Chapter 6

Familiar sounds waked him up moments before the Officer ran into his room.

"Sir we have a large attack coming. They are coming to the gate!" the Officer almost panickly screamed.

"Prepare the counter measures. All men to their posts. This will be a long night to come," replied the Commissar almost bored, as he knew that his trained men would repel this attack they had for all the other.

He hastily dressed up taking his bolt pistol and got out of his room and moved where he would be mostly needed; to the front gate. He was always fighting alongside his men, never fearing and always giving his commands and the good example that everyone should follow. Reaching the city's front gates he saw something that gave him the creeps. Under the light of thousand of torches the renegades could be seen. Lusted for death and blood, frenzied to the point of tearing themselves and letting their blood pour to the ground they were marching towards their positions.

"Wait until they are in range. We fight for our homes. I expect nothing less than winning. Everyone is obligated, if they want to die, to take with them at least twenty renegades. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir" the tired defenders answered as one.

It was before dawn when he awoke the rest of the team. Everyone was tired after this night's sleep but no one complained, as they knew their mission was important and they were trained under circumstances like these.

"Eat well. We have some way to go. Then buckle up", Siegler said to his team and got back in reading maps and reports. He still didn't knew what abomination of Chaos he was fighting or even the importance of this planet to the Chaos Gods.

With the morning's first light, they started moving again. The formation was the same. Siegler wouldn't think to use unorthodox tactics and jeopardize firstly his team and then the mission. Their pace was steady but quick. They were scanning their surroundings for enemy movements and when they were forced to pass through open ground, they were cautious, silent and quick. Siegler knew they were reaching their destination even if their pace was not as quick as he anticipated. Suddenly from the inter-com Knuckles, voice was heard.

"500 meters in front our target is sighted"

"Everyone halt", Siegler responded, "Simon and Christof get up there and find some good firing places. Todor and Helenova you do the same. The rest follow me."

He started moving towards Knuckle's position when his voice was heard again. "Er, sir. I think we will have a problem".

"What problem?"

"Actually we are going to have about two hundred of these problems and some in power armor. You better come and take a look at it" Knuckles finished his sentence.

"Moa and Knuckles stay at your positions. The rest as ordered".

500 meters were not a long distance to go. However being extra cautious can make you stall a little. After some minutes, he was near Knuckles, with Caspar, Atanash and Noah a little way back. He looked, carefully not to betray their position, through the binoculars which always were in his backpack.