16 Snuff Film

I stood in the doorway at the Northern entrance to the bunker overlooking the open space between the bunker and the hangars off in the distance. Sitting out in the rain next to me were the shattered body parts of the young tau whose eyes' I'd gouged out. Next to that was a rapidly filling bucket of acid water. I picked it up the liquid on the handle stinging my palm. I walked back inside following a large trail of blood humming all the while to myself. I entered the northernmost room and greeted my new toy with an innocent smile.

"Wakey-Wakey." I said seductively as I emptied the bucket onto the Tau's naked body. He screamed as the liquid reacted to his flesh a hot white fume that seemed to puff out of his body. When he regained his composure I leaned in close to his face and said, "What's your name, little child?"

The Tau turned wide-eyed as I spoke his language, but he did manage to sputter out his name: "Sha-a-as'Ui V-viorla. Puh-puh please stop, oh it hurts, please stop."

"Well Shas'Ui, I'm Lelith, pleased to make your acquaintance."

Shas'Ui may have been just a Tau but for his pain! It'd been so long since I'd felt any but my own and I decided that daemon be damned, I'd indulge myself right here. Earlier I'd scavenged for items that I could put use and brought them back to the bunker. I'd laid them out out on a table in neat little rows. I'd scrounged Shas'Ui himself up just prior to that, hauling him to the room and stripping off his armor and clothing. I noticed that his mind was stirring when I returned from my hunt and I deduced that the drug must wear off quickly on his species. I returned outside and with the knife I'd lifted off the human cut a long strand of barbed wire and brought it back. I'd later use the wire to secure the Tau to the chair.

As it were I decided to start out small and build my way up. I picked up a pair of pliers from the table and strolled back to my new toy. "This might hurt a little bit." I teased as I clamped the pliers down on his largest finger and pulled. It took a bit of effort but after a few seconds the finger came free, much to Shas'Ui's displeasure.

I clamped on to the next one. And pulled.

"Stop it, stop it! No! No!" He screamed while shaking his head and squirming his wrists, digging the wire deeper into them.

The next.

"Please, stop no-no-no-no wait I'll tell you anything you want to kn-AHHH!"

And the the last.

"No, damnit! St-Arghhhh!

"Boring." I said with a sigh, it wasn't doing anything for me. I decided to move on. I went back to the table and selected a large hammer. I tossed it around in my hand, feeling it's weight. By the dark night I thought to myself, I feel like I'm being forced to use children's toys. I set the hammer back down and picked up a small torch. I flicked it on and walked over.

"Anything! stop, oh no please don't burn me please please please don't stop it stop it stop it nooooooo! I'm begging you please mercy please I'm fucking begging you stoooaghhhhh!"

I broiled his genitalia, this time garnering a scream of such high pitch I was genuinely surprised he was able to hold it for so long without passing out. I reached over taking the pliers in my grasp and ripped the burnt remains of his manhood away from the rest of his body. I leaned in close to his face again and spoke, "Can you taste it? It's so sweet I might just have an orgasm right here and now, I paused, if I didn't have more to do."

"What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick sadistic fuck! Help! Someone he-ughhrgh- I thrust the pliers into his mouth taking hold of his tongue and ripped it out. Blood poured from his mouth, and giving it a second thought forced his mouth open and began pulling out his teeth. It took me almost twenty minutes to get them all. After I had finished the only sounds he could make were various grunts and gurgles. It didn't matter though, I could feel the screams in his mind.

I went back to the table exchanging the torch and pliers for a drill. By the dark mother I hadn't felt this good in almost a century. I stood there for a minute deciding how to proceed.

"You know Shas'ui, you have such pretty eyes, for an alien." I said and walked over.

"Guull! Ugghhh! nnnghhhh!"