Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
D+ 55 mins
Location: ++Classified by order of Ordo Hereticus++

Hoffman checked his watch. S***t. The time was already 03:10, D+55 minutes. "All units regroup on the east side of the valkyrie. NOW!" The men mumbled replies and sprinted to Hoffman's position, on the edge of the jungle. "Ok men, follow me, and yell if you see anything."

"Yes sir." Replied the men nervously.

Once they had regrouped, Hoffman explained them to follow him into the jungle. Hoffman jogged into the woods the men jogged into the woods also. Weary for any signs of an enemy. Whatever that enemy was. They held their weapons upto their chests, wondering if they would ever be able to use them against the enemy. They continued to jog along, checking anything suspicious.

It didn't take long for them to find where the action had taken place. Just three hundred metres from the edge of the jungle there was a body. A charred body.

"Spread out." Ordered Hoffman. He was on edge, but he didn't want to show it.

The men silently took up covering positions of their sergeant while he examined the body.

The carapace, once grey, was now blackened and cracked, possibly from multiple lasgun impacts. Hoffman looked up to see which of his privates it was. There was no head. It had been clearly cut off with a blade. Flies were already swarming the body. Hoffman checked the mans gun, strangely its cell was full power; this soldier had not fired a shot to save himself. Confused, Hoffman stood up... he was finished here, he just needed to find the other body if there was one and find out where that grenade had gone off.

"Jenkins, Hood, break out a body bag for the chap here." Hoffman felt sorry for what they had to do. But war was war they had no choice.

Jenkins strapped his meltagun to his back while Hood did so with his hellgun and they both walked over to the body. Hood threw up upon seeing the head missing but pulled a black body bag out of his pack nonetheless. Jenkins, being a senior member of the squad, hence being meltagunner, showed no emotion as he helped Jenkins put the solder in the bag.

Hoffman walked away. Looking for another body. He didn't have to go far when he saw a frag blast next to a tree. Climbing a slight slope he knelt down to take a look. It was indeed a frag grenade blast. There was a small pool of blood. The target was then injured. It was then that Hoffman spotted the slight trail of blood leading over the other side of the ridge.

Hoffman clicked three times on his team com, meaning "assistance required".

Following their training, only Bisenti and Fleischer clicked once in reply, meaning "yes".

They crept forward up behind Hoffman. Bisenti with his hellgun and Fleischer with his plasmagun. Hoffman crept down the slope following the blood. The corporal and private followed. The blood led to a small cave that led inside the slope.

Hoffman hesitated.

The cave was in complete darkness. Unlike the rest of this world, racked by Chaos, there was still shadow, not just all daylight. Hoffman clicked on his helmet light, as did the two troopers behind him. Hoffman crept forward into the mouth of the cave. He only just fit standing up.

Suddenly a man-sized creature sprinted from within the cave and struck at the sergeant. Knocking him back. The creature then flew at Fleischer who shot his plasmagun, but missed. He went flying too. It then turned on Bisenti, who was calmly aiming his hellgun at the creatures face. It hesitated. Bisenti curled his finger around the trigger.

"Stand down, Private."