Cain vs. Macarius and Fabian vs. Mordecai Scenarios

Straight from the 41st Millennium, now you can replay this still evolving epic battle between the Angels of the Aquila and the Fifth Wind Legion! Note: The recommendations are just that, recommendations. I know that not everyone has the right models, but if you do, it would be a way to make the game true to the story.

Cain vs. Macarius


  • "Stop the Ritual" Mission from the Daemon Hunters Codex, or Seek and Destroy
  • If Apocalypse, Chaos has Tide of Spawn and Warp Gate Datafaxes
  • Chaos Space Marines include a Daemon Prince
  • Space Marines include Commander and Command Squad

All Chaos Spawn, Daemons (Greater and otherwise), and Possessed are held in reserve

Even if not Apocalypse, Chaos has a portal in the center of the field, where all the reserves come through (roll for all reserves on one roll)

Plasma Overheats on a one and two instead of just a one.

All vehicles (except skimmers) must take a dangerous terrain test if they move more than half speed

Otherwise, set up and deploy as normal

Fabian vs. Mordecai
Cities of Death


  • Chaos Space Marines have any of/all (depending on mission level) of Booby Traps, Fortifications, Sewer Rats
  • Chaos Space Marines have a Chaos Lord with a Daemon Weapon
  • Space Marines have a Terminator Librarian with Command Squad

Mission: Firesweep