Black Templars vs. (New) Undivided Chaos


HI THERE, this is gonna be my first, well done, battle report, or at least I hope so! This fight is sort of a practice fight, to tryout and tweek our lists for an upcoming 1850 tournement. I'm using the rules from the new codex. It's based on my five minutes to glance at a GW store copy, and the culmination of hundreds of posts of rumors. When we encountered an unknown situation, we "4+" it.

First situation was how a Greater Daemon comes into the board, when the target champion is in combat, and whether or not he's 'out' of combat or is 'in' combat. There were other one's, I forget, but we were civil about it and worked through any problems. On a different note, this is the first official list I have of chaos that's NOT Deathguard, I wanted to make a list that used a variety of units (although it might not look it, I've got limited painted models, and I'm not big on proxying). Anyway, on to the game, I hope you enjoy it:

Points: 1850 Mission Roll: Seek and DESTROY. Mission Level: Omega => Alpha (we have a house rule, we re-roll Omega lvl, we don't like it, period. If it rolls omega again, we play through). Basically, whoever has more scoring units at the end of the six turns wins.

Army Lists:

Black Templars:

HQ-Brother Chaplain Serriat - Master of Sanctity: Jump pack, Bolt Pistol,
      Frag Grenades, Terminator Honors
HQ-Sword Brother Thatz - Emperor's Champion: Suffer not the Unclean to Live
Elites-Terminator Squad "Purify" - 6 Terminators, 2 Assault Cannons
Troop-Crusader Squad "Tempest" - 9 Initiates, Powerfist, Meltagun, Frags,
     Rhino w/ Smoke, Armor
Troop-Crusader Squad "Executioner" - 10 Initiates, Powerfist, Meltagun, Frags,
     Rhino w/ Smoke, Armor
Troop-Crusader Squad "Meteor" - 6 Initiates, Lascannon, Plasmagun
Troop-Crusader Squad "Hope" - 6 Initiates, Lascannon, Plasmagun
Fast Attack-Assault Squad "Holy Sword" - 10 Initiates, Powerfist, 2 Plasma pistols
Fast Attack-Landspeeder Tornado "The Emperor's Wish"
Fast Attack-Landspeeder Tornado "His Right Hand"
Heavy Support-Predator Annihilator "The Divine Might" - Lascannon Sponsons, Armor

(New) Undivided Chaos "Death Dealers"

HQ-Daemon Prince Snake-head Romulus - Mark of Slaanesh, Wings, Lash of Submission
HQ-Daemon Prince Parasiticus Remus - MoS, Wings, Lash of "Come Over Here"
HQ-Greater Daemon Sanctjud - armed with amazing stats... (couldn't help myself)
Elite-Terminator Squad - "Loki-7" - 3 Terminators, 1 Reaper Autocannon
Elite-Terminator Squad - "Loki-14" - 3 Terminators, 1 Reaper Autocannon
Troop-Thousand Sons - "Senagal" - 9 Thousand Sons, Sorcerer Senagal, Doombolt
Troop-Plague marines - "Melior" - 12 PM's, 2 Meltaguns, Champion Melior, Powerfist
Troop-Plague marines - "Majior" - 12 PM's, 2 Meltaguns, Champion Majior, Powerfist
Heavy Support-Obliterator - "Highlander" - Plasma Cannon, Lascannon
Heavy Support-Obliterator - "Gunslinger" - Plasma Cannon, Lascannon
Heavy Support-Obliterator - "Vulture" - Plasma Cannon, Lascannon

I found out after the game I was playing with a 36 points deficit and that Daemon Princes actually score now and forgot Lash of Submission also is a pinning weapon. But what the hey... it was a good game without them.

Initial Note about my army, I'm shocked that this army has similar model count to my old codex 1250 Deathguard list... SHOCKED! Also, the BT player is doing the Suffer Vow, Str 5 marines, Str 5 Chaplian, Str 7 Emperor's Champion YIKES!


LEFT: Well, in his point of view, he has only one las/plas squad on the left flank, everything else 'hides' in or behind the HUGE building in the right flank.

RIGHT: My deployment is more spread out, leaning towards my left flank, opposite of all the BT's in the building. And yes, the only thing in LoS to my opponent is the one plague marine squad who are not huddling in cover, kinda stupid on my part, but it didn't seem like they needed it.

My opponent wins Terrain Placement Roll, I win Table Side Roll, and my opponent wins the 1st Turn Roll. He decides to go first... hmm last turn goodness.

"Romulus," called the spherical object in the sky.

"Ah, dear brother Remus. Is that form the best you could do?"

"What, you serpent head? Gun drones where the only thing I could salvage. It's a wonder I can hold this form together, let alone form my blade." He pouted.

"So, what of your blissful taste little brother?" Romulus asked.

"The Deathguard are lending their help to our cause. I accomplished this by exposing their recent feud between them and these particular loyalist, who are in our way." He relished in Praising himself. "Now hod did you get those Thousand Sons to hel us, knowing Deathguard would come to our aid?"

"Dear brother, we are Siren Lords, our powers of persuasion surpasses a lowly sorcerer of the Thousand Sons. In addition, I romised him the same spell he is now under. His submission is complete." Romulus surprises himself, praising himself like his brother.

"How about your playthings older brother?" Remus asked.

"You mean Vulture and gunslinger, they are working fine, better than your gun drones anyway, how's yours?" Romulus asking off-hand.

"Highlander is problematic, targeting priority will likely be... off, come on look at me, he's not a priority right now!" Remus complained. "Oh, speaking of looks... "

"Hail revered Princes of Lust, I am Plague Champion Melior! I pledge my services and that of my followers to your cause!" Coughed the plague marine.

Both Romulus and Remus held their breath. Romulus asks, "Have you any information on those that lead the resistence?"

"These Black Templars are lead by two figures. First is Emperor's Champion Thatz, they believe strongly on this marine, they find their strength in him."

Stroking his unsheathed blade, Remus remarks, "I'll like to meet this one, and the other?"

"He is their chaplain Serriat, he is a fierce fighter. He has taken many Plague Marines away from us."

Romulus shivered with excitement, "Dear brother and Melior, It's time to deal some death. Chaplain Serriat, I like how that name rolls off my tongue." I grinned as we moved into the city.

Black Templars Turn 1

Emperor's Champion Thatz orders the advance. The large building is the staging ground for the Black Templars defense. With a shout from all the Black Templars, that could be heard hundreds of miles away, "No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!"

It's a relatively uneventful first turn. Both rhino's move 12" and unloads both crusader squads, sheltering behind the rhino's (moving walls FTW). Both land speeders move over 6" and are situated on 'the roof' of the big building. The terminators trudge through the building and are looking out the windows and the predator moves around the far side of the building. Both las/plas squads remain in place, while the assault marines go tactical, moving behind cover in the middle of my formation, able to charge my weak or strong flank.

The Black Templar left flank had no shooting. Both tornado land speeders, terminator squad, tri-las pred, las/plas squad all shoot at the exposed terminators. That's 2 Lascannons, 4 storm bolters, 2 heavy bolters, 4 ass-cannons. All that shootyness, and only 2 plague marines go down; the lascannons did the job, while all other weapons just couldn't get through power armor and feel no pain, even the ass-cannons, there were maybe 3 rends.

Chaos Turn 1

As the Death Dealers advanced, squad 'Hope', for unknown reasons, where compelled to run out of the Black Templar formation. They ran like mad men, ignoring all orders to stop and all terrain intervening. Squad 'Hope' is almost at the Chaos battle line, when over the crack of weapons fire, someone roars, "I am Thousand Sons Sorcerer Senagal, and I foresee your DOOM!"

Everything in my army moves, simply put. The cult troopers all moved forward, some moving slowly because they are slow and purposeful or are in terrain. Romulus flies to the front of the advance while Remus flies to the far left flank. The 'Loki' terminators shuffle out behind of the building to get LoS on the land speeders, so did Obliterator Gunslinger. Obliterator Vulture makes it to the second floor of the building, while I stupidly moved Highlander into LoS to the right flank las/plas squad. I was talking with my opponent how, obliterators where fragile to str 8+ weapons with ap 2...

Anyway, shooting, the doomed obliterator manages to kill one marine from squad 'Meteor'. Vulture shoots at the pred. and only make it not shoot next turn. The terminators and Gunslinger on the left flank kinda whiff when they all shoot at the land speeders, one is stunned and the other is shaken. The 2 daemon princes double lash of submission the las/plas squad on the left flank and they arrive 1" away from the chaos battle line... the Thousand Sons then rapid fire and passed psychic test for doombolt into the closest squad and manage 7 Ap3 wounds, one squad down.

Black Templars Turn 2

Emperor's Champion Thatz yelled, "How dare they touch us with the powers of the warp. CHARGE! Clear this city of it's filth. Find your strength in me. ONWARD!"

The last las/plas squad is unmoved and shoots and insta-gibs Highlander, like I didn't see that coming. The moving land speeder take shelterThe pred. moves 12" to take shelter behind a building. Everything on the Black Templar's right flank moves up intent on close combat. The terminators attempt to shoot at the Thousand Sons, my opponent didn't want to gamble on the charge distance to the Daemon prince. But he fails his target priority test and shoots at the Daemon Prince, taking a wound off of Mr. Snake head. The assault marines shoot at the plague marines and the plasma claims only one marine after feel no pain rolls.. A Melta gun shoots at the Thousand Sons, and kills one, having a save is pretty good, rolling a 3 is not so good.

Now the charges, a Black Templar's favorite thing I believe. The assault marines assault the plague marines the terminator barely assaults the Daemon Prince. The Daemon Prince is up first and kills 2 terminators, who are the only 2 in the kill zone. The assault marines charge, but nudge past the chaplain, robbing him of base-to-base, ouch. The assault marines kill 0 plague marines through sheer numbers of str 5 (the vow) attacks that repel off the 3+ then 4+. The Assault marine powerfist takes out 2 plague marines. My plague marines killed one with regular attacks and my power fist kills one too.

Chaos Turn 2

Romulus screams, "I do not want to fight you lackey terminators, bring me your leader," and he roared in laughter, too consumed in his own ego to focus on the melee around him.

The Greater Daemon decides to chill in the warp. Plague marines on the right flank keep marching up the board. The obliterators are shuffling up the building. The terminators shuffle around and do nothing the game turn, LoS blocked by combat. Daemon Prince Remus flies and positions himself in front of the Thousand Sons, to buffer then from any assaults that might happen. The Thousand Sons shuffle back while Remus casts Lash of Submission on the closer Crusader squad hoping to push them away from the charge; they are pushed 9" back.

The Thousand Sons open gun fire on the closest crusader squad. They kill 6 marines, and the squad righteous zeal's forward less than 4". The obliterators shoot 2 plasma cannons into the closest squad and kill 1 marine. In close combat the Daemon Prince whiffs all his to wound rolls, triple one's. And the terminators cause 2 wounds on him, so far, all inv. Saves I've been called to make have been lost. Anyway, the Champlain previously consolidated to base-to-base and decides to hit the plague marines, and kills 1, the squad kills none. My plague marines kill 1 assault marine, the power fists kill 2 plague marine and 2 assault marines.

Black Templars Turn 3

Chaplain Serriat calls out, "Brother Templars, look how they fall and die, smite these heathens, the Emperor's with us today!"

The Black Templars left flank just opens up on the plague marines through the rest of the game, a plasma gun, and 4 lascannons, 1 that's twin-linked. They are brought under half, to 4 dudes. The land speeders come out of hiding, and crusader squads move towards the main melee. As shooting goes, one land speeder deals a wound to an obliterator in the building, while the other takes out one Thousand Son. One more goes down to the melta gun from the tattered 3 man squad.

The crusader squad with the Emperor's Champion makes it barely into CC with Romulus. The only models in base contact are the Emperor's Champion and the powerfist marine. Romulus, hitting first, decides to attack the squad instead of the independent character, and kills 4, which is everything in that particular killzone, including the powerfist and meltagun. The Emperor's Champion causes 1 wound after making some Invulnerable saves, woohoo. The chaplain again beats on the plague marines and kills 2. The assault marines whiff and both our powerfists whiff. While the terminators make easy work of Romulus, after failing one of the 2 Invulnerable saves I needed to make. So my one plague marine is surrounded by a chaplain 2 terminators and 3 assault marines. He takes 3 armor saves passes 2 and passes feel no pain on the last. The crusaders with the Emperor's Champion consolidate to Remus.

Chaos Turn 3

Plague Champion 'Melior' looks around in the swirling melee, many of his brethren plague marines have fallen to the assault marines and their chaplain, but he is not moved. Facing a horde of loyalists by him self and their supposed leader leaving them, Melior could only laugh. He roars, "I may die, but Nurgle will claim you again." His unconditional love for his god is answered, from within, his squad's deliverance emerges, and with his last breath, "Behold, beautiful despair," and explodes. A shower of warped flesh and intestine litter the area. Greater Daemon Sanctjud rears his head, with a mouthful of teeth and a hungry appetite.

Woo, the Greater Daemon decides to show up, AND JUST IN TIME! We 4+ whether or not he comes in locked in combat or not. It was decided he was locked with everyone. (After this I looked in a 'codex' in a GW store, and it says he comes in with a 1" buffer zone. This was important for me, because I wanted to shoot my terminators at the flying skimmers... but anyway we 4+ it to save us time and headaches.) The plague marines on the right flank whiff their melta gun shots. The terminators moved forward. The Thousand Sons moved forward, and Obliterators move upward; both open fire one of the speeders which results in it still not shooting. In CC, Daemon Prince Remus take only 1 wound off of the Emperor's Champion who takes off 2 wounds off of Remus, still failing my invulnerable saves. The terminators charge into combat one at the assault marines and one at the remaining terminators. The terminators are reduced to one member who attacks my own, but I make their save. The terminators do nothing to the assault marines and the same happens with the Black Templar powerfist. The greater daemon whiffs and the chaplain saves the one insta-gib wound. Hits back and causes 1 wound. I win combat and due to fearless, the assault marines lose one to weight of bodes.

Black Templars Turn 4

Emperor's Champion Thatz takes a moment to update his battle information. Chaplain Serriat like himself are in moral combat with the leading figures of the filthy attackers. Thatz notes that they have seriously lost momentum and able bodies to repel the invaders. He thinks to himself, it will be a good death if we at least kill their leaders. "This is squad Holy Sword, we are retrieving Seriatt, he is wounded, we need an apothecary, we will meet at staging ground beta."

The stunned land speeder hides. The other land speeder moves forward to threaten the Thousand Sons. The land speeder kills one Thousand Son. In CC the chaplain is finally insta-killed by the greater daemon. The terminators make short work of everyone else in that combat. But one assault marine is still alive and faces the horde. Remus whiffs again in close combat targeting the Emperor's Champion (me and my rolling). And Remus promptly dies to more failed invulnerable saves, str 7 marine = ouch. They consolidate 3", but my opponent mistakes my sorcerer for an independent character and decides to back away from combat.

Chaos Turn 4

Plague marine Squad 'majoir' slowly makes their way through the barrage of dangerous weapon fire from the lightly defended right flank, slowly but surly the long range fire from squad 'Meteor' take their toll on the squad. 'The Divine Might' joins the target practice on the right flank, but gets to close and is slowly ripped apart, weapon by weapon, distracting the plague marines from focusing any attention on squad 'Metoer.'

My remaining plague marines get to shoot the pred and takes off the twin-linked lascannon and immobilizes it, they also charge it to remove ANOTHER lascannon. Because my opponent mistook my sorcerer for an IC and didn't lock the Templars into CC, I decided not to rapid fire the close land speeder instead of focusing on the Emperor's Champion, basically give him the charge. Anyway, the skimmer is destroyed in addition to the lascannon shots from the 2 obliterators. In CC, the last marine is killed and everyone consolidates in all directions.

Black Templars Turn 5

"Squad Tempest here, the Emperor's Champion has also fallen, we require an apothecary and extraction immediately, and the rest of us will cover the evacuation. The Emperor is with us."

The hiding land speeder moves into LoS to my terminators and the Emperor's Champion and 2 troopers of squad 'Tempest" move towards my Thousand Sons. The Speeder kills 2 terminators, and he falls back. The Emperor's Champion hits wounds, but I make my Inv. saves. My other Thousand Son whiff their hits, but my Sorcerer kills the Emperor's Champion with out using his force weapon power.

Chaos Turn 5

The dust is settling as the chaos forces are like carrion milling about looking for any flames of life to snuff out. The Greater Daemon Sanctjud lets out a low moan... a lack of meat.

The terminator falls back several inches. The obliterators climb to the top of the building. The plague marines run to the side of the pred. The terminators move towards the land speeder. The speeder is destroyed by the combined shooting of the terminators and obliterators, the pred. is destroyed spectacularly. In CC, the last 2 marines are consumed by the Greater Daemon.

Black Templars Turn 6

The remaining Black Templar forces are now covering the retreating medical crews who have secured Serriat and Thatz. The rhino's are using what ammo they have left in their storm bolters. One of the rhino's is out of ammo and the driver decides to try and run down the chaos tide in front of him, undisturbed at the resistance.

There is no picture of the chaos turn 6 (it's for some reason corrupted, uber camera of crap). Squad 'Meteor' snipes a plague marine. The near rhino tank shocks the greater daemon and Thousand Sons, as all are Fearless, they all moved out of the way. The far rhino shoots unsuccessfully at the Thousand Sons, hoping to bring them under half (he needed 2 failed armor saves), but nothing wounded.

Chaos Turn 6

Chaos moves through the city, fire sweeping any buildings they are able to reach, ridding the city of any remaining presence of loyalist marines.

Terminator squad 'Loki-14' falls back and goes off the board. The obliterators move down a floor. All of my other units on the board shuffle closer to their last targets. The surviving plague marines on the right flank shoot at the Black Templars and results in one marine going down to a failed cover save, but they pass the moral check and consolidate to the top of the building, so are the last scoring unit for the Black Templars player that's on the board. Over on the left flank, the Thousand Sons whiff with their 3 bolters in rapid fire of the rear armor, but terminator squad 'Loki-7' destroys the rhino. Obliterator's Vulture and Gunslinger shoot at the rhino in the Black Templars deployment zone whiff their lascannon shots. But greater daemon Sanctjud explodes the rhino and deals a wound to him self.

Seeing the Black Templars retreat with their wounded, Sorcerer Senagal looks over to the Deathguard and Majior looks to the Sorcerer. Old feelings die hard, as ancient enemies, the plague marines and the Thousand Sons marched towards each other. They face each other, unmoving. Both Champions drop to one knee, the other cult troops are disturbed, but at the same time, the Champions of both squads order the attack. Gun fire erupts and close combat ensues. As the sky turns grey and dark, the champions are left standing, face-to-face. Vulture and Gunslinger shuffle over to the champions and both cow tow before Senagal.

Senagal speaks, "So, dear Brother Remus, is this better than your gun drones?"

Majior speaks, "Why do I get the one with drooling intestine? You better get it right next time Romulus, or I'm gonna puke on you, it's not that hard, look there's my stomach; it's locked and loaded."

Game Results:

Black Templars: Have 3 marines from squad 'Meteor', at 50%. The only scoring unit.

Chaos: The plague marines are under scoring, the greater daemon doesn't score. The scoring units I have left are the 2 obliterators, the terminator squad 'Loki-7', and the Thousand Sons squad.

Mission Level: Alpha, 4-1 scoring units. Chaos Win.

Hindsight, I should have charged those terminators into the middle fight in turn 2 instead of trying to move into the building to shoot at the skimmers. It would have won the fight earlier and maybe save a prince.

Anyway, the Tri-MC HQ's where very resilient and versatile in my list. They took a beating and can take out power armor well enough... The lash of submission could have been used better on my part, but it did do will for me early on. I've learned to try and keep the DP's out of combat a little longer to use the lash a couple more times. Greater Daemon is almost a no brain-er to take. But with so many hidden powerfist and pretty power characters, they can be VERY fragile to heavy weapons fire and sniper rifles.

The terminators did well to kill light tanks, but since they have a small unit size, it's easy to get wiped out or fall back. They have lost a lot of power and resilience since my Tank Hunting 6 man Deathguard terminators with 2 reaper autocannons.

The plague marines were very tough, they can absorb a lot of shooting except for str8 ap3.

The powerfist in the squad is REALLY expensive... I miss the days of cheap powerfists and spiky/mutation/master-crafted.

Thousand Sons did SUPER well. They are MEQ-ers, that's their name from now on.

The Obliterators like the terminators are glass cannons, they are very fragile, and only perform average. When deployed on the board, obliterators are limited to the lascannon and plasma cannon. The plasma cannon has reduce efficiently, due to spacing out, and the lascannon is just a lascannon. Lash will help with the plasma cannon, but the wording can be vague, whether or not bunching up is good or not.

Seriously, it should be a rule to ask the opponents permission to touch their models... it's gonna suck having x number of chaos player with lash all handling and man-handling other peoples mini's. It can be dangerous to mini's is it's a newbie or someone with greasy fingers.

My Army worked will, able to cope with most things in this game. The list was made to take on all-comers not a tailored list. I've got 10 scoring units and 46 models. These numbers are both good and bad. I've got a lot of scoring units, more than my 4-5 scoring units with my old Deathguard lists. But each squad is easily neutralized or brought under scoring.

Para-phrasing my opponent, "Can't out shoot the list, Can't out assault it." After further thought, it's not that you can't out shoot the list or out assault it, it's what you shoot at and what you assault and with what units you assault or shoot with... As many will see, the terminator squads I used were pretty fragile, running away after the land speeder showed its face at them. Best way to kill obliterators would be lascannons and meltaguns. Combined assaults (like in the past) are great at dealing with a single cult unit.