20 Madam Bella

We find Madam Bella in her room. It is mostly a spartan estate the one luxury being a padded bed with sheets of the finest Vancrulle silk. The walls have been constructed of mirrors to remind the Navigator to always look within. Several hours have passed since the interlopers took control of the ship.

[There is a knock on the door, Bella quickly throws a veil over her third eye]

B: Come in it is unlocked.

[The door opens. Enter Flynn]

F: Hello Mam, hope I'm not intruding.

B: I don't suppose you consider murdering my friends intruding.

F: They were tainted by Chaos. I saw it, you saw it. There was irrevocable proof.

B: Perhaps. And what of your Xeno friend? She's not what she seems.

F: She's not my friend. And I'm looking into that. Listen I need you-

[Bella begins to weep uncontrollably. Flynn unsure of how to proceeds waits until she is finished. When she has regained self control Flynn continues]

F: I need you to plot a course to Segmentum Ultima. The Scyphus sub-sector. Preferably the Soulle system, if possible.

[Bella rubs away the last few tears away with her hands]

B: Why? That's almost three full months travel from here at the best of speeds.

F: I promised someone I'd go there. Don't ask.

[Bella begins to anyways but stops when Flynn glares at her]

B: Very well, but as I'm sure you know that sector borders on the Mordant Zone. Things could become...dangerous.

F: I'm aware of that. Get some rest Mam. When you're ready come get me and well make our way through.

B: You know how to operate a starship?

F: My father was the shipmaster of the The Three Sisters and my mother was it's pilot.

B: Old money?

F: Yes.

B: Then why are you in fatigues instead of seconding your parent's ship? Why didn't your family buy out your service?

F: Every man and woman, regardless of class has to perform ten years in either the PDF or the Imperial Guard. The Addicus name has a proud tradition in both.

B: Really? Then pray tell why are there so few stripes on your sleeve?

[Flynn not expecting the question fumbles over his words, while shifting his weight from foot to foot]

F: Not everyone can be an officer.

B: Perhaps not but certainly your families status should have guaranteed you a command, regardless of any shortcomings of your own.

F: I don't want to talk about it.

B: Fine, but we do have to talk about the Dark one.

F: Isilia?

[Madam Bella removes her veil much to Flynns' discomfort which is painfully obvious]

B: You're on a first name basis with it? That's disconcerting. That monster has to be disposed of. Here she is a bastion of hate and horror. In the warp she will be a beacon of dark light that draws prying eyes.

[Flynn becomes even more uncomfortable with the way the conversation is going. He begins to sweat profusely]

F: Daemons? You mean Daemons will come to the ship if she's on board.

[Bella remains silent while gazing at herself in the mirrors]

F: Can they be beaten? Can we kill them?

B: That depends entirely on you.

[Flynn looks up at the ceiling in contemplation]

F: We'll leave as soon as you're ready.

[Flynn exits through the door]

B: I've been preparing for this day my whole life. I'm ready now.

[Curtains close]