By Noah Dove

Desperate times, as they say, calls for desperate measures...

This scenario is based on the Seek and Destroy on p. 82 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The special rules below have been created for this scenario specifically and should not be used in regular games of 40K.


The fighting over the past few days has been particularly brutal, and much blood has been spilled on the battle field. Now, the forces you command are as exhaused in strength, as they are in ammunition. Reserve projectiles are not going to be sent. For what is likely to be the last fight of this battle, you have prepared the shooting elements of your army to fight in close quarters.


The objective is simple: destroy your enemy once and for all.


Victory Points

Out of Ammo: Reserves of ammunition have completely dried up. No weapons that may normally shoot during the shooting phase can not shoot. Note that pistols still confer an extra attack in close combat as normal. Tanks can not fire weapons, but may still tank shock.

Close Quarters Training: The current state of munitions did not surprise anyone. Thus, troops that normally rely on firing their weapons have been given a crash course in advanced martial combat. Any model whose sole armament is a weapon which may normally shoot during the shooting phase, gains +1 Attack to their statline. This rule does not help units which are equipped with multiple ranged weapons, or a ranged weapon and some form of close combat weapon (including power fists, etc.)

Kill at All Costs: Due to the desperate situation that both sides have been placed in, all units gain the "Stubborn" special rule


All pre-game setup is done as normal