Merry Christmas everyone!

Tactics and Their Only True Use

Many of us believe that tactics are the only things that make a general, they are usually right. I say tactics are the only things that separate the actual armies. there are always those unbeatable units, there are always those lucky dice rolls, or those special rules. Tactics separate those who have mastered them from those who don't. I have noticed those generals who try to win just by sheer power, or even worse through trying to blindly copy tactics of another.

Don't get me wrong using tactics of others can greatly improve you as a general, but not knowing how to effectively back up the tactic, or not knowing by they would employ the tactic could be a waste. Practice! This game requires time to improve, it is like many other things, you do not just get magic powers, you must work and learn. This game is about learning. Army composition is a part of tactics. People who purposely limit themselves because they think that a certain part of your codex is messed and it is cheap is usually smoking something.

One example I have is a Sisters of Battle Player in my area, he will not take a book on every squad for his life. He says that that is stupid and cheap. Many in the community would disagree saying that it is no cheaper than playing guard and having iron discipline, or Tau having bonding knifes. The Book of St. Lucius is a very effective example of tactics. If you can rule out, or counter, the tactics of your opponent you have a greater chance of success. To not take advantage of an option in your army is weakness, to not take advantage of an opponent can be mercy, or it maybe be idiocy (read you are an idiot, think about your options next time!!! [that's right i just insulted all of you wackos that just let them kill you. watch your six!]).

Be careful about what you tell your opponent, many people can read body language, but even more can tell what you are thinking by how you talk. Sometimes ramble or act out of place, through them off your tactics. Make sure you exchange ideas after the game though. The exchange of ideas helps to improve us all. Please share with the community, contribute. We do this to give our ideas to you so that they may get somewhere. We don't do this because we just like to talk (even though we do) we do this so that we can teach, teaching is the best form of learning. Please pass on your experience! Merry Christmas, and Happy Gaming!