Warning there is an explicit scene of sexual content. It's brief but if you're offended by that kind of a thing stop reading here. Again a moderator hasn't gotten back to me so I'm just going to post and if any of them has a problem I'll take it down no argument. Enjoy. or not. or christ I don't know. do something. -AN

24 Sexual Tension/Shell Shocked

No sex. A strange notion for me, generally when I bed with someone it's so they can fuck me till I'm numb, not that that happens as often as I would like. Being rejected is one thing, but by some fucking Mon'Keigh? I left in a futile attempt to salvage some small shred of dignity. This wouldn't be the first time I've had to restrain myself from killing him out of necessity.

I wandered the lower decks of the Ides of March aimlessly. I've been down here a lot lately I thought to myself. On a ship with some stupid bastard I loved I came to the bowels of a ship for solace. How had I fallen so low? What had changed me from a young Wych to a disgruntled conscript in the employ of a seething bitch who only tolerated my presence as a favor for my bitch of a mother?

Is it destiny? Am I destined to fail in everything? I've had more than my fair share of failures but surely nothing so ignominious as this? I closed my eyes and began to weave through the memories of my past. The moments that defined me were all failings of some form or another. I supposed that this couldn't be chalked up as a failure, how was it my fault he had poor taste? But then again wasn't this just another instance of me conceding to defeat? I mused over the idea, for a moment before doubling back towards the fore of the ship intent on finding the little bastard who thought he could defy my will.

I navigated my way through the twisting, rune inscribed corridors for almost an hour later until I found him on the bridge, playing some regal fantasy in his head while sitting in the captains' chair. He ordered around imaginary crew, accepting reports that didn't exist completely oblivious of my presence. A smile creeped across my face. Moving silently I came up behind him. With my right hand I grabbed the patch of hair he'd been nursing over the course of the voyage, wrapped my left arm around his neck and brutally yanked him out of his seat and onto the floor. I anticipated the knee that nearly took out my front teeth and gave him a jab to the throat that ruptured a blood vessel. I pinned him to the ground with my arms and pressed my mouth to his.

I was slightly pleased with myself when he returned the kiss. Our mouths were locked to one another as he rolled over on top of me slipping his hand into my pants. I let out a slight moan and bit his lip as his fingers came in. For a brief second I pushed him off of my body to get my shirt off. He took the moment to help me with my pants before removing his own in unseemly haste. With those annoying obstacles out of the way he thrust himself into me causing me to call out. He laid me on my back and pushed himself all the way in and I dug my fingernails into his back drawing blood. Our tongues wrestled with each other and I screamed a curse as he came into me. For a short disappointing moment I thought he was finished until he picked me up and set me down on his throbbing organ and kissed me hard.

"Anyone ever tell you that your cock is too damn big?" I said with a seductive smile. He let out a small laugh at this and continued long into the night.

Hours later we laid on the bridge, the metal floor cold to the touch, the heat from our bodies long since dissipated. He wrapped me up in his fatigues and held me close though I knew he didn't want to stay. I laid by him my head resting on his chest, his chest rising and falling as he breathed soothing my nerves. He lay on his back staring up at the ceiling, one arm wrapped around me the other out at his side. I felt a sensation of fear come from him and for the first time in my life I genuinely worried about him. Though before I hadn't really had any reason to care for him, now was different, he was mine body and soul. After a few more minutes his fear permeated the room and when I spoke his name he didn't respond, continuing to look stare up at the ceiling with terror filled eyes. When I tried to move to get a better look at him I found that his muscles were almost locked in place. Flynn was a vicious soldier, despite his somewhat childish actions around me. His mind did not freeze up, he didn't hesitate, he could not be cowed in combat. So why was he afraid? I gave up escaping from underneath his arm and instead probed into his mind to see what had hurt him so.

I tried to figure out how long I'd lain motionless in the trench. The cold water seeping into my body, sapping me of warmth and life. Above me tracer fire stitched out across the sky and armored bodies jumped over some occasionally falling or taking cover while I laid there pretending to be dead while I was dying. A loud explosion on the Tau held side of the trench and a shower of dirt rained down on me. By now my hearing had gone my ears having long since been blown out by the merciless barrage.

Then I felt something. It was soft and warm and it held my head. Fingers, long, warm, soft, holy. They reached out and took me in their embrace. I wanted so desperately to turn and look at this god send but my eyes were glued to the carnage above me. The fingers that pressed down on my chest hands and finally arms as they wrapped themselves around me.

"Look at all those pretty lights." The angelic voice said, so calm, so sure despite the seething storm of hell that raged in fury around us. Death came so close so many times but every time she stayed close wrapping her arms around me even tighter. I wished I could look at the face of my savior, this angel of the Emperor who'd brought me solace in this wake of death.