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This game was against the person with whom I played last game. This time, he was playing with his ork army. He didn't last time, as apparently none of his boyz have any arms at the moment (and thus, he didn't want them pictured in a battle report). He took care of that, though, by running with a cult of speed!

THE CHALLENGER: Like a normal WAAAGH, but with the dopplar effect.

Big Mek in trukk (no weapons), trukk had rokkit
1 2-trukk unit of skortcha buggies
1 2-trukk unit of rokkit buggies
1 2-trukk unit of big shoota buggies
1 2-truck unit of kustom mega blasta buggies
2 death koptaz (with force field)
1 rokkit trukk
2 zzap! trukks
1 looted demolisher with heavy bolters and red paint

everything had grot riggers and, I think, orky armor.

THE DEFENDER: You call that a crappy vehicle? THIS is a crappy vehicle!

I used list 3e. This list is basically the same as the old one with the one big exception that I swapped my demolisher out for a squad of plasma vets and a hellhound.

The mission was cleanse on alpha. He rolled for quarters, which automatically gave me deployment. I won first turn. After deployment, the field looked like this:

To view a hi-res copy, click here.

Holy trukkz! Needless to say, this is the most different army that I've ever faced off against. I had basically no idea what to do for deployment, knowing that he would be able to get to my lines in like one turn. The only real strategy was to put my armored fist out to the right, in hopes to claim that quarter. I also wanted to create a death channel with my hellhound and vets on the top, but, foolish me, I forgot that this was an alpha mission. I decided, then, to just sort of keep my vets back in reserve and hold my breath.


The noise was horrendous. Melchoir had to cover his ears as best he could to try and drain out the racket.

His detatchment had been sent on a standard sweeping mission. They were to clear a path to a gravel factory that was situated above a quarry. The closer they got, the louder the sounds of the factory and the quarry became.

"Emperor damn this noise!" The officer shouted.

"What?" asked Sanario.

Melchoir turned to the priest and gave the intergalactic non-verbal symbol of "I can't hear you", and turned his attention back to his micro bead. "Scouts!" he shouted, but could only sort of make the "affirmative" out through the noise.

Melchoir thought to himself. It was kind of odd. The noise was less like that of a factory, or a quarry, but more like the sound of a dozen vehicles running in third with their emergency brakes on.

"Sir!" cane the voice of one of the sentinel pilots, "Ork Trukks! At least a dozen of them!"

"Shit!" shouted Melchoir, "Everybody, open fire!"

The game begins with some fairly simple movement. Basically, I just move my sentinels deeper into their adjacent table quarters and my chimera makes a break for it, dumping its cargo, and popping smoke.

Shooting begins with my basilisk targeting his zzap! gun behind the wall and scattering, but only like an inch away (aaah, I love direct fire mode). The resulting penetration only manages to stun the vehicle :-\

The shooting continues with my lascannon sentinel hitting his demolisher and penetrating it for an "armament+ crew stunned" result. Adios demolisher cannon. My other lascannon sentinel opens up on his rokkit trukk and glances for an "armament destroyed" result. Then, a flurry of heavy bolter and grenade fire penetrate into the flimsy ork armor for the result of at least an armament destroyed and a stunned.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, his massive truck army, that which wasn't stunned, gunned it forwards.

In shooting, the only thing that was in range was a pair of kustom blastas and a big shoota. The blasta hit, but only managed to take out one thanks to good spacing. The shoota, though, killed two more. My squad failed it's pair of leadership tests and scooted back about 5".

Melchoir stared on in amazement as a quite a few ork vehicles gunned it out into the open.

In a flash, the officer recalled a royal priest that used to be in his home town. Father Maximus had been a close friend of Melchoir when he was a child, but when he was about ten years old, the poor man went insane. He was burned at the stake, wearing a sign that said "Mad Max"

Melchoir snapped back out of it. "Allright, men," he shouted to his retinue, "Advance!"

After this point, the field looked like this:



Well, in came his crashing tide of ork vehicles. Now let's see if I could do some damage before being horribly run over in the next turn.

In movement, I moved my chimera and my hellhound for maximum killing power. As well, my squad regrouped (it took the standard reroll to pull it off, though).

Shooting begins with my basilisk hitting square on one of his mega blasta buggies. The two partials don't manage to do anything, but the one that was hit was promptly gooified.

Shooting continued on the right with my lascannon sentinel missing, but my troops in the woods taking down his weaponless rokkit trukk. The chimera unloaded a bunch of heavy bolter fire which got an immobilization on the glance.

On the top, my lascannon sentinel missed, but the heavy bolters and grenade launcher immobilized a skortcha. Fearing for it's life, the hellhound opened up on a rokkit buggy, blowing it up.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, his trucks move around like a hornets nest hit by a rock. Stuff in the front moved less, to be able to shoot, while the stuff in the back moved in for the catch up. His zappless zapp trukk has its grot riggers made successful repairs, and off it went. Unlike my hope, he decided to abandon his second skortcha, and gunned it towards my guys in the building.

In shooting, he pours a hellish gout of fire on my infantry squad in the building, hitting and wounding 7 of them. His demolisher unloads a pair of heavy bolters along with a big shoota from his copta onto my sentinel scoring a penetration and a glance for an immobilized and armament destroyed result.

His zzap cannon rolled a 9 for strength and easily blew up my chimera, while his kustom mega blaster hit my basilisk, but thankfully failed to do any damage to it.

After this point, the field looked like this:



In my turn, I move up my command squad, and move in my vets and hellhound to support them. Basically, I want his middle dead. Now.

In shooting, my lascannon missed the zzap trukk at point blank range. My platoon HQ lascannon hits his zappless zapp truk and only manages to glance, causing a stun. Meanwhile the only vet that has range shoots at the nearby shoota buggy and hits twice, wrecking the vehicle (hear hear for BS4).

The command squad charged forwards.

"Allright!" Melchoir shouted, "Sanario! You know what to do!"

The two men shouted as they charged forwards:

It was obviously a little difficult hitting him, as he had moved 12" the turn before, but with 8 rerolling attacks, I was able to land a couple with my officer and one with my priest. Though my officer was only able to punch the ork out of the seat for a stun, the priest chopped into the buggy but only managed to immobilize it.

In my other assaults, both my sentinesl failed to do any damage to his zzap trukk, and his skortcha buggy, respectively.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he moved everything he had left forwards in the middle, while the top side moved forwards.

In shooting, his three heavy bolters demolisher, and his big shoota score an impressive number of hits. I was able to make a bunch of 4+ saves, but two of my men were still downed, leaving only the grenade launcher guy left.

Meanwhile, his rokkit trukk missed my basilisk while his big mek hit the side of my hellhound, but wasn't able to breach its reinforced side armor. His copta fired its big shoota at my vets and hit twice, killing two of them. Hiz zzap trukk rolled an 8 for strength, and easily blew up my sentinel.

Then came his skortcha buggy:

Sanario looked quickly over behind the kustom mega blasta trukk. "Incoming skortcha!" he shouted.

A giant blast of flame suddenly enveloped the command squad and the trukk, several of the retinue screamed out in pain as the flames blasted into them. After the gout was over, the priest looked at Melchoir. Some of his uniform was on fire, but most importantly, flames had gotten up the tailpipes of his powerfist.

Melchoir ran around screaming as flames blasted out of his powerfist.

"Stop, drop, and roll, Melchoir!" the priest shouted as the officer ran away in a panic.

The priest looked at the buggy, and wrinkled his eyebrows.

After this point, the field looked like this:



Now free free from too much worry from the center, I focus on the top, bringing in the hellhound and vets. I also move my basilisk to display the front armor to the top, just in case I can't blow up the rokkits with my other stuff.

In shooting, everything that shot at the center failed to hit or do damage. The only exception was my dragoons who managed an immobilization on the rokkit buggy that they had been shooting at.

On the top, my vets unleash a hail of plasma fire, scoring at least a couple of hits, but also scoring a plasma burn on each gunner. The buggy is destroyed, but one of my vets can't pass his armor save. Meanwhile, my hellhound opened up on his big mek buggy and gets a glance which scores a "vehicle wrecked", and his weaponless big mek plops out the back.

In assault, my priest absolutely clobbers his buggy with a pair of hits (thank you rerolls)

After this point, the field looked like this:


In retaliation, he consolidates everything into the middle of the board.

In shooting, his coptaz kill the last man in the building (who had passed a last man standing test, but didn't manage to do anyting). His demolisher opened up with a pair of heavy bolters and scored 5 hits! Of the 4 wounds, I could only manage to save two, killing the standard bearer, and wounding the priest. Meanwhile, the zzap! gun scored a 10 on it's strength, and penetrated the side armor of my basilisk for an "immobilized + crew stunned" result.

After this point, the field looked like this:



In my turn, Sanario passed his "last man standing" test and charged forwards. My hellhound moves up to take down the copta and to take the table quarter while the vets move back to shoot at the pile of stuff in the middle.

In shooting, my dragoons finally blew up their buggy, while the rest of the infantry was only able to shake the zappless zzap gun. My vets opened up on his copta, but scored three misses, both of the ones from the plasma gunner causing an overheat. Needless to say, he didn't survive.

On a brighter note, my hellhound missed, but hit with the reroll, and burned the copta out of the sky. What a neat thing it is to ignore cover on a unit whose only save is an artificial cover save...


In assault, Sanario charged the functional zzap trukk and easily scored a couple of hits on it, cutting the vehicle clean in half. Huzzah!

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he moved the remanents of his forces forwards, except his copta, which he retreats back towards his quarter.

In shooting, he fires his heavy bolter demolisher into the side of my basilisk. He scores an astonishing number of hits, along with high rolling on the armor penetration for a pair of glances and a penetrate. The basilisk's open-toppedness gets the better of it, and it is destroyed.

After this point, the field looked like this:



My vet sarge decided to stick around by passing his last man standing test, but Sanario, tired and bleeding, decided to retreat.

In my turn, I close in my hellhound to prevent any funny business while I move my vet sarge up onto the balcony to take a side shot down at his demolisher.

In shooting, my center infantry

pulls its weight, blowing up the zappless zzap truk. My veteran sergeant, unfortunately, missed the demolisher. My hellhound, though, took to the same vigor as taking down a fly mid-air with a flamethrower, easily burning the copta out of the sky.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, the big shoota buggy that I couldn't manage to kill with my command squad charge re-mobilized itself, thanks to the riggers, which scooted over into the quarter where my dragoons were.


I had scoring units in three quarters, while he had scoring units in two of them (both in mine) for a total of 1 to 0, for a victory.

Well, that was definitely an interesting game. Here are a few things I noticed:

- Even though I've only had it in for a single game, now, I already like the hellhound. Basically, anything that lets me reroll is a good thing. Indeed, I wouldn't have been able to take out a couple of buggies with my command squad, if I didn't have the priest reroll. I would have had a couple of units needlessly run off the board if I didn't have the standard reroll. Now, I have a vehicle that hits, even when it misses. A beautiful thing indeed.

- I was really scared when he put all of the vehicles down. The one thing that I didn't count on was the fact that heavy bolters can successfully deal with AV10, making it so that my infantry was able to pull some of the weight this game.

- As well, I'd like to say that these vets did pretty well this game. Even though nearly half the squad was wiped out by plasma burns, the squad made about twice it's points back. If only I could have infiltrated them behind the building in the upper right hand corner...

MVP: This is kind of hard to tell, not because nobody did anything, but because everybody did something. In the end, I think it's going to have to be a tie between my hellhound, which not only killed three scoring units, but as well single-handedly took down the entire force field grid, and the priest, who did a fair degree of damage, and who was disruptive enough to prevent everything from just piling into my stuff.

Hero of the Game: Even though they didn't do much, and their meaningless sacrifice did lose me my primary ability to handle the demolisher, the sentinels' run-out-and-step-on-vehicles policy definitely did what it took to screw up one of his turns.

"Dammit!" Melchoir shouted.

"What?" asked Sanario, not looking up from his paperwork.

Melchoir sighed and put down the receiver. "Oh, nothing," he replied, "It's just that the manufacturer won't honor the warrantee on my powerfist. Something about 'undue damage' or some other pile of crap."

"What are you going to do about it?" Sanario said, barely paying attention to the officer.

"Well, I gave it to the techpriests, and they said they'd take a look at it. I don't know."

"But if you have them fix it doesn't it void the..." Sanario looked up.

Melchoir scowled down at him.

"Oh, right."