Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
D+ 1hr 28mins
Location: ++Classified by order of Ordo Hereticus++

"Private Schultz, STAND DOWN!" Ordered Hoffman, more firmly this time as he drew his hell pistol. He had recognised the face of the private when Schultz had pushed Fleischer over. He aimed at the creatures head like Bisenti.

"Sir. He's not right! We need to shoot him!" Cried Bisenti, loosing it.

"Schultz, you hear me? This is sergeant Hoffman. Your sergeant." Said Hoffman slowly and clearly.

Schultz did not seem to be listening. His eyes were darting from Hoffman to Bisenti to Fleischer, who was now also aiming his plasmagun at Schultz too. "Nuuulp! Nuuuuulp!" Screamed Schultz.

Bisenti did not like this one bit; he glanced at Hoffman to see what he was doing. He was still aiming his hell pistol at Schultz's head. Fleischer likewise, with his plasmagun.

On the other side of the hill Ackerson watched the surrounding jungle. It gave him the creeps and he wished he was anywhere else. He was just in the process of turning around to ask Ambrose what they were going to do when he heard that strange scream again.

"What was that?" Asked Wilkinson, fear creeping into his voice.

"I dunno." Said Jenkins, raising his meltagun. "But I don't like it. Let's see if the sergeant needs anything."

Jenkins and the other members of the squad sprinted over the hill to see Hoffman, Fleischer and Bisenti aiming various weapons at what looked like private Schultz. "What the? Sir! What happened?" Called out Jenkins.

Hoffman ignored the private and asked Schultz again. "Did you kill private Drennan?" The creature shuffled his feet but gave no reply but Hoffman thought he could see something behind Schultz's eyes, leaning forward he saw the tint again. There was a redness behind Schultz's eyes.

"Everyone aim at Schultz, if he runs, cook him." Ordered Hoffman as he put away his pistol and walked right up to Schultz. Schultz flinched as the sergeant began to unbuckle the chest plate of his carapace. Upon finishing unbuckling he tore off the chest plate of Schultz's armour and threw it to the ground. Taking his knife, making Schultz whimper with fear, Hoffman cut away the privates body suit to reveal the mark of the black legion, a legion of the ruinous powers burned into the privates flesh, quickly pushing Schultz away Hoffman quickly shouted. "Open fire!" The air was suddenly filled with hellgun shots and plasmagun bolts.

Schultz was torn apart by the firing and the rounds tore through him, the plasma bolts melting him away. After five seconds of continuous fire it stopped and the man that was private Schultz slumped to the floor. Dead.

"Sir? Why did you order us to execute him?" Asked a frightened private Hood.

"He was corrupt. He had fallen to the cult of the ruinous powers. How I do not know. It also seems that private Drennan was probably murdered by Schultz. He must have been hiding this secret worship for some time. Right. Let's get back to the valkyrie."

The surviving men mumbled replies of, "yes sir," and began the short jog back to the ship, picking up the body bag of private Drennan en route. They left Schultz to rot...