15 Assault This!

I sprint from my position zig zagging in between the rotted tree trunks and leaping over those that had fallen to the ground. I pick my target, a Tau pathfinder carrying a pulse rifle, it's back is turned and is talking to another of it's kind. They stand at the entrance of a ferrocrete bunker with communication arrays protruding from the top. Directly above them is a black netting that shields them from the acid. I must be quick. Fifteen feet. I jump over a fallen log. Ten feet. The fumes rise from the ground, I am hidden. Five feet. I can make out the details of their suits, I know how I'm going to strike. Two feet. I grab the Tau by a groove in it's suit and force my knife in the small of it's back using my forward motion to knock the other Tau over. I pry the knife loose and before the other can recover I make a vicious swipe at his neck that sprays arterial fluid three feet into the air. I am silent. I glance to my left. Beyond the steam like fumes I see the Xeno. She has taken down a pair of Tau walking the perimeter. I flip the knife into a downward grip and open the hatch.

Inside the quarters are tight. There is a foot of maneuvering room to either side of me and dust hangs heavy in the air. The walls are a dull gray. I hear an alien voice and I push up against the wall. It is moving towards me, it's footsteps coming ever closer. I move up to the corner of the L shaped passage. As the Xeno turns the corner I stab downwards piercing it's helmet and burying the blade up to the hilt. I pull him towards me and lay his motionless body down on the ground. I hear the short reverb of small arms fire from outside. I quickly peek around the corner and seeing that the coast is clear move forwards. The entire passage of the bunker from one end to the other is shaped like a Z and again I put my back to the wall. Directly in front of me is a hatch with dozens of thick cables running out and into the hallway, overhead glow lights provide much needed illumination. I glance down the passage. I decide to go through the door. I move as quickly to the door as I can but a Tau that just exited the room down the hall spots me. I crash through the door as plasma bolts whiz past my head super heating the air where I just stood. There is no one inside but their is a lone las gun. I pick it up, rush to the doorway and sticking out the las gun perforate the hallway. I hear a gurgled cry as a body slumps to the ground. I look over the room and see an advanced VOX set that takes up the entire wall. I make a mental note to come back later.

I stack up on the door just as a plasma grenade lands by my foot. I kick it back down the hallway and duck back in. Two seconds later the grenade explodes and I rush out into the hallway. I can't hear anything, the grenade temporarily deafens me. I can't see anything, the smoke blinds me. I trip on the mutilated body of the Tau I killed earlier and fall to the ground. The dust obscures everything. As the dust clears it becomes apparent that a hole has been blown into the wall in the next room. I crawl through it and shoot the two Tau warriors who are waiting for me in the back. I finish crawling through the hole and check the room. There are thick black cables hooked up to alien devices but they don't lead to the next room. I hear a noise from outside and I stack up on the doorway. I glance around the corner to make sure no hostiles' remain. There are none. I hear alien screams coming from just outside the door. I move into the hallway. I square up with the door and rip it open.

The outpost consisted of several buildings and a large cleared out field. The first was a bunker made of a material Mon'keigh called ferrocrete. Two others were hangars with large blast doors. Inbetween the bunker and hangars were long strips of camo netting set up on poles that protected boxes of equipment. The perimeter of the outpost was laced with barbed-wire and sandbag bunkers, none of which were manned.

I watched the human make his way to the southern side of the outpost for a second moved out of the my temporary shelter. I spotted two Tau walking the perimeter on the North side and quietly circled my way around them. The rain continued to pour down and my skin burned as I made my way through the barren expanse. The two Tau were oblivious of my presence as I closed with them. In the time it had taken the Tau on my left to turn his head at a noise emanating from the outpost I snapped his partners neck and punched it so hard in the throat that crushed his windpipe. The beast fell without a sound. I looked up from my handiwork with a start, scanning the outpost for movement. My minds' eye told me I'd been spotted but from where? Unfortunately it couldn't answer fast enough as taking my own advice I jumped out of the spot I'd been standing in as a plasma fire streaked into my position. Stealth suit I thought with a smile.

"I'm going to enjoy this." I said as I rushed from my cover. In the instant that the animal had fired he'd revealed his position and ironically the underdeveloped creature didn't see me as I came at him. I discharged the pistol into the beast's kneecap and it fell with a scream. Of course I didn't stop there. When it attempted to bring it's rifle up I grabbed his left palm and pulling it tight kneed it's elbow snapping it neatly in two. The animal howled and I twisted the things arm, snapping tendons and ripping muscle causing it to forget all ration as I pulled it's arm off in a giant spray of blood that coated my fatigues. At that point I was robbed of my amusement as the animal passed out from the pain. Mildly upset that I couldn't proceed further I planted a round through the suits visor and moved on. I heard the report of a tau rifle as I made my way past the perimeter defences without breaking my stride. Two more Tau appeared running to the bunker and I gazed out with my mind and discovered that they were the only two left alive outside.

I picked up my pace, the pain in my chest and shoulder forgotten as I reveled in the joy of the hunt. Their fear was delicious. I sent thoughts of pure horror into their minds and as a result one of the Tau dropped his weapon and ran back to the hangar while the other fell to his knees holding his head. I pulled a needle from it's holster popped off the cap and threw it, the needle piercing through the animals neck and knocking it out cold. As I turned towards the second an explosion rang out from inside the bunker that shook the ground. Again I cast my mind out and searched the area around me. There were none left alive but the two Tau, and surprisingly enough the human. Though I admit that I hadn't expected one of such skill to fall at the hands of such a hapless foe.

I moved next to the petrified Tau and delicately removed the suit's helmet. What was revealed almost made me laugh. The Tau was obviously very young, tears streaming from his eyes and blood from every orifice on his face, and probably body. I walked to his front and spoke in my own language "I'm going to steal your soul." He screamed as I pressed my thumbs into his eyes, the terrifying images I projected into his mind keeping him from moving against me no matter how he tried. Just as I'd finished ripping the young Tau's eyes out the door to the bunker burst open. The human stood there, lasgun pointed at me staring in disbelief as I removed my hands from the Tau's face. The young warrior screamed and rolled in agony oblivious to the tension between the two of us.

"This is awkward." I said whilst looking down the barrel of his rifle. I probed his mind and realized that he was going to shoot me. Quickly I planted the suggestion of a Kroot charging him from behind and when he turned I grabbed a needle and jabbed it into his arm injecting the cool liquid into his veins. He was out before he'd hit the floor.