Sanctjud vs. Objectionator
Death Dealers (Chaos) versus The Order of the Evening Star ( Sisters of Battle)

Points: 1850, ( using our recent RTT lists)
Mission: Take and Hold
Level: Gamma

Chaos's List: 1850 Chaos Space Marines: Death Dealers.

*HQ- Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Nurgle's Rot (165).
(Spiky - Main HQ)

*HQ- Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission (155). (Snake Head)

*T- 10 Plague Marines, 2 Melta Guns, Plague Champion with Power Fist (290).
*T- 10 Plague Marines, 2 Melta Guns, Plague Champion with Power Fist (290).
*T- 10 Khorne Bezerkers, Skull Champion with Powerfist (250)
*T- 6 Noise Marines, 1 Blast Master (160).

*Hvy- 1 Obliterator (75).
*Hvy- 3 Obliterators (225).
*Hvy- 10 Havocs, Icon of Chaos Glory, 4 Autocannons (240).

Sisters's List: 1842/1850 Sisters of Battle: Order of the Evening Star.

*Canoness Adrianna: 111 points
mastercrafted eviscerator/bolt pistol
Cloak of St. Aspira, Book of St. Lucius

*Celestian Retinue: 132 points
5 models with frag grenades
meltagun, heavy flamer, imagifer
veteran superior: bp/powersword

Immolator Transport: 74 points
twin-linked heavy flamers
smoke launchers, searchlight, extra armor

*Celestian Squad: 168 points
10 models
flamer, heavy flamer, imagifer

Rhino Transport: 74 points
hunter-killer missile, smoke launchers
searchlight, extra armor

*Seraphim: 171 points
6 models
2 twin hand flamers
veteran superior: bp/power sword/Book of St. Lucius

*Dominion Squad: 140 points
6 models
4 meltaguns
veteran superior: bp/ccw

Immolator Transport: 69 points
twin heavy flamers
smoke launchers, searchlight

*Battle Sisters Squad: 134 points
10 models
2 storm bolters
veteran superior: bp/ccw

*Battle Sisters Squad: 134 points
10 models
2 storm bolters
veteran superior: bp/ccw

*Battle Sisters Squad: 144 points
10 models
2 meltaguns
veteran superior: bp/ccw

Rhino Transport: 69 points
extra storm bolter, searchlight
smoke launchers, extra armor

*Retributor Squad: 184 points
10 models
4 heavy bolters
veteran superior: bolter

*Immolator Tank: 93 points
twin multimeltas
smoke launchers, dozer blade

*Exorcist Tank: 145 points
extra armor, dozer blade

Chaos Wins Deployment

Chaos Deployment:

Plague marines are deployed centrally, take and hold in mind. Noise Marines are on the left flank to get a shot off at immolator and have some presence on the left flank... Everything else sits in the Right flank... across from the sisters main force too.

Sister's Deployment:

The sisters did a split of force, 2 mechanized squads and the seraphim on my left flank, a scoring immolator centrally, and the rest of his force consolidates into the corner.

End of Deployment Battlefield View:

Chaos Gets First Turn

Turn 1 Chaos- Picture is of End of Chaos Turn.

Both Daemon Princes and the Zerkers run to hide behind the building. Obliterators shuffle 2" out into line of sight of something and plaguemarines trudge up to the outside of the objective.

In shooting, the obliterators and havocs open up on one sisters squad... they end up killing 4 sisters, and they break and run. The noise marines fail to hit the exposed center immolator

Turn 1 Sisters- Picture is of End of Sister's Turn.

The sister squad that ran, rallies. His left flank creeps around the rock formation, the rhino popping smoke. The center immolator moves to get Line of sight on 1 of the Daemon princes.

His right flank maneuvers a little, Vehicles keeping out of line of sight from the havocs and obliterators.

In shooting the Retributors, Exorcist, and stormbolter sisters all open up on the havocs and kill 6 of them, the havocs hold. The Nurgle DP loses a wound to the immolator.

Turn 2 Chaos- Picture is of End of Chaos Turn.

Rolled a 3 for deep striking obliterator. Both of the Daemon Prince jump into the middle of his right flank, the zerkers run through the building. Obliterators shuffle 2" again. The left plague marines move towards the left sisters flank, while the right Plague marines smash through the objectives walls.

The noise marines fail to hit with the blast master at the rhino. The havocs and the obliterators open up and kill 7 sisters in another squad, but they don't break.

The Daemon Prince fails to cast lash of submission and is out of charge range of the sisters squad. The Nurgle Daemon Prince charges the rhino, and fails to do anything.

Turn 2 Sisters- Picture is of End of Sister's Turn.

The 'Hatred' sisters on the left flank gun the rhino towards the Noise marines and pile out. The right flank shuffles a little, anticipating the zerkers charge.

The Left flank immolator drives a little closer to the plague marines and pops smoke.

The 'Hatred' sisters had Divine Guidance and flamered, heavy flamered, meltaed, and bolter the noise marines in the building. After the flames died down, and some fancy armor and melta/bolter cover saves, only 2 noise marines drop.

One havoc is killed from stormbolter fire. The exorcist kills an obliterator from a failed inv. save from 1 missile.

On the Right flank, in a storm of bolter shells and meltas + Divine Guidance, the Daemon Princes paid the price for jumping out prematurely and ate AP 1 shots like no tomarrow.

Suffice to say, like most of my games, the DP's die in a hail of shooting from almost the whole right flank of sisters.

Turn 3 Chaos- Picture is of End of Chaos Turn.

Forgot about rolling for deepstriker.

Zerker run through the building, havocs stay, Oblits move 4" back. Noise marines move out of the building.

The left flank plague marines move up to shoot the rhino on that side, and destroy it easily.

The noise marines shoot at the sisters that tried to flame them in the building, they killed one with the blast master.

Zerkers charge the closest rhino, while the Noise Marines charge the 'Hatred' sisters... rhino dies, and the combat between the noise marines and the sisters will be uneventful, slowly dying on both sides til near the end of the game. The sisters used the extra strength faith 2-3 times.

Turn 3 Sisters- Picture is of End of Sister's Turn.

Most of the sisters shooting in the right flank is directed at the zerkers who killed the rhino.. they are reduced to 3 models, the Canoness and her 'retinue' charge my zerkers, the retinue kills the 2 zerkers, with no wounds in return...

My champion and his Canoness square off, evicerators and powerfists fly, when the dust settles both champion and 2 inv. save Canoness where messy smears on the floor.

The immolator unloads the squad with 4 meltas in front of my plague marines.

Seraphim fly into the face of my plague marines.

They all open up shooting and combined with the seraphim charging, only 5 plague marines go down. That's poor rolling and tough plague marines taking fire from immolator, seraphim, metla sisters.

The seraphim charging plaguemarines and getting all wiped out and killing no plague marines... T5 was that awesome, and blight grenades.

The retributors decide not to use Divide Guidance and shoot the Havocs... my failed armor saves are just enough to remove the last 3 members of the havocs.

Noise marines and 'Hatred' sisters continue wailing on each other.

Turn 4 Chaos- Picture is of End of Chaos Turn.

Obliterators shuffle around and shooting more plasma cannons at sisters frying some more. And causes a mauled squad to fall back.

Plague marines in the objective shuffle to the buildings' windows

Scoring Immolator Destroyed by plague marines in objective with melta guns penetrating it.

Plague marines on the left flank do a combined charge, with no wounds coming from the sisters, the plague marines kill 2 sisters and they stand their ground.

Noise marines and 'Hatred' sisters continue wailing on each other.

Obliterator Deepstrikes into the game. He deepstrikes around 4" away from the Exorcist, and doesn't scatter...

Twin linked Metla guns hit the side of the exorcist, barely gets the glance, which is a penetrate because of AP1, and the result is a 3, Immobilized and stunned.

Turn 4 Sisters- Picture is of End of Sister's Turn.

The left flank immolator moves back and tries to preserve VP behind the rock

The right flank immolator drives forward.

The left flank sisters in combat with plague marines are cut down to 1 sister with not wounds back, and falls back successfully towards the immolator, my plague marines consolidate 3" closer to them.

Noise marines and 'Hatred' sisters continue wailing on each other.

Death of the Obliterator:

It did its job as it drew a scoring sisters squad away from the objective to rapid fire the poor obliterator... we only did saves for the melta gun... failed.

Turn 5 Chaos- Lost picture of the End of Chaos Turn.

Plague marines in the objective shuffle around the objective.

The left flank plague maries combine charge both the last sister and the immolator. Both are destroyed. (sisters killed by CCW's, while the immolator is destroyed by the fist). They consolidate closer to the noise marine fight.

Turn 5 Sisters- Lost picture of the End of Sisters Turn.

The retributors shoot at the obliterators and kill 1 through snake-eyes armor saves.

Sisters shuffle closer to the objective, but are unsure what the plague marines may do (to them).

Noise marines and 'Hatred' sisters continue wailing on each other. Only 1 noise marine left.

Turn 6 Chaos- Lost picture of the End of Chaos Turn.

Plague marines in the objective shuffle away from line of sight from the sister's right flank.

The left flank plague marines charge through the rhino wreck at the 'Hatred' sisters, killed 1 with the powerfist, and won combat. The sisters break and I am unable to run them down, so the sisters fall back, and my plague marines consolidate into the wreck and the single noise marine hides behind the building.

Turn 6 Sisters-Picture of End of Sister's Turn.

The left 'Hatred' sisters continue to fallback, with no Faith to change that. The right squad falls back off the board.

In Shooting the left 'Hatred' sisters shoot while falling back and kill 1 plague marine with the melta gun and bring them just below half.

The exorcist kills the last obliterator in a fury of missiles and lack of any 5++'s...

The retributors and stormbolters were in range to snipe 1 plague marine in the building (6" in), and it kills that one plaguemarine, just enough.

The right flank immolator drives forward again, and is in range to flame/snipe 1 plague marine in the objective, but it isn't hot enough.

Draw limit: 185 Victory points.
I get a total difference: 190.5 Victory points
Double Checked: Victory by 5.5 Victory points to Chaos.

That was a very close close game.

-Holding the objective net me an extra 290 VP's... so holding objectives is good, esp. if a lot of your stuff is dead.

-On that note, take and hold is a mission that inherently favors my kind or army.

-I don't know too much about faith, so didn't include it too much in the bat. Rep. but my opponent used a lot, all 13-ish+Martyrdom... and he had terrible luck in passing some of them, rolling lots of boxcars or snake eyes when he didn't want them.

-I should have run the mauled havocs behind the rock to preserve VP's.

-I should have waited behind the building with my zerkers and DP's for another turn or 2... but it wouldn't have been an exiting game.

-My rolling was better than out last 2 games ( 2/ 32 FNP saves)... I did better at armor, cover, and FNP saves, except there was no luck in making any invulnerable saves, so that balances out.

-Near the end of the game, I should have consolidated my plague marines BEHIND the rhino wreck instead of on to of it, and maybe not have been killed to the point of under half.

Chaos Unit rundown

*Both Daemon Princes died very quickly without doing anything... but they were still good, taking almost all of the sisters shooting in the right flank and holding them in the corner. I could have held them back, but it would have been a boring game of 'wait until I can charge 600 points of stuff versus 10 sisters... '

*Both Plague marines: as expected Gold, killed the scoring immolator, claimed the objective ( and worth more points on the objective) and the other squad took down the left flank of sisters.

*Khorne Bezerkers killed a rhino... and fisted the Cannoness... ( SHE ALWAYS DIES IN OUR GAMES OBJECTIONATOR)... they didn't do great, but they did take a lot of shooting from the sisters, holding them up in the corner.

*Noise Marines were AWESOME, but for the wrong reasons... the blast master failed me... but those 6 guys held up a 10 man sisters squad from turn 2 til turn 5. It's the pink armor... both squads just slapping each other for the entire game... and the noise marines surviving the sisters fury.

*1 Obliterator did 3 things, silenced the exocitst for one turn, got half it's VP's and drew off one sisters squad away from objective.

*3 Obliterators and havocs where plagued by poor fire lanes. Obliterators were decent killing with plasma cannons, but the 1/2 times I had a good shot at the exorcist, they failed in Anti-tank role.

Anyway, I can't wait to replace the Bezerkers with Raptors in my list. I'll prob. take out Lash, just for the brownie points for not using it (even though it's not 'overpowered' like some in my gaming group blindly believe).
The aesthetic choices in my army ( 1 oblit, zerkers, noisemarines, autocannons) had mixed results, but weren't 'good enough' for my tastes... and that feels kinda sad.

My MVP: Unsurprisingly it will have to be the plague marines.

My Opponents MVP: the entire right flank, wiping out my right flank at the cost of some 6-7 sisters, a rhino, and the canoness.

Hope you guys like it.