My list: the good new BA

Furioso Dread: drop pod, heavy flamer, Death Company, venerable
Techmarine: servo harness
2x 10 man Assault squads: power fist
2 death company: jump packs

His list: the one and only 13th

Wolf priest: mark of wolfen, termy armor, and frost blade
Some librarian thingy with wolf pelt, plasma pistol
7 wolfen
2x grey slayers: melta guns, melta bombs, (I think that they had power fists)
5 long fangs: 2 plasma cannons, 2 rockets

He got to pick sides. I went first. We are playing Recon Gamma

The board had a straight diagonal set going from left to right (my point of view) with a big building on my left hand corner and a smaller building on his left hand corner. He set his long fangs in the rock on his right with a grey slayer squad with the librarian near them. The other grey slayers started behind the building and then scouted into it. The wolfen and the wolf priest deployed next to the right grey slayer squad. I deployed 1 assault squad on either side of the board. The death company and the chappy went to the left while the tech marine went to the right.

Turn 1

Everything moves forwards.

My assault squad on the right jumps forward and blasts 3 guys out of the building. Then they charge and kill 4 more only losing 2 of their own.


The wolfen move to get close to the assault that is going on. The long fangs shoot at the assaulters that are moving towards them killing 7. The grey slayers fail to do anything, but the librarian kills 1 more with his plasma pistol.

The wolfen/wolf priest assault and wipe out my squad.

Turn 2

The dread does not show. My Techmarine moves forward to try to kill the wolfen. The left pushes towards the long fangs.

The Techmarine has issues with the machine spirits of his weaponry and does nothing. My assaulters, except the DC and chappy (double 1's through cover), hit the long fangs. The marines kill 2 and lose 1 of their own.


The wolf priest/wolfen move towards the Techmarine. The grey slayers unload on the death company killing all but the chappy. The librarian charges my chappy and does nothing only to receive a wound in return. The assault squad kills the long fangs and they lose the last normal marine. The Techmarine is torn apart by the Wolf priest.

Turn 3

My dread shows and it drops in by the grey slayers on the right. It kills one with its melta gun. The sergeant passes his all on his own and charges the librarian. The librarian kills the chappy and then power fist (of Krosa) kills the librarian. He consolidates into the grey slayers.


He kills the dread with melta guns (2 6's in a row)

In the assault the Power Fist (of Krosa) kills one and consolidates away.

Turn 4

My assaulter dies to 2 wounds (2 and a 1)


He kills the drop pod and we call it.


He gets 1000pts for killing my army

I get 532 for killing his log fangs, the librarian and part of the grey slayers on the right.

Solid victory for him


The one glaring mistake in this battle is that I should have put the drop pod on the left. It could have done so much more damage and I could have killed the entire squad and taken the deployment zone. I hate wolfen and now I know that they need to be shot and dropped. But some better rolls could have helped.