V. He wouldn't cry though. He was in the Imperial Guard and these things were bound to happen.

"What now?" Said Hoffman.

"We wait. To see if any, or all, of your squad are tainted or corrupt." Replied Lancelot.

Hoffman and Lancelot waited for what seemed like hours. Hoffman took a sip from his hip flask of water occasionally to ease his thirst. Finally the door unbolted and the Inquisitorial Guard officer walked in.

"None of the survivors of the squad 21-Alpha have been tainted. Sir."

"Very well." Replied the Inquisitor. "Hoffman," he continued, "sign the statement I have written for you and you may leave. Regroup with your squad in the central square and wait for me. Is that clear?"

"Yes Inquisitor." Said Hoffman as he grabbed the statement and hastily wrote his signature at the bottom of the last page in what looked like a book of his mission. He then walked out and left. He walked out the corridor to the reception area where he picked up his weapons, after placing his knife in its sheave, his pistol in its holster, his grenades in his harness and slinging his hellgun over his shoulder he began to walk towards the central square to meet up with 21-Alpha.