Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
04:29 D+ 2 hrs 14 mins
Location: ++Classified by order of Ordo Hereticus++

The men jogged back following Hoffman's directions. Private Hood and Wilkinson carrying the body bag between them. The other members of the squad on the look out for anything. They were shaken by Schultz's heresy and were worried who (if anyone) would be next...

"Alright men almost there." Reassured Hoffman. He knew his men were worried, or even scared, but he need them in tip top condition if they were gonna make it out of this mess alive.

They made it back to the valkyrie in short order. Hoffman ordered the men to take up sentry positions but to stay out of the woods. Hood and Wilkinson dumped the body bag into the back of the valkyrie.

"Bisenti!" Shouted Hoffman. "Use the long vox to try to raise anyone from HQ."

"Yes sir." Came the reply.

Hoffman sat down. He had been harrowed by Schultz's heresy. Maybe they were all tainted in some way of other. "Emperor only knows," thought Hoffman as nearby Bisenti repeatedly tried to turn on the long vox. Hoffman walked over to see what was wrong.

"Sir. The vox ain't working. I think the batteries are dead." Explained Bisenti.

Hoffman took a torch out of his equipment belt. He unscrewed the end and collected the batteries inside. "Here, use these." He said, passing over the batteries. Bisenti took the batteries, inserted them into the vox and it suddenly came back to life. From the sound coming from the vox, Hoffman wished it had remained silent for what he and Bisenti heard shook them to the bone:

"ARRRGH! This is camp 89 of the 82nd Chameleons. We are under attack by traitor forces! Assistance required!" Screamed a frightened and on edge guardsman. What they heard next, and what was audible to the rest of the squad, was a large amount of gunfire and bones snapping. The message began to repeat and Bisenti turned the vox off.

"Sir, what are we gonna do?" Asked Bisenti nervously.

"You heard the recording. They need help. That overrides this mission, its scrubbed. Let's give camp 89 a hand. Bisenti get on to camp 88 and ask for an evac on the double."

"Yes sir!" Came the relieved reply of the corporal. Obviously glad to be getting out here. It was giving everyone the creeps. For seemingly no reason. Bisenti quickly switched on and retuned the vox to camp 88 and began negotiating for an evac. Hoffman turned away. He needed to address the squad to brief them.

"Everyone gather round!" Bellowed Hoffman. The men reacted quickly. Eager to see what was going to happen now. "Ok men. Our HQ, camp 89 has come under attack. Bisenti is going to get us an evac via our good friends at camp 88 and we're gonna help raise camp 89. Is that clear?"

"Sir! Yes, sir!" Roared back the men (except for Bisenti, who scowled as the roaring meant he couldn't hear what the vox-officer at camp 88 was saying).

"Ok fall out back to your sentry posts until the taxi arrives."