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This game was against the dark templar of last game and the blood angels player of several games ago against me and someone with whom I had never played. He usually plays orks, but was trying out a new necron list.


Blood Angels Space Marines

1000 pts.

HQ with force hammer, terminator armor
10-man assault squad
5-man tac squad with meltagun
5-man tac squad with meltagun
- in drop pod
5-man death company
2-lascannon 2-missile launcher dev squad

Black Templar Space Marines

1000 pts.

10-man tac squad with meltaguns, HQ
- in drop pod
10-man tac squad with meltaguns
- in drop pod
10-man neophyte squad with champion
TL lascannon / Heavy flamer Dreadnought
- in drop pod
Land speeder with heavy bolter, assault cannon


Necron forces

1000 pts.

lord with destroyer body, res orb
2 10-robot warrior squads
2 monoliths

Imperial Guard

1000 pts.

I used list 3c, as usual.

The mission was recon on alpha. They rolled for sides, we rolled for deployment and first turn. We were thinking about giving them the first turn so that we could get WWB at the very end, but we decided to go first for the purpose of blowing his stuff up faster before his deepstrikers showed up.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res copy, click here.

Basically, we just sort of hunkered down, and held our breath. We'd have to wait and see how the deepstriking went before we could make any serious effort to get the objective. As well, to note, my partner's strategy sort of revolved around the ability to deepstrike the monoliths, which didn't happen. Space marines, of course, can break any rules that GW says they can, and so they were still able to pod in ;)


Melchoir felt incredibly uncomfortable. Earlier that day, a large group of the Foleran army (including his detachment), had suddenly been beset upon by materializing necron forces. Melchoir had discovered, over the course of the battle, that, for some mysterious reason, the Necron didn't attack those who were near them, who didn't fight.

As the necron moved away from the battle, Melchoir had been careful to keep his forces close. It soon became obvious that the necron had planned to capture imperial forces, as the robotic captors exhibited behavior consistant with a shepherd herding sheep.

Whatever the case, Melchoir felt very uncomfortable.

The officer looked ahead. In front of them was stationed a small space marine force. Melchoir could only assume that his fate would be worse at the hands of the Blood Angels than that of his Necron foe.

In our turn, we move up a bit, wanting to both be able to kill space marines, but not going too far forwards so as to have any drop pod surprises.

Shooting starts with my pointing my basilisk at his assault squad crammed in on top of the building and shooting. The shot hits dead on and vaporizes 7 of the 10 densely packed assault marines! They immediately fail their pinning test.

The rest of shooting isn't so spectacular with the only other thing being a slough of lascannons immobilizing his dindicator on a glance.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In their turn, they move up the tac squad with the meltagun on the left, along with the death company, and the land speeder.

In shooting, his speeder rips into my command squad, killing everyone but the standard bearer, priest, and officer. The vindicator shoots at the monolith, but just barely scatters off. On the other side, the lone meltagun just barely makes a 12" shot which hits, and glances, and blows up the monolith... crap.

After this point, the field looked like this:



In our turn, my partner replies by moving his units up more. I move my sentinel and command squad over to engage his speeder, while I try and cover my butt by deploying the smoke grenades on my demolisher.

In shooting, we start by taking down the speeder in a hail of combined weapons fire. We continue with the monolith killing most of the death company, but being unable to injure the vindicator. My basilisk scatters off the vindicator, but takes a couple of nearby devestators with it. Finally, the necron lord and his warriors take revenge on the squad that killed the monolith.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In their turn, all three drop podding tac squads make it in.

The rest of there movement is moving the badly injured assault marines forwards, as well as the lone meltagunner.

In shooting, the left side drop pod promptly meltaguns the crap out of my basilisk (he's really lucky that he scored a "hit" on his drop pod, as you will see in the picture). The resulting blast travels 6" an causes a bunch of wounds, but, oddly enough, everyone makes their armor / cover save.

Shooting continues with their center drop pod killing a handful of warriors, while the right drop pod squad killed my right side squad down to the man. The shooting ends with his vindicator hitting the monolith and penetrating it, wrecking the vehicle.

After this point, the field looked like this:



Okay, so it's been a bad couple of turns for my partner. I realise that my demolisher is in immanent danger, so I give my partner just one task: stop his center squad from shooting my demolisher (preferably by getting into close combat). He responds by moving his warriors over to 2" away from the center squad.

In movement, not a whole lot happens other than me moving my chimera up, and me getting my command squad ready to charge.

In shooting, my squad unloads at the left side marines, but doesn't kill any. My lascannon sentinel misses. My platoon HQ lascannon misses. My las-plas demolisher opens up with it's sponsons onto the same densely packed group of marines. The lascannon misses. Both plasma cannons miss...

Meanwhile, my partner unloads guass weapons into his center squad and kills a couple. They consolidate 1" towards the warriors. Crap! Now he can blow up my demolisher!

Then the assault begins:


I charge into combat with my command squad. He is able to get the jump on me and kill both my priest and my standard bearer, but my officer is able to score enough powerfist kills even without the priest to call the combat a draw.

On the other side, his necron lord charged and killed the lone meltagunner.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In their turn, the rest of their forces deepstrike in. The only other movement is the center squad barely making it into the building with their meltagunner.

In shooting, his dreadnought heavy flamer makes a mild mess out of my left side squad. In the center, his meltagun hits the side armor of my demolisher and penetrates it, wrecking the vehicle. Wow, that was exactly the worst case scenario I was trying to avoid...

In assault, he finishes off my command squad, but takes a bad consolidation.

After this point, the field looked like this:



At this point the blood angel's player got a phone call. It was his dad, who was just leaving their house to come pick him up. It was called the last turn.

That being the case, we bum rush everything to the middle, except my sentinel, who backs up. I want to kill one of his space marines, and force him to run backwards away from the objective.

In shooting, the only things that can manage to hit and do any damage kill one assault marine, and finish off the center squad.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he moves the blood angels HQ and the remnant assault squad member into the necron warriors, while at the same time pulling his right side squad towards the objective. His neophytes finally make their move, piling out of the forest towards the necron warriors.

In shooting, the neophytes score a horrific number of wounds with their bolt pistols, and in close combat manage to wipe the entire squad of warriors! They consolidate towards the objective.

After this point, the field looked like this:



We both had one scoring unit next to the objective, netting both sides a draw.

- So in the end, I think it would have been better to have gone second. Things would have been different, of course, if the game had gone all the way to the end, but the same principle may well have applied. It sure was nice to be able to nail him first turn though, especially given how the rest of our shooting went.

- When the game began, I was very scared that my opponent would wind up phasing out. I was assuming that they would just leave the monolith alone and kill some 13 guys and then I'd be toast. Turns out, though, that those monoliths weren't so tough in the end, and a phase out never happened.

- Drop pods, I think, fundamentally restructure the meltagun for space marines. In this case, the center squad could have actually deployed out of the pod and nailed the rear armor of the vehicle first turn. The ability to be immune to drop pod deaths due to terrain or enemy units means that a marine player can basically drop straight on a vehicle without worry, and always be in range to meltagun it when they get out. No longer is there the balancing act between range and risk.

MVP: The basilisk was pretty much the only thing that killed anything. Sad, given that it only got to shoot twice...

Hero of the Game: This will have to go to my commands squad. Three guardsmen charging 10 space marines? Yeah, there's some guts there.