Eye of the Storm

By Noah Dove

When seeking shelter, one needs to know who is already occupying that shelter...

This scenario is based on the Seek and Destroy mission found on p. 82 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The special rules below have been created for this scenario specifically and should not be used in regular games of 40K.


After a long day's march, the weather had started to become cloudy, even foggy. Your forces realized, just too late, that this wasn't a simple thunderstorm, but, rather, a devestating ion storm brewing. Your troops were able to make it into cover, leaving the vehicle crews to hunker down in their steel fortresses. Once the storm had passed, your vehicle crews surprisingly found that enemy vehicles had likewise been forced down nearby!


The objective is simple: destroy your enemy as quickly as you can, while sustaining as few casualties as possible.


Victory Points

Hole Up: All units with dedicated transports must be deployed inside their transport when they are first deployed.

Reverse Escalation: Given the odd nature of the circumstances, basic infantry units that do not have dedicated transports start in reserves at the beginning of the game, and come in via reserves as normal. All other unit types are assumed to have been able to take shelter where they were, without needing to run for cover.

Static Discharge: The field of battle is still humming with the charge of the fierce ion storm. All units that are NOT basic infantry without dedicated transports (and thus deployed at the start of the game) must make a check at the beginnings of turns 1 and 2 to see if the dissapating static charge has adversely affected them. Against units with an armor value, a roll of a 6 causes an automatic glance. Against non-vehicle units, a roll of a 6 inflicts D3 wounds. Armor saves may be taken as normal.


All non-deployment pre-game setup is done as normal