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By Noah Dove

Who can break through their enemy's lines first?

This scenario is based on the Cleanse mission found on p.81 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The special rules below have been created for this scenario specifically and should not be used in regular games of 40K.

DESCRIPTION: The battle has been grinding on all day, and your forces are greatly weakened. It is absolutely imperative that you prevent a break through on your lines while you wait for reinforcements. Then again, you know that the enemy is weak as well, and a break through of their lines could spell defeat for the enemy.


The victor is the one who has the most points, calculated by totalling the victory points of your scoring units that you have in your opponent's deployment quarter at the end of the game.


Roll for mission level as normal

Prolonged Engagement: As the battle has already been going on for some time now, many important units have suffered casualties, and have been forced into awkward positions by enemy ettacks, while the larger, more powerful units have set themselves up into good positions. To represent this, the order in which you deploy your forces is reversed (so start with fast attack, and end with heavy support).

Reserves: A commander may place any of their own units into reserve. Normal reserve rules follow.

Reinforcements: Any unit that begins the game in reserves may deploy from any part of the table, except for the parts in the opponent's quarter.


1.) Terrain setup and side choosing are done as normal.

2.) Deployment is done as per above

3.) Other pre-game procedures are handled as normal.