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I’m making a titan (my way)!

1. Cardboard
2. Pink foam
3. Lots and Lots of bitz.

From now till April 15th I am part of 40kOnline’s Create a Titan contest! It is running from now till April 15th, in which I will make a Chaos Warhound Titan!

I will try to bring updates every week-2 weeks (if I don’t do anything to it then there is no point in making an article about it).

Starting off, I have gotten all of my Bitz together, which includes almost all of my extra bitz from the Chaos Vehicle Accessory Frame, a few things from Cities of Death, a Land Speeder, and all of my extra bitz from the Chaos Tide of Spawn. I also have all of my pink foam, cardboard, and the actual plans together.

What I am trying to do is make a daemonically possessed titan, so its joints (should) look more natural, and it will be mad and have a lot of spikes and spines.

I will give you an update when I actually update it, but here are the pictures of my progress, Sorry they are a little blurry: