23 Love

Later that night I came to him. I snuck out of my room making my way silently down the hallway. In reality there wasn't any real need for secrecy with the exception of the psyker on the other side of the ship we were the only ones on board. I suppose it was out of shame. With a hiss of air his door opened and I in. He was there on his bed sleeping peacefully, a luxury that had eluded me the entire voyage. He smelled, not in a bad way I suppose but it was different and the scent of him irritated my nose a little. I crawled in wrapping my body around his. He didn't wake. I nudged him. No change. I bit him as hard as I could on the shoulder until I tasted blood. But he didn't wake.

"Flynn?" I said confused. I reached out to his mind and quickly withdrew, sensing the presence of another, more familiar. I ran a hand through his hair, laid next to him and waited for him to wake up.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spurious Interrupt

"There's someone waitin' for you over there." Said Captain Odel.

"Over there? What do you mean?" I said. Slightly confused at the Captains statement.

"Land of the living son. If she's your girlfriend than by the Emperor you have horrible taste." He said letting out a hearty laugh.

"Madam Bella? No by the throne no never! Oh Good Lord, The Emperor vomited and there she was. Her tits have hair on them sir, hair. It's disgusting, never, I'd rather be ass raped by a Sorotias Sister than ever, ever sleep with her. By the Golden Throne I can't believe you actually suggested this. I'm going to puke, all over you bird and it's going to be all your fault. I hope you're happy."

"If I may point out real quick here son, that she is navigating this ship and she is also a powerful psyker I wouldn't ever say that to her face. I mean not unless you want to join me over here and have a martini or something. I actually meant your Xeno friend."

"You mean Isilia?" I said my voice full of incredulity. "No, again no. She's a Xeno I would never, I mean she's beautiful, but that scar and she's a Xeno. Ah Xeno sir I don't think I can stress that part enough."

"Well you can say whatever you want to me boy, but I don't have to be psychic to know you fell for her a long time ago."

"There's a difference sir between liking someone and acting on it."

"Well if you like her- oh damnit Flynn just grow up you're 27 years old you love her and damnit you're acting like a scholam child. The Emperor couldn't give two pints of piss if you did, he's got more important things to do like worry about the fate of mankind not who you decide to stick your dick in. Half the people in this galaxy have never even seen a Xeno. You and I both have fought them, we've earned the right to love them or hate them. But not them, don't let yourself be judged by some pompous fool who's never set foot on a battlefield, or lost a brother, or suffered any other of a million hardships that they could never understand. If you love her act on it. I'm not saying run into the nearest Inquisitorial fortress and make hot interracial sex I'm saying cherish it for what it's worth. Don't squander love, don't abuse it, cause it doesn't come around often, believe me once it's gone it's gone forever." Though I couldn't see Captain Odel's face from the co-pilots seat, towards the end of his monologue it seemed as though he were remembering something from his own life. Maybe I wasn't the only one who'd left people behind.

"Yes Sir." I said.

"Now stop being an ass and get out of here, I'll see you later."

"Aye Sir."

I stepped out of the Pretty Ugly and watched as the Captain flew away.