Chapter 2

The morning came and the military facilities were shed in the light of the planet's twin suns. The night guards and patrols went to sleep as all the other men assembled for the morning report. The encampment burst in life as announcements could be heard from the speakers, commands from the sergeants and the officers as they were counting troops. In this general fuss, in which the encampment lived everyday, the only man who was peaceful was one seeing everything under a new perspective, as being ready to achieve greatness.

"Sir, the men are ready for report. Everyone present and accounted for", sergeant Cobuto reported to the absent-minded Siegler.

"Hmmm... yes. Thank you Sergeant" Sieger replied softly to the Sergeant and turned to face the men. "As from yesterday night I am no longer your commanding Officer," he started speaking at the now startled guardsmen, "I have new orders for a classified mission. The good news for me, and bad for you, is that nine of you will follow me. So with no further delay do we have volunteers?" Siegler asked as if he already knew there was not going to be. Hands began to rise in the air, ten at the beginning, more as seconds passed, and finally all the hands of the men of the platoon were in the air.

"Thank you men... and Sergeant. You can lower your hands now. You don't know what this means to me" said Siegler as tears began to run down his cheek which he made certain no one could see before continuing, "but I can take only nine with me. I have thought it long and hard and the places are one vox caster, two scouts, two snipers, one medic, one with heavy bolter and two guardsmen. Sergeant," he said turning to Cobuto, "you will not be coming with the team as the men need a good man beside them. Now the men I'm planning to take are: Todor with the Heavy Bolter, Moa and Knuckles as scouts, Noah as my vox caster, Atanash as the medic and the last two will be... Helenova and Caspar. Now all men follow Sergeant to the drill course except the nine I have said."

All the men walked away disappointed, each one wanting to hear his name, each one wanting to follow his beloved officer. The only ones happy were his selected team. "Now people gather up. I cannot now tell you of our mission but I will later on. The time is 0800. I want you packed and ready until 1200 hours. I want each and everyone write a letter to family or friends. Take only the necessary equipment. Now go and get ready."

"Yes sir" the team replied and went to follow his orders. He went to his room as well, and packed his necessary equipment and sat down to write a letter to his parents. From all the missions and all the battles, writing his last letter was the most difficult. How could he possibly explain, through a piece of paper, that he would never see them again, feel their tenderness and the loving warmth of his house. He was writing for some time, and when he finished he wrapped it, put it in an envelope into his pocket, along with the other documents of his mission. He then went to take a hot shower so as to be calm and ready for the mission.