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By Noah Dove

Some sort of a high speed unidentified flying object has been shot down over the battlefield. It is up to your forces to grab any loot that is raining down.

This scenario is based on the Secure and Control on p. 82 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The special rules below have been created for this scenario specifically and should not be used in regular games of 40K.


Last night, there were reports of an unidentified flying object darting back and forth over the battle lines. The only description offered was that the object consisted of 10 parts that flew in unison. This object was seen making stops up and down the line and droping off objects of some sort. As the nature of the objects are unknown, and the flying object has neumerous times failed to respond to attempts at radio contact, the object must be shot down. Once this happens, you are to retrieve any surviving items from the object.


This mission starts out right after the unidentified craft is shot down. The winner is the player whose forces control the most fallen loot at the end of the game.


Infiltrate, Deeptrike

Random Distribution: As the unidentified vehicle has just been shot down, the loot has not yet landed. At the start of the game the player who won first turn rolls 1D6+2 loot tokens. These tokens are held in reserve. At the beginning of the turn, the player makes reserve rolls for the loot as normal. When a loot token makes it in from reserve, place the point of origin in the middle of the board. If a scatter is rolled, roll 3D6 for the distance scattered. If a hit is rolled, roll again with 2D6 for the distance scattered. Loot tokens can not be destroyed, or fall off the board, so the player should scatter the tokens as much as possible in the direction indicated without the token being lost.

Get the Loot!: The loot that has fallen from the aircraft has an enchanting effect on those who come nearby. Every turn, any of your units that has at least one model within 12" of a loot token must make a leadership test, or be forced to move 1D6" towards the loot token during their movement phase. Likewise, any unit that has at least one model within 6" of a loot token can not make any movements in a direction that isn't towards the loot token.

Difficulty Engaging the Enemy: The bits of falling gore, leather, and ermine also seem to have a disruptive psychic effect on those in the area. Any unit wishing to shoot at an enemy unit must first make a leadership test, or be unable to focus on destroying the enemy enough to actually shoot at them.


1.) All pre-game setup is done as normal, except that the loot counters are held in reserve (as above)