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Painted vs. Primered, just how important is it?

Playing against a painted army, how important is it really? With the informal poll last week (and I do mean informal), 64 % of people said they would prefer it and 28% said it's very important. That's a whopping 92% of people who voted that it matters to them.

So... why is it that I can count on one hand the number of completely painted armies I ever remember seeing (outside of attending Games Days). Heck, that's even one of the draws to going to Games Days isn't it, the painted armies? Of course, when I say "painted," I mean completely painted, highlights, shading and the minis are based and flocked. You know, completely done, the whole nine yards, finished.

Now I didn't specify this "painted" criteria when asking about playing against them in the poll but I think the idea is still valid. If the majority of us would prefer it and it's important, why do we still play against unpainted forces? Why do we field unpainted forces? Why does it seem that people complain so much about GWs requiring this very thing? We prefer painted armies, don't we?

Personally, I think it's very important. Did I say very important? I mean very important. So much of the game comes from the suspension of reality and really getting into the game. For me, it's virtually impossible to get into the game if I'm looking across the table at primed and or unpainted minis. It's a huge detraction from the game. Almost to the point where I would rather not play... maybe that's why I frequent GWs more often that not. I generally get to see more armies that are painted.

Now I understand the requirements of a full time job, family and everything else, but I can find time to paint. Granted it's not a lot, but it's still time to put into painting my force and making it look like it's part of the 40k world. I mean really, how hard is it?

I understand when you're starting out a force or you've made a recent change to your FOC and you've added a new unit or something and you're in the process of getting it painted. That's different. I'm talking about the people who claim not to be artists or painters and just want to "play the game." You don't have to be Michelangelo, but it almost seems like a slap in the face to your opponent to put unpainted stuff down on the table with no effort into panting it. It's like saying "I don't care about your gaming experience, I can't paint and I'm here for the gaming only." I couldn't imagine playing with unpainted minis. I think I've only played once with one primed model and I felt like a slug for doing it. I'd just finished building the mini and wanted to give him a quick run on the table. I even asked before playing to make sure my opponent didn't mind, but it still felt like I was detracting from the game overall.

I'm not looking for Golden Demon across the table from me. I just want to see that you've spent some time and effort into painting your force. If some people put half the time into painting that they did into min/maxing their list for effectiveness, we would have nothing but completely painted armies out there. So get painting, I'm tired of seeing primered Marines out there.

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