Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
D+5 mins
Location: ++Classified by order of Ordo Hereticus++

"Mayday! Mayday! This is unit 12-Alpha of the 82nd Chameleon regiment. Any friendly Imperial forces respond." Repeated Bisenti yet again into the vox. He cursed; he had been calling for help on this damned vox for what felt like hours. He wondered if he was just calling into a vacuum or that this was one real strange training drill. He shook his head; of course this couldn't be a drill. They had all seen the bodies of the two pilots, charred beyond recognition. The corporal continued his musings until he noticed that a shadow was upon him.

"Hoffman looked down as Bisenti. Anything on the vox?"

"Negative sir. I did get something earlier but it disappeared real quick."

"Keep trying."

"Yes sir."

Hoffman continued on his way to check that private Ackerson, Ambrose and Fleischer were doing what they should. Keeping lookout. Ambrose and Fleischer, the teams' only plasma-gunner, to his disgust were talking and not watching for signs or trouble. Ackerson, to Hoffman's great surprise was doing as ordered and keeping his eyes on the road and surrounding forest.

"Nothing to report sir." Intoned Ackerson for the tenth time.

Hoffman acknowledged this with a nod and carried on. He walked round to the other side of the crashed valkyrie where private Jenkins, Wilkinson and Hood were stationed. They were all doing as ordered being as they were all young and nervous about the situation. Hoffman nodded to them and clicked on his team-com. "Schultz. Drennan. Position and status over." Hoffman said. He had put both these men on patrol to stop any cultists or traitor guard giving them the jump.

"Nothing to report sir status green. Our position is due east one klick into the jungle - anything your end?" Asked Private Drennan.

"Negative private keep at it. Out." Hoffman clicked off the com and looked around. Bisenti was still stubbornly trying to get an answer from the brass for advice but he had had no more luck. Hoffman walked over to see if he could lend a hand. When he got to Bisenti he was just finishing one of his maydays when he finally got a reply:

"We he- you -inue miss- ordered. Tak- o- Ugly Du-ling. -ut."

"Sir, the replies sketchy but I think brass has ordered us to continue the mission." Explained the corporal.

"Good work corpo-," Hoffman was cut off by a loud frag grenade like explosion followed by a long burst of hellgun fire. Followed by silence. What followed was a loud amount of shouting over his team-com.

Then Hoffman heard a loud ear-piercing human scream. Not from the vox but from the general direction of the two privates on patrol...