Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 18
Location: Camp 89

Sergeant Hoffman sealed the envelope with a lick of his tongue. He stood up, walked round his desk and out the door. He passed the letter to the guardsman, private Schultz, whispering, "Take this letter to commissar Nelsons office, immediately."

Schultz took the letter and jogged down the corridor, down the stairs and out of the building. He headed for the building where the commissariat HQ was based. Schultz was stopped at the front door by two burly guardsmen bearing the MP, military police, badge around their arms.

"I have a message for commissar Nelson. It's urgent." Spoke Schultz quickly.

"Alright! Alright keep your ‘air on go on in." Replied one of the guardsmen, "Just don't annoy Nelson, he's in a bit of a good mood. If you know what I mean. "The guardsman added, winking.

Schultz walked through the front door of the building and crossed the reception area straight towards Nelsons office. He knocked, and entered.

Commissar Nelson stood up. He walked over to the private and took the letter from him. "You may leave now." He muttered. The stormtrooper left. Nelson shut the door, walked to his desk and sat down. Eying up the letter he tore it open with a letter knife and unfolded it. He began to read:

Commissar Nelson,

There is the taint of Chaos here in this camp. You know it and I know it. I must ask you again to inquire into the colonels actions. Too many times has he withheld his troops when we were almost on the brink of wiping out the Chaos scum in the area. He seems to be showing mercy. One thing the foul beasts of the ruinous powers must not receive or all will be lost.

I believe our colonel, Wilson, is on the road to Chaos and you, Nelson, have the power to put a stop to it before even more of the regiment turns traitor. I requested you ask of an Inquisitor to investigate and you did so. For that I am grateful but I must insist that you ask this member of the Ordo Hereticus to speed up his investigating at once. I feel the colonel may know of my suspicions, possibly the information was leaked from my squad, but I know not for certain. I fear the colonel may try to have me removed, and you too so that he can continue his... actions unnoticed. I fear the colonel may also be gathering followers to his cult and this scares me, for I am almost sure that my squad is pure but I do not know if that is so with the rest of the camp, or even you.

Please take action before it is too late.

The Emperor protects,

Sergeant Hoffman, Stormtrooper unit 21-Alpha

Nelson stopped reading and closed the letter. Striking a match he set fire to the letter and threw what was left in the bin. Taking up his vox he then started to send a message to the Inquisitor in camp 88. "This is commissar Nelson from camp 89." Said the commissar, quickly. "Inquisitor, bring up reinforcements, make sure they are untainted, to camp 88, I fear the colonel of this camp, and the garrison may soon turn to Chaos and if that happened then all may be lost. Stormtrooper sergeant Hoffman also has these suspicions but also fears the colonel is in the know about out our investigations, we must take ac-." Nelson was cut off as the cord which connected the mouth piece to the vox was cut. He then noticed a shadow over him.

Nelson looked up. Standing over him was colonel Wilson and his bodyguards.

"Too long have you investigated my actions commissar Nelson, too long have you undermined my command." Wilson raised his laspistol and fired at the back of the commissars head.