Will of the Gods Part 2

The predators that were able to make it onto the ground begun to spray fire into the enemy's positions. Concrete was blasted apart as the two sides traded fire, while the tactical squads got into cover from the fallen debris that littered the wrecked city. One squad ran into a nearby building, only to have a heavy explosion bring it down. Only three came out alive, those that did, struggling to escape from the fallen pieces of masonry. The rest of the buildings were fortified enough so that it would take time that the Angels of the Aquila did not have to break them open. The only option was to charge forward to the buildings not shut as tight, and take them one by one. They ran into the side streets to gain a few precious seconds to regroup, a few of their number being cut down by the rain of bolter fire pointed at their direction.

Since the enemy was jamming the radars, they had no idea where any of them were. However, neither did them, which was to their advantage. Squad Fabian and squad Wyatt waited with the other squads until Ancient Uriah caught up to them, who sending Assault Cannon shells into the surrounding buildings. He knew what to do from a million different scenarios they had practiced over their long history. His gun slowed to a stop, and he slammed his claw into the building nearest them, tearing a gaping hole in its side. Even before the smoke cleared, dozens of bolter and Assault cannon shells filled the room, any resistance hopefully being cleared. As soon as the guns had silenced, the Angels charged into the room, enhanced sense able to see through the now-dissipating smoke. Multiple bodies littered the ground, but not enough for an entire squad. Fabian heard a click behind him, and before he could even turn around a traitor marine threw him to the ground and slammed his fist into his face, his helmet and bolter tumbling along the blood-soaked floor. He drew his combat knife to stop a chainsword blow aimed for his neck. The whirling teeth stuttered for a second as Fabian was barley able to keep it in place. He brought his knee up into the traitor's midriff, and then sent a punch into the side of his face, freeing himself from the chaos marines grasp. He plucked his Bolt Pistol from its holster and sent four rounds into the recovering marine, making sure it never got up.

It was a long way to their objective, but luckily, they were just as eager to get into combat as he was. Macarius drew his power mace, a relic from since the Chapter was created, and prepared to fight as raging madmen, dressed in red armor contrary to the dark blue of the Fifth Wind Legion swung their giant chainaxes into them. Macarius ducked a swipe for his face, and plunged his mace into his opponent's midriff, creating a gaping hole that immediately dropped him. His command squad was similarly drawing their own brand of chainswords and power weapons. One struck him in his shoulder guard; his artificer armor was able to shrug if off however, as the berserker's arm was sliced off at the elbow. A crushing blow to the head brought him low. One of his squad fell from a blow to the chest, and Macarius rushed to defend him as their Apothecary worked on him. The battle was rough and there was no time to fall back and regroup.

Missiles streaked overhead as they punched into a defense turret, raining metal onto the bunker it was using for a base. The Dreadnought ran forward as its missiles were reloaded, and another salvo released. They slammed into the side of the bunker, caking open a hole, and toppling the turret as one of its supports was blown out. This one fell onto a group of Havocs, using the side of the bunker to get a better field of fire. A great explosion, with addition to their extra ammunition being set off by the combination of the blinding sun signaled their demise. A lascannon shot from a Predator slammed into the Dreadnought's legs however, with another blast from a turret taking it down for good.

Macarius and a tactical squad ran to the side of one of the un-destroyed bunkers. A melta bomb was set, and they quickly ran forward was a great explosion followed in their wake. Two members of the tactical squad were thrown into the air as a mine was set off, and even more bolter fire ripped through the air, the traitors knowing they were trapped in a vice.

It was soon. Cain could feel the energy ever-building around him. It would soon reach the breaking point, and everything imaginable would be freed from the warp. Soon, he would rid himself of the thorn that was the Angels of the Aquila, and the Great Lord of Twilight's plans would be able to go on more freely. Only a little more time, but its time they may not have, as the Imperials were drawing closer.

"Chosen of the Fifth Wind, with me!" bellowed Cain.

He was going to take Macarius' head for himself and the Fifth Wind. The chosen drew their halberds, and prepared themselves as their dark grey armor, used by only them, glinted off of the seemly pulsating sun.

+"Orbit! We need support now!"+ Yelled Fabian over the vox as sound of gunfire roared in the background.

+"Confirmed. Supported will be dropped within ten minutes."+ came the response.

Fabian slammed a fresh round into his bolter as he rose up to fire upon the ones he used to call brother. One dropped as the bolt rounds exploded in his chest, but one of his own fell as well. Assault Squad Wyatt activated their jump packs as soared overhead, dropping krak grenades as they began to batter the dug-in force with their chainswords. Uriah stormed through the bolter shells, none of it able to penetrate his armor. The rounds of his Assault Cannon tore through both concrete and marine, fragments as well as blood flying everywhere. Chaos Lord Mordecai stormed from behind a half-destroyed building in front of the dreadnought. Uriah fired upon him, but with inhuman speed, he dodged them all. When he got close enough, Uriah swung his mighty claw at the traitor, but it was met evenly by Mordecai's glowing, pulsating axe. They stood locked together for what seemed like an eternity, until the axe glowed even brighter than before, and Uriah's fist started cracking. The cracks started running down the length of his arm, until his entire arm shattered. Grinning under his helmet, Mordecai jumped into the air, and slid the daemon axe through Uriah's ancient body, slicing him in half.