Fifth Wind Legion
Will of the Gods Part Three

Fabian screamed as he charged the Chaos Lord, determined on avenging the ancient dreadnought. He brought his chainsword up for a downward stroke, but Mordecai slammed his fist unto Fabian's unprotected chest flinging him against the wall of the building behind them. His chest plate was broken, as were most of his ribs. Fabian tried to get up, but could barley stand as Mordecai drew closer to deliver the killing blow. The rest of his squad began firing upon the lord, who began to focus on them instead of their wounded sergeant. Mordecai's axe started glowing again as two more marines died to his axe stroke. Fabian was shaking as he brought his bolt pistol up, and fired off two rounds at the Chaos Lord, though it almost broke his arm in the process because of the recoil on his damaged body. Mordecai finished off another marine when an explosion caught their attention.

"Enough!" Yelled Librarian Isaiah as he and his Terminator Command Squad stepped out of the Drop Pod.

"You deal with me now."

+All Squads, fall back into cover and regroup!"+ Macarius relayed to all of his units. This was bad, but they needed to regroup and get support on the ground. They had them pinned while they summoned the cursed denizens from the warp, sealing their fate.

+Devastators! Aim all lascannons at the lasers!"+ separated as they used to be, a singe lascannon had a small chance to harm the lasers, but combined it could be done. One laser went down, but the fire aimed at them took out one of the heavy weapons. Suddenly, a shockwave seared through the loyal space marines. Not on a physical level, but a mental one. Reality itself had been torn open, and the entities waiting inside now had free reign over the mortal realm.

Librarian Isaiah charged from the Drop Pod, his command squad following, laying down covering fire upon the chaos marines around them. His eyes started burning a bright white as lightning shot out of his hand, searing across the Chaos Lords body. As he was recovering from the psychic onslaught, Isaiah was upon him. Force staff versus daemon infested axe. They held each other's gaze for a moment, until Isaiah's terminator armor started pushing Mordecai back. He pushed the axe aside as Isaiah hammered his elbow into Mordecai's stomach. He was going to end the Chaos Lord's life, and help remove the stain on their honor that was the Fifth Wind Legion. Before he could finish the strike however, he became wracked in pain. It felt like thousands of hot knives stabbed into him from all around. 'No! The warp gate!' thought Isaiah. Mordecai saw this, however, and slammed Isaiah with is own weapon, hammering him into the ground. Not only was Mordecai immune to the effects of the gate, he relished the sensation. He sent his foot into Isaiah's midriff, ridding him of any air he had. Finally, a downward stroke decapitated the librarian. When the Terminator's had finished with the chaos marines, Isaiah was on the ground. Their assault cannon shells and bolter shells were directed at Mordecai, and though most missed due to his agility, not even the Chaos Lord could evade the amount of fire pressed against him. Most denting his armor, a few actually drew blood. Finally getting in range with his axe, Mordecai attacked the assault cannon-bearing terminator, slicing off a leg. He ducked below a power fist aimed for his head, and slashed his axe into his chest. From out of the corner of his eye came a lightning claw, but he was barley able to jump out of the way. Rolling away, he was getting up as another power fist caught him in his lower leg, pain was lancing through his entire body. The Terminator Sergeant calmly walked up to him and stepped on his hand, breaking multiple bones as well as leaving him defenseless.

"For the Emperor" was all Mordecai heard as an entire magazine of bolt shells flew into his head.

"Come on, we still have an artifact to find."

Macarius looked up to what used to be blank sky a pulsating mass of colors hurtful even to look at. The traitor marines who had been chanting were now having their souls being replaced by the warp-entities. Most of the daemonic process was successful, the daemons having full control over their mortal bodies, enhancing their abilities to a completely new level. Others were not so lucky, and were overloaded by the entity and turned into a mass of blades and spines. And at the forefront of it all, Cain and his bodyguards. Ignoring the mines Macarius rallied his men, and led the freshened assault against the heretics.

+Orbit! Drop any remaining forces onto my position now! The gate is open!"+

+Confirmed commander, forces deploying within the next few minutes"+

Macarius tore through one of the dreaded spawn's sides, leaving a gaping hole. It did not seem to notice, however, and kept up its ferocity. It took two more strokes to bring it down, and even then, more was already upon him. Supporting fire from another tactical squad, along with his own squads, brought one down before its talons could carve through the loyalist Space Marines. As he ran up the low slope, up to Cain's position, a squad of clearly possessed marines, their weapons fused to their flesh and glowing like his own power weapon, greeted him. Before his command squad could react, one member was cut down by their weapons, but one was cut down in return. Centuries of rigorous training went into Macarius' strikes, another two falling to his mace. Soon, the resistance had fallen, and there he was.

"Welcome commander, to the end of your world." Surrounded by his own chosen, Cain posed menacing figure, even more so with the pulsating portal behind him. The hatred of an eternity at war went into the shots directed at the Daemon Prince, all of it bouncing off his daemonic armor. Cain bounded down the hill, a daemonic fire building in his throat, waiting to be unleashed. His chosen followed at speed only true champions of chaos could possess. When he was close enough, Cain released the daemonic flames, searing across the command squad. His armor started to blister and buckle under the onslaught, but he and his faith held true. The Standard Bearer, however, did not fare as well, his skin melting off of his bones, along with the standard itself catching on fire. The further up the flames caught on the tapestry, the more furious Macarius became. It became too much to bear, as Macarius charged at the Arch-Traitor. His command squad drew their power weapons and charged with Macarius, as the chosen of Cain did the same with their Halberds.