21 I Spy

Two times a day I would walk a mile and a half down inscripted corridors from my quarters in the Officer's decks to the aft, past the chow hall, the engineering decks and the Apothecarion's Bay on my way to prayer. For two and a half months I went and prayed to the Emperor and his saints. Sometimes I prayed for a safe voyage. Other times I prayed for the Emperor to keep watch over Lyra while she performed her duties, I even said a prayer or two for the elusive Xeno, but never did I forget to pray for the souls of the family I left behind. I like to think that they're souls made it to Elysium, but the raging storms over the planet gave me doubt to that prospect.

It was during the last week of the voyage that I finally caught up with Isilia. While making my way to the chapel I noticed the door to the Medicae bay was open. My curiosity peaked I went inside. Isilia was there, her back turned to me, naked from the waist up. Several bloody instruments lay on the table where she sat. I cleared my throat and in a movement to quick to see she turned around one hand pointing a pistol at my head the other covering her breasts for modesty. Or embarrassment, or any other set of emotions that could have been going through her head. Though it was obvious she tried she didn't manage however to hide the hideous wound that ran down her chest, one quite similar to the one that scarred my arm.

She motioned for me to turn around and I obliged, fairly sure she'd shoot me if I didn't. A moment later she made a click with her tongue and I turned around. In all honesty I couldn't fathom why she'd chosen to continue wearing the Guard fatigues there was certainly much finer and cleaner clothing available. She'd put a green undershirt on set the pistol on the examining table. She gave me a slight smile that I didn't return.

"I haven't seen you around lately, beginning to wonder if you'd just disappeared into thin air." I said in an effort to provoke her.

"Maybe I didn't want to have to look at your face. Did you think of that?" She shot back, upset that I wouldn't play along with her little game. Her mood soured and she gathered up the medical supplies adorning the examiners table and walked to the other end of the bay, leaving the pistol behind. I decided that now was the time to get some answers.

"That's a nasty scar you've got there. Mind telling me where you got it?" I asked as I moved up behind her.

"Kroot knife." She said kneeling to put the supplies back in a footlocker.

"Really? Now see I have a hard time believing that because if you look here, I said while pointing along my arm, this is a scar from a chain sword. See that kind of chain pattern? You see when a chain sword hits a body it doesn't really cut it rips, the teeth take a little bit as it revolves and it makes a kind of a pattern. Interestingly enough the same pattern that's on my arm, is on your chest. And it's not that old. Two, maybe three months old if the bruising is any indication. Right about the time I first met you."

When I finished talking their was an awkward few seconds before I rushed her. With a speed I'd come to expect she threw the scalpel at me so hard it almost completely embedded itself in my chest. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I tackled her to the ground and threw a vicious punch that she dodged with a deft movement of the head. She struck two blows to my throat that made me taste blood but once again I buried my thumb so deep into her that she let out a terrible scream. With my left hand I began to dig into the wound as far as I could, a crimson stain that spread across her fatigues signifying the horrible damage I was doing. She tried to dislodge me by kneeing me in my back but I refused to let go. In an act of desperation she let go of the hand that was rending her open and made for the scalpel embedded in my chest. She grabbed at it but her hands were slick with blood and there wasn't enough sticking out to get any kind of grip. I knocked her away and grabbed her face, my finger missing hand covering the majority of it as I slammed the back of her head into the metal grating. Ignoring the pain she kneed me in my crotch, grabbed my neck, pulled me in and kissed me.