Hello, everybody, this is Noah Dove, publisher of The Ailarian. It's already been awhile since The Ailarian got started, and things have already changed around here. I'd like to let you guys know about some of the changes and features that we have now.

Firstly, as you can already see, the style of the magazine has changed. Not only is it prettier, but as well, it's easier to read. As well, articles are no longer lumped into subgroups by page, but are categorized (with new categories) on the main page.This has lead to changes in the navigation bar, which now point to things such as our online store, as well as an author bio page.

As well, there has been a major overhaul to the back end of the magazine. Thanks to the wizardry of Matt Handley, the whole thing is now created in XML. This means that we now have an RSS feed, and an awesome new archive system. Not only can you still go directly to old issues (which have all been fixed, now), but as well, there is a powerful new search feature that lets you search by a variety of parameters. Now, if you like an article, you can catch up on previous episodes of the article, and find other articles by that author in a flash!

I hope you enjoy the added features to The Ailarian. In the future, we are going to add more little things like an article rating system. If you have any ideas of things that you would like to see from The Ailarian, don't hesistate to email them to me at ailaros@gmail.com. Thanks!

Noah Dove