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First Emperor's Children Terminator

So here's the first one.

I don't paint that fast so it took me about 5 hours to get this guy done. I still need to work on my battle damage, it needs some fine tuning to get it looking just right. Since this is the "Sergeant" of the first squad, I decided to match up squads by painting a unique shoulder pad for each squad. This way I can tell them apart from each other on the tabletop. In this case, it'll be a dark grey shoulder pad with silver trim and a light grey Slaanesh symbol.

A couple more things I realized last night...

1. No decals in this army, I'm going to hand paint everthing on the guys. Besides, most decals (at least the ones that I would use) have black in them.

2. The chapter banner is going to be tough with this limited palette. I still need to come up with the image yet so I'm not too terribly worried right now.

3. I can't "batch paint" or assembly line these guys, each one has a different color scheme to his armour, the only consistencey throughout the squads will be the right shoulder pad.

4. Only 20 more of these guys to go.

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