1350 Point Game Eldar VS Necrons: Seek and Destroy Gamma

This battle is a special occasion for a few reasons. One is that I finally have my camera working so that means pictures. The second is that this is most likely the last time I use this configuration of my army as I am trying to stick closer to the style of the fluff I am writing for my own Craftworld. A few things to note: Our table is not quite large enough for regulation so we are using the floor; also because we lack terrain we used some old Liken-Log stuff to build our terrain. My brother made a few collapsed houses but I am particularly proud of a bunker I spent a while building and rebuilding when it fell down.

With out further ado, the lists:

My recent 1350 tourney list:


Farseer: Ghosthelm, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear,
     Rune Armor, Spirit Stones, Fortune, Guide.
3 Warlock Bodyguards:
Witchblades, Shuriken Pistols, Rune Armors, Enhance, Destructor x2
5 Fire Dragons: Fusion Guns, Melta Bombs
4 Wraithguard: Wraithcannons + Spiritseer: Singing Spear, Shuriken Pistol,
     Rune Armor, Destructor, Spiritseer
15 Guardian Defenders: Shuriken Catapults, Brightlance platform
     + Warlock: Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Rune Armor, And Conceal
3 Guardian Jetbikes: Twin-Linked Shuriken catapults and 1 Shuriken cannon
4 Warp Spiders: Deathspinners + Exarch: Dual Deathspinners, Powerblades
Wraithlord: Starcannon Fire Prism: Prism Cannon, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones
Falcon: Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults, Pulse Laser,
     Scatter Laser, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones

My brother's list:


Destroyer lord: Destroyer body, Phase shifter, Phylactery,
     Disruption field, Gaze of Flame, Warscythe.
7 Immortals: Gauss Blasters
5 Flayed Ones: Close combat weapons
11 Warriors: Gauss Flayers
12 Warriors: Gauss Flayers
3 Destroyers: Gauss Cannon
5 Scarab Swarms
Monolith: Power Matrix, Gauss flux arc

39 Necrons = Phase out at 9 left


He one sides and deployment and made me go first.

I basically stacked everything with few exceptions on the right flank behind decent cover in an attempt to stay as far away from his main block of warriors as humanly possible in order to get as many shots off at them as possible. Those that were closer to the left were my durable troops like my Wraithlord and wraith guard.

He deployed a strong block of warriors on the left flank, the monolith dead center with immortals behind it, the lord, scarabs and destroyers just slightly to the right. His flayed ones infiltrated behind the wall on the left.

After all deployment the board looked like this:

I was worried about his composition vs. mine, the monolith would be night impossible to kill so I will have to focus on phase out, with no Res orb it won't be as hard but he also has a lot of tough troops so this will still be a difficult battle. I'll have to lure him forward then roll up the left side.

He won to go first turn and chose to go first.

The Necron Monolith loomed over the horizon, just as it had when Farseer Kalweth foresaw the only way to stop the destruction of the Exodite World, Lorianala. The only way was to annihilate the encroaching Necron legion. He listened closely and heard a faint scratching sound and looked to the future to see what this might bring. He saw a terrible sight. Mounds of dead Eldar loomed in his vision, a cloud of scarabs blacked out the sun and hovering high in the sky was a dark figure attached to a platform, wielding a scythe crackling with unholy energy. The figure was raising its scythe in victory! Kalweth snapped out of his vision and began to look for a way to prevent such a tragic scene. His Wraithguard and Wraithlord Kalderion were in place to take the bulk of the Necron forces just where he predicted they would come. The Guardians stood nearby ready to repel the Necrons if they came too close to their defensive positions. Neither they nor the tanks in front of him could help. Then his gaze fell on Spider Exarch Belerion. Here was their only chance.
"Belerion," Kalweth called out, "Are you ready for more heroics today or did that Hive Tyrant tire you out?"
"What? That pathetic fly? Dispatching would be like crushing an ant with your fingers," Belerion responded.
Kalweth smiled. That "pathetic fly" had wounded Belerion so badly he couldn't walk for months.
"Very well then. Head past this bunker and you will see a large swarm of scarabs commanded by a destroyer lord. I need you to slay him and his swarms or they will do great harm to our race."
"As you command Farseer, this will be a walk in the park."

First Turn

He moved monolith and Scarabs with the Lord (who joined them) forward over by the railroad tracks, and his destroyers crisscrossed over to the center near the wall. The Immortals moved right behind the monolith while the warriors made a push down the left flank. His flayed ones jumped over the wall and toward the waiting wraith squads.

In shooting he shot his destroyers shot at my wraith guard and scored 2 wounds but 1 saved and only 1 wraith guard died.

At this point the board looked like this:

I forgot to place my Farseer and squad on the board so I put them on the edge.

My turn, my Farseer fortuned the guardians and guided the falcon. I made a large push forward in an attempt to get my weapons in range to rip his army apart. Every thing moved forward, with the warp spiders and jet bikes leaping over the bunker and the two grav tanks just moved toward the left flank.

In shooting the Farseer squad fleeted 3 inches. The wraith guard and wraith lord fired at the flayed ones and all three wraith cannons and the singing spear caused casualties and the Wraithlord's Starcannon killed the last one, wiping out the entire squad. The warp spiders fired on the scarabs with the lord with them as did the jet bikes. The warp spiders killed all of the scarabs with 5 instant killing wounds and the jet bikes caused 2 wounds on the destroyer lord. The falcon shot at the destroyers and downs 2 of them but shots by the guardians and fire prism failed to down the last one, I just couldn't roll anything other then 1s to wound.

My warp spiders charge the Necron lord in an attempt to finish it off (long shot but I had to try), while the jet bikes jump away to avoid being splatted. The warp spiders missed or he passed his invulnerable save on the wounds Belerion did to him and in return he cut 3 warp spiders down but they stayed to fight on.

Belerion felt the world re-normalize as he stepped out of warp space. A quick glance was all he needed to show that he was right in front of his target, a huge destroyer lord surrounded by innumerable scarabs.
"A veritable swarm of flies, eh lads?" Belerion chuckled, "Looks like we have some pest control to do. Set the monofilament on widest spread and then fire at will."
Barely a heartbeat later, the air became filled by large webs of monofilament wire. Large groups of scarabs were caught and then crushed by the constricting threads. A hail of shuriken fire from the supporting Jetbikes followed and cut even more scarabs to pieces. After the dust settled all that remained was the destroyer lord 2 shurikens lodged in it, one in its skull the other was in its neck. It was still moving.
"We aren't finished yet, let's go!" Belerion cried as he ignited his twin Powerblades and dove at the Lord. Despite its "injuries" it moved quickly and parried several of his furious attacks. One hit home, or so he thought, as it suddenly slipped through the Lord as if it he wasn't there. The lord made some machine noise and swung his scythe, Belerion dodged aside quickly but the lord caught one of his fellow aspects in the sweep and cut him in half along with 2 others. This was wasn't going to be so easy ...

At this point the field looked like this:

Turn 2

He made 1 of his 2 destroyer WBB rolls but teleported through the monolith and got the other one back. The monolith and destroyers moved right in front of my battle line, with the immortals not too far behind. The Necron warriors just continued to move down the right flank.

Now for his shooting phase. Oh no, please let the dice gods be merciful on me. He shot his warriors at the wraith lord but only 3 were in range. He got 1 wound but it was saved by the Wraithlord's armor. His monolith shot its flux arc but only got 1 hit per squad around it. Yes he rolled terribly ... so far that is. And it stayed that way as nothing died from the arc shots. His immortals shot at my Wraithguard and scored 3 wounds but once again only one Wraithguard died. His destroyers then opened fire on the guardians. But thanks to conceal and fortune only 2 died.

In assault both sides completely whiffed it.

At this point, the board looked like this:

My turn I just did a general move forward with everything. After casting fortune and guide on the same things as last time.

In shooting it was time to punish the foolish Necrons. My guardians opened fire on the destroyers. After an impressive salvo ... 2 destroyers died. That wasn't great and the jet bikes and Farseer's squad just could not kill the last one. In better news, the Wraithguard fired on the monolith and scored one penetrating hit and promptly turned it into a smoking wreck. The Wraithlord's flamers toasted 2 Necron warriors. I remembered to shoot with the falcon and it blew up the last of the destroyers with its pulse laser. The fire prism put an exclamation point on shooting by ... completely missing.

I charged my Wraithlord into the closest warriors passing difficult terrain with ease. Once he got to them he ripped 2 of the warriors in half but they stay to fight. Now for the combat you have all been waiting for ...

Cue "The Ultimate Showdown" (That's the Exarch's to wound roll by the way)

Belerion ducked, weaved and parried the attacks of the Lord, he was getting tired so he had to end this now. He suddenly went on a full out offensive against the Lord, blow after blow landing on it but bouncing off. Finally, Belerion, finest Warp Spider in all of Thalion-Silme, landed a clean blow on the dark ones neck. It began to shift through reality again.
"NOT THIS TIME!" Belerion roared, as he brought the other blade around and cut the Lords torso in half.
The lord's green eyes dimmed and it began to fall. Both pieces disappeared before they hit the ground. Belerion's mission was complete; his kin were safe from this monster.

Exarch Belerion finished the lord with his power blades sending him back to his tomb. The warp spiders consolidated onto the tracks.

At this point the board looked like this:

Turn 3

He suffered some big blows last turn, like the loss of his monolith and his lord and one of his warrior squads were in combat with an enemy they couldn't hurt. But he wasn't finished yet. None of his warriors stood back up. He started his turn by moving his other warrior squad away from the combat with the Wraithlord. He left the Immortals where they were.

I shooting his Immortals shot at the Wraithguard but once again only managed to kill 1.

In assault the Wraithlord crushed another Necron warrior and the Necrons must have malfunctioned because they rolled box cars for morale and turned to run only to be caught by the Wraithlord.


At this point the field looked like this:

Once again I made a general move forward, disembarking my fire dragons next to the Necron Immortals as I went. Oh and I passed my wraithsight check for the Wraithlord.

Yep, they were surrounded.

In shooting my fire dragons melted 3 Immortals. Then all of my army that could shoot opened fire on the remaining Immortals. They just seemed to wither away and disappear under the combined firepower of my army. To end things up my Wraithlord shot his flamers at the remaining Necron warriors who hadn't moved far away enough. He burned 3 of them and if none of them got back up that would be my victory, but to be sure ...

The Wraithlord charged into assault with the rest of the squad and squished 1 warrior but they stayed to fight.

At this point the board looked like this:

Turn 4

Well this next roll would just prolong the game another turn if he made it. He had to make 2 of his WBB rolls in order to not phase out and he made 2 of 3, leaving him 1 model from phase out.

Nothing moved.

Nothing shot.

We went straight to the assault. The Wraithlord contemptuously stepped on 2 Necrons and that was that.

The remaining 8 phased out.

Conclusion: I killed everything except for 1 warrior squad for 1134 points, he killed half of the Wraithguard squad and half of the warp spider squad for 160 points, all this for 974 points in my favor netting me a Crushing Victory. I believe that good luck played a role in my victory. Also, the durability of the Wraithguard made them seem more threatening and they played their role as fire magnet admirably. Also, my plan to make sure that he couldn't bring all of his horrible fire power to bear and compound the damage with assault worked pretty well. My brother is getting to be a good Necron player but he needs to work on deployment. If his warriors had been placed a little closer to the center then they would have spent more of them game shooting and they would not have wasted their points. Bad luck on some of his shooting rolls didn't help much either.

MVP: My Wraithguard and Wraithlord deserve this one, for eating the enemy's firepower and downing the monolith and a large group of warriors.

Hero of the Game: It would have to be my warp spiders, stopping that lord and killing the scarabs saved my entire battle line from becoming one horrific body pile that his assault lord and scarabs are perfectly capable of creating. Not to mention that this Exarch loves to down the big ones, last time a Hive Tyrant, this time a Destroyer lord.

The remains of several fallen Necrons began to phase out, those at their Tomb world calculating that the odds of victory were untenable. Kalweth breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the foreboding, ruined monolith slowly phase out. He turned around to Exarch Belerion who had ensured their victory today.
"The Exodites are safe for now, thanks to your efforts, my friend," Kalweth said. "So how was your walk in the park?"
"Well the path was rough and it must have been uphill for I actually broke a sweat." Belerion replied.
"The King of Spiders in Thalion-Silme breaking a sweat? This must be one for the songs." Kalweth said, tilting his head in amusement.
"Aye, perhaps it is, but surely it must be an epic, we can't leave out my other ... €˜walks'." Belerion replied, mirth in his eyes.
The sound of laughter and high spirits filled the heavens as the Dauntless Heavenguard of Thalion-Silme left for home. The sun rose and banished the despair of the night and the Necrons and bringing the hope of a new day to Lorianala.