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By Noah Dove

It is unknown exactly how many slaves it takes per master to incite a revolt. By this point, it no longer matters.

The special rules below have been created for this scenario specifically and should not be used in regular games of 40K.


The battle had been a disaster. What was supposed to be easy victory had turned into a nightmarish defeat. Of tens of thousands, your motley group constitutes the only survivors. For some reason, the enemy had seen it more fit to capture you for their own nefarious ends, rather than to slaughter you like the rest. You have been disarmed and sent with a small contingency away from the front. You can only hope that someone will come by to rescue you soon...


One player is nominated the imprisoned, and one the captors. The imprisoned player wins if any of the originally captured models are able to make it to any table edge. Otherwise, victory points are used to determine the winner.


Victory Points (see above), reserves, infiltration, deepstrike. Dusk and Dawn (see below)

Disarmed and Disgraced - Any unit that was a part of the originally captured model pool (see below) has no weapons. Likewise, in close combat (they may still attack with a number of attacks equal to their Attack stat), they fight with -1 to weapon skill and initiative, to represent their weakened state.

Fearless - Any fate would be better than staying as a prisoner. Thus, all units in the originally captured pool are immune to morale checks. They must still take other leadership tests (such as pinning) as normal.

Surprise Assault - As the units of the imprisoned which are not part of the originally captured model pool are there to rescue the imprisoned, they may opt to do so at a particularly opportune time. If the imprisoned player so desires, they may make a dusk and dawn roll. If the result is either a 1 or a 6, then the imprisoned player may chose either dusk or dawn at their discretion.

Sound the Alarm! - It doesn't take that long for any captor to realise that they are part of a revolt. As such, the captor player, once during the game, may reroll a single reserves roll to represent someone calling for help.

Chaotic Reinforcement - Reinforcements that come in from reserve may start at any point on any board edge

Note that prisoners operate just like normal units (with the above restrictions) and can be targeted by the captor player's gunfire. This would, however, waste precious time not shooting at the rescuers.


1.) Terrain setup is done as normal

2.) The imprisoned player must then deploy as many models as possible (while also only taking whole FOC choices) at least partially within 6" of the center of the board. This is the originally captured model pool. Deployment goes in this order: HQ, Troops, Elites, Heavy Support, Fast Attack. The player may not deploy vehicles (units and their dedicated transports are split into two different units for deployment), unless they are left with no other option (for example, the prisoners are part of an armored company). Note that vehicles have not had their weapons removed as per above restriction.

3.) The defender then selects a single troops choice and places the models exactly 1" away from any of the originally captured models.

4.) All other forces are placed in reserve.

5.) The imprisoned player may roll Dusk and Dawn (see above).

6.) The imprisoned player gets the first turn.