Chapter 5

The same day they went off. With the guidance of the Commissar's Officer they were led through the rumbled city, through narrow streets out of a sealed side gate. They immediately entered a forest. "Few would know of this gate", Siegler thought to himself, "which must be why it is not heavily guarded". When they exited the city, Siegler's plan started. Moa and Knuckles set off, as instructed, in front of the team, moving stealthily through the woodland scenery. Their senses were over the limit. They could feel the slight breeze of the air passing through the leaves, like hearing Ogryns walking on a steel platform. The first report of Moa wasn't long after their beginning.

"Enemy movement, 500 meters in front. They seem to be getting ready to attack the city" her voice clearly heard through the team's intercom despite the fact that she was whispering.

"Wait 'til the end of the enemy movement and then proceed", replied Siegler softly, waving at the same time to the rest of the team to halt and get defensive positions.

Several minutes passed before Knuckles' deep voice heard through intercom. "Everything's ok. They left. They are getting prepared for a heavy offensive move."

"Good. Move on. We have much way to go," Siegler responded.

Noah approached Siegler "Now what? Won't we let the city guards know of the offensive? At least to get them prepared."

"I don't believe they ever rest Noah," responded Siegler looking into his eyes, "They always wait for the next attack."

Noah waved his head and got back in formation. They were moving through the forest, towards their goal for some time. The sun had already disappeared to the distant lands. Siegler halted everyone through intercom.

"Let me check our co-ordinates," he said looking at the map, "Team fall in. We are almost half way through. We will rest here and tomorrow before dawn we'll be on our way. 3 shifts for the night. Helenova first, Caspar then and finally Atanash. Your eyes open", commanded.

The scouts came where the rest of the team had stopped and sat down silently. Everyone ate their daily rations and fell asleep to get some rest. No fires were lit or laughter's heard as they knew they could be betrayed by anything here in the wilderness.