Chapter 3

He never really understood how the time was passing by so quickly before something important. For him it was as if five minutes had passed. The time was almost 1200, however, and he had to meet his team. Out of his pocket, he took a little key and opened the locker in his room, situated opposite to his bed. Inside lay his bolt pistol and his master-crafted chainsword, given to him the day he became an officer. He could still remember vividly this day as yesterday. Lovingly he laid both of his weapons on his bed until he could wear his campaign uniform. Minutes later he strapped his chainsword to his back, as he was accustomed to do, and put his bolt pistol in its holster. He took his backpack, the commands, and the letter to his parents and got out. The time was 1157. The team was already assembled and ready to go.

"People, our transport is waiting in the docking station. We will be transferred to the planet Hymirl IV where our mission awaits to be accomplished". His team knew him well; they knew he wouldn't say anything more until they would reach the planet's surface. They went to the docking station where the Battle Barge awaited. They got inside, got settled, and their journey began. They all knew was that this journey was to be long, as it would take them at least two full weeks to reach their destination.

The team onboard the ship was filling its time with every drill they could do, along with gathering and telling stories. It was odd, given that they had been fighting together for such a long time and they still didn't know all of each other's stories. A few days before reaching their destination, everyone gathered. Siegler started speaking to all, "Our mission is tricky and dangerous. We may not come back at all, but I will try to make certain that the mission will be accomplished." Silence ruled everyone as Siegler continued "In the agricultural world of Kasada a series of riots started days after a demagogues appeared. At the same time a plague erupted and the cities of the planet, one after another, renounced the Imperial faith and packed themselves with the demagogue. Now only the planet's fortified capital, withstands the attacks of the rioters on a heavy cost to lives. Our mission is to go to the last known location of the demagogue, of which we will be updated once land, and take him out. Then through the vox-com we will notify about his death and the whole regiment will come to cleanse the planet."

Silence fell over the team, as they understood that their mission came down to suicide. They were sending a team of nine people led by an Officer to die or kill a demagogue and the unaccounted numbers of his followers. That was a question in everyone's mind but no one spoke it loud, as the answer wouldn't be certain.