Titan Blog Part 2

Sorry about the long break guys, but school work as getting in the way of my titan building time. So far, the skeleton of the upper body is done; the arm and the Vulcan mega-bolter are ready for detail. Right now, the only thing holding this together is toothpicks (lots and lots of toothpicks), so I picked up some wooden dowels to replace them. In addition, I picked up some red Polystyrene-friendly spray paint, so Ill be ready for the main color. Why red you ask? Well, because it will be a titan dedicated to the great Blood God, Khorne! Since I do not think the normal Warhound datasheet covers what I want, here is my own custom-made datasheet!

Note: To avoid any copyright issues, the actual stats, since it mirrors the Warhound, and any special rules that mirror the warhound, are not included and can be found the Apocalypse Expansion book.

Sometimes, even the normal strength of a titan is not enough to sate the thirst for battle of the Blood God. When more strength is needed, one or more Bloodthirsters are bound to a titan. This mutates the titan, making it more creature than machine, along with making it more prone to charging it's enemy rather than standing back and shooting.

Points: 750
Unit: 1 Bloodfeeder Titan
Stats: (see Warhound Titan)
Weapons: Vulcan Mega-Bolter
         Titan Axe
         Blood Stomp

Special Rules: Titan Axe: Close Combat Weapon, can target infantry and non-super heavy vehicles. When targeting infantry or non-super heavy vehicles, use 7" blast template
         Blood Stomp: Can re-roll all missed Stomp attacks.
         Agile (note, since he only has one ranged weapon, me may fleet 1D6 without penalty)

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