This is a 2650 game between myself and my friend Thomas with an all Nurgle chaos army. We have played against each other a fair bit, but this is my first time facing him with my guard versus the new chaos codex. I have played one previous game against the new codex, but that was with my Sisters of Battle army, where I was able to squeak a draw.

The points level is basically because that is how much nurgle my friend has painted. I don't quite have that much guard done, hence the WH inquisitor and storm trooper unit.

I expect this to be quite difficult - I had a rough time of it versus his army under the old codex, and with plague marines getting feel no pain, I expect I will have an even harder time now. It also doesn't help that his list has even more lascannons then when I previously fought it - one in a foot squad, plus he has finished his dreadnought with a twin linked one. These will seriously challenge my plan on nuking his plague marines with my battle cannons...

My list - 2650 points, 176 infantry models, 6 vehicles
Doctrines: Conscripts, Close order drill, Psychers, Special weapons squads & Storm troopers

You can read a discussion about this list here

Command HQ with HSO (Cnl. Piquet) with PW, squad with master vox, standard and mortar, troopers with laspistols & CCWs
Sanctioned psycher
Commissar with PW

2x Special Weapons Squads with flamer, meltagun, demo charge, rest have laspistols & CCWs

6 Storm Troopers with vet. with plasma pistol & PW, infiltrate, vox, 2x plasma guns

6 Storm Troopers with vet. with plasma pistol & melta bombs,deep strike, vox, 2x meltaguns

Infantry Platoon with
   Platoon HQ with JO with bolter, vox, plasma gun, lascannon
   Squad with vox, plasma gun & autocannon
   Squad with vox, grenade launcher, missile launcher
   Squad with vox, grenade launcher, heavy bolter

40 Conscripts with 4x flamers
Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt (Head Warden Baudin)

Amoured Fist with veteran with plasma pistol & CCW, vox caster, flamer
Psycher with honirifica & force weapon
Chimera with multi-laser, heavy flamer & smoke

Infantry Platoon with
   Platoon HQ with JO with storm bolter & 4x grenade launchers
   Squad with plasma gun & lascannon
   Squad with plasma gun & missile launcher
   Squad with grenade launcher & autocannon
   Squad with grenade launcher & heavy bolter

10 Arbites with shotguns & 2x grenade launchers
WH Inquisitor with PW & plasma pistol
Chimera with multi-laser, heavy bolter, pintle-mounted storm bolter & smoke

Hellhound with pintle heavy stubber & smoke

Leman Russ with 3x heavy bolters, pintle-mounted stubber, rough terrain & smoke

Leman Russ with lascannon & smoke


His list - 2645 points, 47 infantry, 1 monstrous creature, 5 vehicles

Chaos lord with mark of nurgle, plasma pistol, power weapon & icon
7 plague marines with plasma pistol, plasmagun & icon, champion with power fist

Sorcerer with mark of nurgle, plasma pistol, icon and gift of chaos
7 plague marines with meltagun & icon, champion with power weapon & plasma pistol

Greater Daemon

Dreadnought with twin-linked lascannon, DCCW & twin-linked bolter

Dreadnought with twin-linked heavy bolter, DCCW & twin-linked bolter

7 plague marines with plasma pistol & icon, champion with power weapon

8 lesser daemons

12 Chaos marines with banner of nurgle, lascannon & champion with power weapon

8 raptors with banner of nurgle, plasma pistol, meltagun & champion with power fist

Land raider with daemonic possession

Colonel Piquet sneered as he gazed across the field at the Chaos scum. He had faced orks on Bellemonde as an officer in the PDF, and all kinds of disgusting xenos and traitorous scum since his regiment, Les Zildous had been become part of that majestic and glorious organization that is the Imperial Guard. Yet, the most noxious and repulsive foe he had even faced was now before him in the form of members of the adeptus astartes, members who had betrayed their vows to the most holy Emperor and had instead gone over to the ruinous powers. In this case, the powers were quite ruinous indeed, as from the ravaged and pustulent condition of their armour, they seem to have given themselves to some god of decay.

Turning to look to see if his own forces were in position, his sneer, if anything, intensified. There before him were scum to rival that across the field, retches dredged out of prison to serve His Almighty. Personally, Piquet didn't think these convicts (he spat the word, even in his mind) deserved that chance, scum like that were born lost and didn't even deserve a quick death. Yet, Piquet was not his own man in this, as he was beholden to a mysterious member of the His Inquisition, one Ruminahui, who had informed Piquet, when pressed as to why one must serve alongside such riffraff, that the Inquisitor was conducting "an experiment - to see if they might redeem themselves before His eyes." The Colonel wasn't one to question his betters, though for all his position the Inquisitor didn't seem to have the refinement to deserve such a term, in this Piquet felt a mistake had been made and he vowed that he would make sure each in everyone met the death they so richly deserved... in particular that upstart warden, one Mr. Baudin.

Clucking softly to himself, smiling at that thought, he motioned to vox operator Duceppe - his forces were ready to attack. It appeared the abhorrent foe intended to pollute the aquifer. Not on my watch, Piquet vowed, not on my watch...

As it turns out, we are playing a modified version of a scenario my friend got at a tourney. Basically, 12" along long edges for deployment, gamma rules. In addition, each table quarter was worth 500 points, as was the aquifer (the building with the pool to the left). As well, any HQ units were worth double VPs to the enemy.

My friend set up terrain before hand (its his house, and he does so quite fairly and with a good sense of esthetics). Forests give 5+ cover, rocks give 4+. We give the rock clusters, trees and aquifer a size level (3), while the single rocks were WYSIWYG. We also five hills a height - 1 tier is level 2, 2 is level 3.

This is the second time my pal has played this army, and the second time I've faced it, although last time was with my sisters. I know with plague marines (PMs) now having Feel No Pain, its really going to be up to my Russes to win this for me - unless, of course, his FNP rolls are as crappy as they were last time. So, taking out his stuff that can kill my Russes (12 man marine squad, a dread and his landraider) is paramount.

I won table sides, and chose the side my friend usually plays on, as I felt the terrain was better for me. This annoyed him to no end, but it worked out in the end as there was more room on this side to take photos.

I infiltrated my plasma stormies behind the aquifer, and wished my melta stormies had infiltrate instead of deep strike, as they would have hid behind the rocks by his Landraider. Other than that, to the extent it matters, the picture speaks for itself. However, I was left with the feeling I had deployed poorly, with almost all of my mobile stuff on the right - hopefully they would be able to swing around to the aquifer.



Colonel Piquet barked "Commence!" into the vox horn and the entire Guard line erupted as they poured fire into the approaching traitor marines. Smiling to himself, he then relayed specific orders to the prison scum to have them advance to support the storm troopers lurking behind the aquifer

I won first turn, and made the not terribly difficult decision to take it, as I had LOS (even if obscured) to most of his vehicles - and most importantly those HQ bearing rhinos...

Basically, the whole right flank surges forward 6", with the armoured fist getting into its chimera and racing forwards 12" to block the landraider's LOS (we also don't use true LOS for vehicles) to the side of my Russ. Oh, and one of my Special Weapons Squads (SWS) heads through my lines to the left, in case his termies show up over there. It will continue to do so for the rest of the game and play no role in the battle, so I will not speak of it again.

On the left, the conscripts advance 6" and my HB Russ scoots over to shoot at his plague marines in the woods.

And shoot it did, scoring a hit which nets 6 fulls and one missed partial. All 6 are wounds and he makes a statistical 2 cover saves, leaving 3 left in the squad. Take that, Feel No Pain! 8)

The rest of my shooting, however...

My other Russ shoots at the back of his lascannon (LC) squad in the rocks (I was hoping to scatter into the Raptors), but it instead goes a full 6 inches past the dread.

My Griffon then shoots at the raptors, but unfortunately the one I targeted was 1/4" too far... doh! My HQ mortar also targets the raptors and also scatters 6" into nothingness.

Now for my heavy weapons... the LC HQ misses the HB Dread with a "1" on the die. The LC squad and the left Missile Launcher (ML - my friend gives me the obligatory ribbing about calling it a missile) squad also miss the Sorcerers rhino (both with 1s to hit - I was beginning to wish I had taken sharp shooters), the right Autocannon (AC) hits once but rolls a "10" an the AV roll. Finally, the left AC shoots it and hits once and penetrates with a 12. This only blows off its combi-bolter - kind of anti-climatic - but then the squad inside fails its entanglement roll. Yeh!

Finally, in the middle the arbites chimera (the hellhound didn't have LOS and the Fist chimera moved too far and smoked), my grenade launcher (GL) HQ and the 2 heavy bolter squads (HB) dakka the LC squad in the rocks. Chimera wounds 3 times, and the GLs once, but all are saved. However, the 2 squad HBs manage to kill one (with that HB getting 1 hit, 1 wound, 1 kill).

So, other than that one Russ shot and the chance entanglement, a rather disappointing first round of shooting.


His forces, if anything, move even less than mine - or maybe it just feels that way from me having over twice as many scoring units as he does (26 vs. 11).

On my left, his LC dread moves forward around the wood, and his Lord's rhino surges forward 12" and blows smoke, counting on that and the aquifer to save it. The plague marine (PM) squad I had blasted rolls 4" for its terrain test, scooting up behind the rhino.

The Sorcerer, his squad, and its rhino all just sit there, either being stunned or entangled.

Other than that, the landraider moves forward around the edge of the woods to shoot at my Russ (not in the pic, sorry).

Which it does, hitting with its LC and getting an "immobilized" result. Well... that limits its lines of fire... (incidentally, the IG STs behind his LR are next turn's reserves).

His LC dread fires at my griffon (just visible around the rocks) and hits, but rolls an 11 to penetrate - not enough to get through the heavy mortar's front armour.

His LC squad shoots at my HB Russ but only gets an 11 on the penetrate.

His HB dread shoots at my right ML squad and kills one, despite hitting twice.

So, while my turn's shooting was bad, his wasn't any better. So, onto...


Piquet grimaced at the lack of effect of his forces shooting, but consoled himself that the enemy's had not been any better. Staring at the display screen, he realized for the first time just how few of the enemy there were. "This shouldn't be too bad" he thought, "We ought to be done in time for afternoon tea."

Rolling for reserves, my melta stormies come in. I guess it wasn't so bad that I didn't infiltrate them...

As it turns out... I should have infiltrated them. I perhaps played it too safe, deepstriking them about 6" to the left front of the landraider. They only scatter 2", but directly away from the 'raider, meaning the meltaguns wouldn't get their "melta" rule.

As for movement, my plasma ST move 4" onto the aquifer, in order to plasma-spam the rhino. Behind them, the conscripts stay still, so as to respond to the inevitable retaliation against the stormies.

On the left, much more moves. First, the arbites, the chimera and the GL HQ move up 6", the chimera unfortunately blocking LOS from my corner Russ to everything but the 'raider. The hellhound then roars 12" over behind the other bunch of rocks and blows smoke, so as to avoid the landraider and the bottle neck between the rocks. The SWS squad then scoots up.

On the far left, the Fist chimera moves up and dumps out its armoured fist squad so that the psycher and the sergeant can use their meltabombs on the land raider next turn. The Russ (just the tip of its gun is visible in the pic) stays still, being immobilized.

The melta stormies shoot at the landraider, hit once, but roll a 1 to pen. The LC on my Russ also shoots at it and hits, but gets an 11 on its pen roll. I then shoot it with my LC HQ, roll a 6 to hit but as it landed leaning on a piece of terrain, I was made to reroll, which was a 1... Damn I hate that "cocked die" house rule. :(

Deciding I had thrown enough firepower at the landraider (and not really having anymore to send that way), I decide to plasma spam that smoked rhino. Throwing my 5 plasma dice, 3 hit and 2 overheat, one fatally. Then the penetration rolls - 10, 10 and 9. Argh!

In desperation, I throw some more firepower at it. The left AC+PG shoots, getting two hits and a 9 and 8 to pen.

Not having any more LOS to it, I switch to his other vehicles - my leftmost squad fires its ML & PG at the advancing LC Dread, but only the PG hits and it rolls an 11 to pen. So I fire at his other Dread with my LC squad (I had set it up poorly and that's basically all I could see) - hits, but 11 to pen. I then shoot right ML at it and actually manage to penetrate (he fails his obscurement roll) but roll a "1" on the damage chart for a "stunned" result.

Not having any more anti-vehicle weapons, I switch to his infantry. My Griffon rolls a "hit" on his LC squad in the rocks, getting 5 hits and a failed partial. Rolling 4 wounds, he fails 2 saves, and makes his pinning test on the nose. My HB Russ fires ordinance at the dread, hoping to scatter onto the Raptors, but it instead goes 3" in the other direction, doing nothing. The HQ mortar then shoots at the Raptors, scattering 3" towards his table edge so as to get one full hit, which it kills - they aren't pinned either, though.

Finally, I pour any remaining Dakka onto his LC marines in the rocks, but only manage one kill, again by a squad HB that gets 1 hit, 1 wound, 1 kill. Are my HB crews all ex-snipers?

Again, a nice ordinance hits but not much else - my bad luck versus vehicles continues, as I always seem to roll one less than I need to glance. I was especially disappointed by my two groups of stormies - ah well. At least the melta stormies should lure out those damned T 5 Raptors.


To begin, he makes all of his reserve rolls as well - great, I get to face a greater daemon, 8 lesser daemons and 7 termies this turn...

His lesser daemons come in off the LC squad banner, and land within charge range of my melta stormies (who will soon die). The greater deamon possesses the champion of his foot PMs, reducing the squad to 2. After much deliberation, he deepstrikes his termies next to the aquifer, using the icon in the lord's rhino so as not to scatter. His another choice was that hole on my right deployment, next to my HQ - but having suffered bad scatter in the past, he made the safer choice near the aquifer. Wish he hadn't - I had 2 demo charges in range of the other place. :D

His sorcerers squad gets back in its rhino and it rushes to just behind the termies and blows smoke.

The 2 remaining members of the foot PMs shuffle 3" onto the aquifer so as to charge letter. The Lord's rhino roars by them and dumps off his HQ squad behind it.

His shooting is fairly uneventful. A plasmagun and some bolters have LOS around the rhino to my conscripts and inflict 3 wounds, but I can only remove 2 (my 2 flamers, unfortunately) as that is all that is in range. His plasmagun overheats, but saves.

His foot PMs don't shoot, as they are afraid I would remove models so as to deny a charge if they were to roll poorly on their terrain test - damn straight I would.

LC Dread shoots the Griffon but again fails to penetrate - I seem to have infected nurgle with my bad luck... shouldn't the infection be the other way round?

The termies shoot the squad in the corner, killing 3. He fired his bolters 24", which may or not have been legal, as he didn't do so in future turns. In any case, I make my morale.

His other two lascannons fire on my Russes, the one on the landraider failing to hit, the one in the squad only getting a 13 to penetrate.

But it wasn't his shooting that I feared, but his assault...

Both his foot PMs and his daemons makes it in with my stormies - the first with my plasma ones in the aquifer, the second with my melta ones by the landraider.

Against the PMs, we attack simultaneously. His 6 attacks inflict only 2 wounds, which I both pass. My attacks get 3 normal and 2 power weapon hits, but 0 wounds (not unexpected, me needed 6s to wound), for a drawn combat.

Not so for the daemons... who swarm me. Close Order Drill not working with stormies, he went first, his 24 attacks netting 11 wounds, of which I save a statistical 6, leaving only my sergeant alive. His 3 attacks back kill one. Now below 50%, without a vox and outnumbered 7-to-1, Sgt. Grandin not surprisingly decides to live to fight another a day and runs for the hills, winning the initiative roll off and getting just enough on his fallback to avoid the daemons consolidating back into him.

Ouch, but not unexpected. At least the damons were now in the open and should die from the massive amounts of fire I have available to throw at them.


Piquet considered himself a tolerant man, but it was hard to believe the messages coming over his vox of the enemy warping into huge and monstrous creatures and corruption raining from the sky. Even harder to give credence to was the claims by Sergeant Grandin that said corruption had then formed into the shape of walking, bloated corpses which had then, apparently, torn the sergeant and his squad apart. In any case, the Sergeants vox channel was now eerily quiet, Sgt. Grandin not heading any of the Colonel's demands for a status report. More worrisome, as it wasn't complete nonsense, were the reports of terminators and an armoured transport nearing the lines. Feeling this a perfect time for the convict platoon to prove their worth (or rather, the lack thereof), he voxed to order them forward. Instead, it appeared, the cowards were falling back! "Damn you Baudin," Piquet screamed into the vox horn, "I'll have your head for this! When I order you to go forward and die, you damned well go forward and die!"

To begin, the lone sergeant from my melta stormies falls back 8".

Movement wise, my hellhound's scoots around the rocks to finally be in a position to shoot. Otherwise, the only movement is on the right, with units moving to get LOS to the daemons. The arbites chimera moves a tiny bit to the right, so as to give a line of fire for the LC Russ.

Additionally, the Fist squad moves forward to be able to melta bomb the now immobile landraider in the assault phase.

Shooting begins with my HB Russ placing a battle cannon shell centered on the far side of the Lord's rhino. It hits, getting an 11 to glance the rhino, which knocks of its combi-bolter. More importantly, it gets 3 fulls and 2 partials (which I fail) on the squad behind it, which results in 3 kills. BTW, should I have given him a cover save from the rhino?

I then proceed to dump all the fire I can on those daemons. Arbites squad fires 16 shogun shots, a plasma pistol and 2 krak grenades (he spread them out well), causing 2 wounds, both of which die. My GL HQ then fires 4 krak grenades, a stormbolter and a laspistol. Of these I only hit with 2 GLs and the las, of which one of the GLs fails to wound. He makes one save, meaning another dies.

My melta sergeant gets his last shot before he falls back out of range. A 1 is rolled for his plasma pistol, and he fails his save and dies. Ha! Perhaps he shot himself in the head out of shame for having run the turn before?

Both Chimeras spray the 4 remaining daemons. With 6 S 6 shots, 3 S 5 shots and 2 S 4 shots, 4 wounds are made, but he only fails 1!

Now desperate, I turn my hellhound on them (I had planned to use it on the LC squad). The inferno cannon misses, and only gets one hit on the reroll. Between the HB and stubber, only one more wound is made. Both are saved.

With 2 still standing, I have no more firepower to shoot at them. So, I turn to other targets - maybe I can kill them in assault...

LC Russ tries to buy itself some time by firing its LC at the 'raider. It misses. The LC HQ actually hits and penetrates, which is handy as I'm going to melta bomb the thing, however the demonically possessed vehicle ignores the stun result that goes with it. So... onto his other vehicles...

On the left, the AC+GL squad gets 2 hits on the LC Dread, but gets a 10 & 9 to penetrate. The ML+PG squad beside it also hits twice, but gets 2 11s - this is getting old fast.

That said, the LC squad shoots at his Lord's rhino and actually glances, immobilizing the thing (the green square near the Dread is due to my notes first making me think that's what I had shot).

My Griffon fires at the closest Raptor, but is scatters over the dread doing nothing. The HQ mortar has better aim, getting 2 hits and 2 partials (which I miss), but the 1 wound is saved.

The right ML squad fires at the Lord's rhino (in case they want to get back in), hits, but rolls a 9 to pen.

Finally, my 2 HB squads shoot at the LC squad, not really having anything else to shoot (thanks to that front set of rocks). They get one kill, again from a 1 hit, 1 wound, 1 kill HB.

Now onto assault - even though my GL HQ is the only thing in range, surely I can kill those last 2 pesky daemons in assault?

Oh, and at this point I check my list and notice that I got rid of the meltabombs in my Fist squad to buy the heavy stubber for the Hellhound... oh well, so much for that idea...

So, I charge in that squad, managing to get my guys all into contact with each other for the tasty +1 initiative that Close Order Drill brings, meaning we strike at the same time. However, my with 13 attacks, only 3 hit, but at least those manages to bring 1 kill. The 2 daemons, on the other hand, attack and hit 4 times, wound 3 times, and I fail to save all of them. I do pass my leadership, though.

On the other side of the board, the fight for the aquifer continues, with me failing to wound and him killing 1. I pass that test with a 6.


Once again, his turn is going to be much quicker than mine... incidentally, the turn counter at the left is wrong - he flipped it before I took the pic.

In the movement phase, he advances his Raptors to join the assault between my GL HQ and the lone daemon. On the other side of the board, his greater daemon (GD) and the Lord's squad move up to join in on killing my plasma stormies.

I may have stunned his Sorcerers rhino last turn (I'm not sure - my notes from last turn aren't so hot) as it didn't move this turn.

He seems to finally shake the anti-vehicular flue I seem to have infected him with, glancing and immobilizing my Griffon and penetrating my hellhound to blow off its inferno cannon (and stun it as well). His landraider shoots my right Russ (again out of the photo) and penetrates, getting a second immobilizes, which, after some deliberation on his part, blows off the battle cannon.

Other than that, his firing consists only of his termies shooting the left squad in the rocks, wounding 4, of whom 1 makes his cover save, leaving 3 to die. His HB Dread shoots at my right ML squad, getting a perfect score of 3 kills with 3 shots.

Now the part I fear - assault. On the right, the GD and HQ squad make it into melee, but the Lord doesn't make it into base-to-base. Regardless, with the GD killing all 4 of my stormies before they get to attack, he handily wins the combat and every unit massacres 2" (not very enthusiastic, are they?) forward toward my forces.

On the right, we all go at the same time, again thanks to close order drill. The remainder of my squad manages to put an unsaved wound on the daemon and kill it (not bad with only 5 attacks), and save both the wounds the daemon gives them. They are not, however, able to save all the wounds the Raptors inflict on them and are wiped out, the Raptors massacring 5" towards my lines.


Head warden Baudin actively ignores the ranting coming over the vox caster - doing so is harder than one might think. Regardless of the Colonel's delusions of grandeur, he has a stick up his ass as large as a Imperator Titan and questionable tactical ability to boot. Baudin had trained these men for months, hand picked from the jails of Bellemonde, and he better than anyone else knew what these men were capable of. Besides, Piquet's threats were no more than hot air - the martinet Piquet would melt like an ice cube in a blast furnace before the Inquisitor's righteous intensity.

Then, seeing the arch enemy regroup in the aquifer ahead, Baudin waved his scum forwards, thinking "This is the right time to advance." "Come on men!" he cried, "We mustn't let those scum contaminate the water supply!

Finally, I had lured his Raptors out where I wanted them - hopefully this time my firepower would be enough to evaporate them. Other than that, only his GD, the last 2 of his foot PMs and his Lord's PM squad threatened my lines, and I hoped to tie those up with my convicts. As Rachel Lee/Nancy Sinatra said about boots "These (convicts) are made for (dying) and (dying) is what they'll do - these (convicts) are going to (die) all over you." Still 250 points is worth it to tie up more than double that.

Movement wise, my convicts advance, and my HB Russ scoots sideways to shoot at the packed units in the aquifer.

On the left, my SWS and my arbites move forward, while the arbites & Fist chimeras pull back. This puts him in this position (note the blindfolded prisoner on the square base is my marker for a demo charge):

Meanwhile, my Fist squad takes a leisurely stroll in front of his land raider . Nothing to see here... move along...

Shooting begins with a "bang" - a demo charge bang, thrown at the raptor in the center of the above pic by the guy just to the left of the demo marker. It, only somewhat unfortunately, scatters 2" back towards me, catching 1 full & 2 partial of him (1 partial made) and 1 full, 1 partial (failed) of mine. All are wounded, so he loses 2 and I, somewhat appropriately, remove the demo charge thrower.

I then proceed to pour fire into the raptors. My arbites get 11 shotgun hits, 2 krak hits (again, he's well spread out) and one plasma pistol (PP) from the Inquisitor. However, only one of each (so, 1 GL, 1 SG, 1 PP) wounds, and he makes his saves, meaning only the PP kills one.

The AF squad in front of the 'raider then fires, wounding 1 with the flamer, 1 with their lasguns (out of 5 shots, not bad) and one with the sergeant's plasma pistol. He saves all of them except the PP, which is AP 2.

The 2 chimeras then open up, getting 2 multilaser, 1 HB, and 1 stormbolter wound, of which he saves all but 1. That leaves 2 standing, and nothing else with LOS. They pass their leadership.

I then move on to clearing the aquifer.

My HB Russ fires its battle cannon into his Lord's squad, and it scatter a mere 1" towards his table edge. I catch 1 full & 1 partial (failed) in the HQ, and 2 full on the foot PM squad. Unfortunately, I fail to wound 1 and he makes the rest of the saves.

My convicts then follow suit, attacking the PM squad attached to his Lord, hitting 4 and wounding 3 with the first flamer - one fails its save. The 2nd flamer thus catches 3, wound 1, which also fails its save... 2 down. This is proceeded by 30 rapid fire lasguns, which worries my opponent until I explain I need 108 shots to statistically get a kill (contact me for the math, should you desire). Despite 12 hits, 1 wounds and it is saved (as expected).

My Griffon & HQ mortar turn to his termies, they being attractively in base contact. The Griffon hits directly, getting 7 hits, 5 wounds and 1 killed. The HQ mortar, on the other hand, misses completely and does little other than kick up dirt. He makes his pinning test on the nose.

On the left, the AC squad fires at the Sorcerers rhino, hitting twice but getting the now expected 10 & 9 on the pen roll.

Beside it, the ML squad fires at the LC dread, hoping to save the Griffon. It misses.

In the middle of the table, my two other squad LCs fire at the landraider and the GD - both miss.

My right my AC shoots at his HB dread, but its one hit rolls a 10 to pen. To my surprise, the ML squad next to it penetrates, getting an "Immobilized" (+ stunned, for the penetrating) result.

To finish things off, my 2 H squads again fire at the LC CSM squad. I again inflict a kill, again from a "sniper" HB.

In the assault, my SWS and my arbites rush in against the one raptor they can reach, their champion with power fist. After some discussion, he (wisely) decides to not use the fist, and manages to wounds 2 of the SWS, both who fail their save. Simultaneously, this site's own inscrutable (and unpronounceable) Inquisitor Ruminahui strikes, attacking and hitting 3 times (I forgot 1 for his extra CCW, not that it mattered), and managing a single 6 to wound to kill the champion with his power maul. Booyah! As the remaining raptor was outside of 2", the combat ended. I either passed (or forgot - my notes aren't clear) my leadership tests and consolidated into the remaining raptor.


To begin, my opponent remembered that he had been forgetting to role on the "Crazed" table for his 2 Chaos Dreadnoughts. In anger of his negligence, both roll a "Blood Frenzy" result (a 6 on the table), requiring them to move 12" towards the closest target (at the expense of shooting) and charge if possible. For his HB Dread, this makes no difference, it being stunned and immobilized, but to his chagrin this cause his LC Dread to move towards my convicts (the closest unit) who unfortunately (for me, I was hoping to tie up that Dread) were still out of assault range. This does spare my Griffon however. Hah!

For my opponent, though I don't realize it yet, his scoring units are running out fast...

The squads on the Aquifer all make terrain tests, but only the GD, with a 6, makes it out of the terrain.

His LC Dread (as above) charges 12" in front of the aquifer.

His Sorcerers rhino drives in front of the aquifer and unloads. The pic shows the rhino face first, but in my turn we discussed how it didn't have an access that direction, which was simply resulted in us flipping the rhino the other direction, with no harm done to either side.

In the shooting phase, going from left to right, the termies fire its reaper AC at the leftmost squad and kill one.

He then unloads on my convicts. The squad that unloaded out of the rhino rapid fires, killing 3 with its 10 bolter shots, and 1 one with its 3 plasma shots (the other 2 rolled 1 to wound - Ha!). The last 2 of the foot PMs also shoot (can't remember if bolters or pistols), 2 hitting, but only 1 kill. Lastly, the Lord's PM squad rapid fires as its not in assault range, with 4 plasma shots killing 2 and 1 gets hot (but saving). The bolters in that squad kill another.

On the anti-vehicular front, his LC squad finally finds their form, penetrating and destroying the Arbite's chimera for the first dead vehicle of the game. I guess the inquisitor gets to walk home...

His landraider, on the other hand, continues its dance of futility with my now turretless Russ, hitting once but only getting a 10 to pen.

Onto assault...

His GD charges my conscripts, getting 4 kills with its 6 attacks, killing all but one in his kill zone. That lucky soul swings back, but misses. Man, the generic GD in the new codex is a buzz saw compared to the old Greater Unclean One. Being fearless, my guys stay and consolidate forward.

On the far right, the lone raptor sees if he can survive a combat outnumbered 14-to-1... he and Inquisitor Ruminahui go at the same time, with the raptor hitting with both attacks, but failing to wound. Ruminahui then winds up, attacks 3 times, hits once... and rolls the needed 6 to wound with his power maul! You go dude! 2-for-2! The arbites massacre towards the LC squad, while the last 1/2 of the SWS goes right to try to meltagun the raider.


Piquet smiled - the battle was now in hand, and proceeding like clockwork. From the reports, it was clear that the Adeptus Arbites had wiped out one enemy unit, and were proceeding to clear the position which had been sniping at his tanks. Better yet, what few forces enemy forces were left, including, if reports were to believed, some sort of monster 30 ft tall, seemed to be slaughtering their way through the scum the colonel had been saddled with. Victory was assured, but hopefully it would not arrive too soon - if Piquet's luck continued, the enemy would rid him of the unwanted penal forces AND the insufferable Baudin.

Very little movement this turn. The arbites climbed the hill to attack the LC squad, the SWS moved up into melta range of the the landraider, and the Fist squad decided that strolling around in front of an enemy battle tank, immobilized or not, might be a bad idea and so headed around the side.

Other than that, the chimera moved to be able to fire into the aquifer and the hellhound rotated to do the same.

So, onto the important stuff - shooting! 8)

My LC Russ fires its lascannon at his 'raider - misses. The SWS then tries the same trick with its meltagun - miss. LC HQ takes its turn - miss. Are these guys even aiming?

Whatever they are doing, they are setting a bad example. In the middle, my ML shoots at his HB dread and misses.

So, enough with his vehicles.... in the centre, the arbites shoot at his LC squad, using krak from their GLs, which misses. They do get 11 shotgun hits (for an amazing 4 wounds) and 1 PP hit & wound. The marines fail one shotgun save, and the cover save against the plasma, for 2 dead. Other than that, only the chimera shoots at this squad, and bags one more. They pass their leadership.

My forces in the middle focus instead on clearing the aquifer. THe AC+PG squad manages to get a wound with the AC, which he promptly fails as well as the PMs Feel No Pain roll. The 2 HB squads do nothing, probably because I hit with all their HB shots - you guys should go back to sniping! The LC at the back of the table also fires, but doesn't wound.

The Hellhound attempts to wipe out the last 2 of that foot PM squad, hitting and wounding with one of each gun, but both are saved.

In front of the aquifer, the Russ lays the smack down on the squad that had gotten out of the rhino. It rolls a hit, getting 7 fulls and a partial. Only 5 wounds, though, who go to meet their nurgly maker.

On the far left I try to whittle down those termies. The Griffon also gets a hits, for 6 fulls and 5 wounds, but he saves them all (he did roll a lot of 2, but that's all he needed...). My HQ mortar fires, but scatters 6" off. The ML+PG and AC+GL squads also unload into them, but only manage to get 2 wounds, both of which are saved. Actually, there was an unsaved wound as well - on my plasma gunner, who overheated and died.

And so onto assault...

The arbites charge up the hill into the LC squad, to prevent it from killing any more of my tanks. The Inquisitor doesn't make it into base contact, though, so will sit this round out. Of my 20 attacks, only 5 hit and, not surprisingly, none wound. He attacks back, his champion's power weapon hacking down 1, and with 1 of the 2 wounds from the squad failing its save. Fortunately I pass my leadership test - at Ld. 8, my Inquisitor's squad has one of the lowest leaderships in my army - go figure... 8)

On the Convict front, the GD munches down 2 more. In a valiant effort, their 15 attacks get 3 wounds, of which he fails his invulnerable save for 2! Take that, you big load of puss! One more and you are non scoring!


At this point, my friend starts making rumblings about conceding at the end of this turn - he just doesn't think he has the units to make it, only having 3 scoring units left (the LC dread, the termies, and the GD). I think its closer than that, as it not an alpha mission, but he's pretty set on calling it unless he has an amazing turn.

To begin the turn, his sorcerer casts gift of chaos on a convict. He makes the psychic test on the nose, but easily beats the the man's toughness, turning him into a spawn! Now the GD has friends.

On the Dreadnought front, they seem to have calmed down and neither get any effects on their Crazed roll.

Not much shooting - the landraider hits my Russ twice (he seems kind of fixated on a non-scoring unit - though, there really aren't any scoring units in his arc of fire). It hits twice, but gets 14 & 13 on the pen rolls, scoring him only a glance, which stuns the machine.

His LC dread fires at my other Russ and has even worse luck, missing entirely.

His HB Dread shoots one of my heavy bolter squads, killing 2. They pass their morale test.

The termies pump 2 reaper cannon shots and 5 combi-bolter shots into my left most squad, wiping it out. They can take their leadership test with the emperor...

The Sorcerer and his attached PM squad (what's left of it) shoot at the squad in the rocks, to soften it up. He hits with a meltagun and a PP, but I make both my cover saves.

Then assault...

In the middle, the LC squad kills one arbite with the champion's power weapon - he fails to wound with his squaddies. I attack back, the Inquisitor only hitting once and not wounding - I guess he's tired. The arbites do much better, wounding 2 with 6 attacks, but the traitor marine's armour is proof against the butts of their shotguns. I pass my leadership with a 6.

The Sorcerers squad charges my men in the rocks, us going at the same time due to his having grenades. My squad focusses on the Sorcerer (double VPs if I wound him, as he's an HQ), but the 6 attacks don't wound him. Ironically, the 1 attack against the PMs does wound, but the karma balance is restored when the PM makes its save.

The Sorcerer, confounded by all the attention, only gets 1 hit with his 5 attacks, and it fails to wound. His squad does better, though - inflicting 2 wounds, which I somehow save, and 3 power weapon wounds, which I obviously don't. I lose, and choose not to use the vox leadership so as to hopefully break. No such luck - I rolled a 5.

The huge scrum with the GD has gotten even bigger, with the arrival of the spawn, what with the remnants of his two other PM squads and his lord also charging in. The Lord goes first, but only hits with 2 of his 5 attacks, which one wounds and kills a penal trooper. His PMs kill another, and the GD munches down 2 more. My guys attack at the same time as the PMs and GD, focussing on the GD to hopefully cause one more wound for a bunch of VPs, but alas, it was not to happen - despite wounding it once, it makes its daemonic save. The one model that was forced to attack the spawn, on the other hand, does wound - take that, no longer having an armour save in the new rules! The spawn goes last, and gets 6 attacks, of which half hit and wound, but I make 1 save. I lost, and am outnumbered, but not enough to have to take saves for it. I pile in, which unfortunately means I'm forced to move Baudin (AKA Gaunt) into base contact. I choose to do so with his Lord, in the hopes that I might get a wound on him before going down.

At this point my opponent decides that there's no point of going on, as he was pretty sure he had lost and could do nothing to turn that around. I promised to taunt him unmercifully if it was a drawn.


Until this moment, I still don't know what the results were... so now to calculate them.

His VPs:
    - killed GL HQ 89
    - killed ML+PG squad 90
    - killed arbites chimera 100
    - killed melta stormies 112
    - killed plasma stormies 112
    - 1/2 killed convicts 98
    - immobilized LC Russ 79
    - immobilized Griffon 37.5

TOTAL 605.5

My VPs
    - killed lesser daemons 104
    - killed raptors 275
    - 1/2 killed PM squad 110.5
    - 1/2 killed PM squad 117
    - 1/2 killed PM squad 118
    - 1/2 killed CSM squad 140
    - immobilized Landraider 120
    - immobilized HB Dread 52.5
    - immobilized rhino 17.5

TOTAL 1002

Plus bonus points:

- neither got VPs for the other's HQ units, so 0 VPs to either of us

- I held 2 quarters (on the right), with the lower left quarter being contested and the top left empty. Neither held the aquifer. So, + 1000 VPs to me.

Total - 2002 vs. 605.5, for a difference of 1396.5, or just barely a victorious slaughter.

Though, if we had continued, he would have chalked up a few more, but only enough to lessen the level of my victory - so I guess he was right. Damn - I was looking forward to taunting him. 8)

The again, you don't win against IG when your dead piles look like this:

I'm not much for ruminating over my battles, but in the one it was really my numbers that told. My strong right, which I was originally worried about, turned out to be a benefit, allowing me to hold those two quarters. And while I was unable to do anything to his vehicles, he was in the same boat, allowing my Russes to get off a few key shots. Plus, my antitank luck was balanced by that of my ordinance, which overall got excellent scatter results.

MVP: My own namesake, Dr. Ruminahui, wiping out the raptors single handedly (but with plenty of moral support). Of course, he could only do so due to the rest of my army having blown the crap out of them.

Hero of the Game: My GL HQ, for finishing off his daemons and luring his raptors into the open. It was a dirty job (and a fatal one) but someone had to do it.

Anyway... sorry this is so massive, but I hope you enjoyed it...