This matched was played on the same day as the last match, so unfortunetly I couldn't use any of the advice I was given.

Basically was a 2000pt battle and we were both stretched for models. My fault really, I just wanted to use the Callidus assasin.

Points Limit: 2000pts
Mission: Take and Hold

Sisters of Battle [2000pts]

-inferno pistol
-jump pack
-blessed weapon
-book of saint lucius
-litanies of the Faith
-Cloak of St.aspira

-Hammer of the Witches
-Power weapon
-bolt pistol
-psychic hood
-power armour

Callidus Assasin

Battle Sister squad (x3)
-7 bolters
-1 Heavy flamer
-1 Veteran with eviscerator and book
-rhino with extra armour and smoke

Seraphim squad
-5 bolt pistols
-1 inferno pistol
-Veteran with book, power weapon, bolt pistol and meltabombs

Seraphim squad
-4 bolt pistols
-2 hand flamers
-Veteran with book, pistol and eviscerator

Exorcists (x2)
-smoke launchers
-extra armour
-dozer blades

-5 bolters
-4 Heavy bolters
-Veteran with book

Thousand Sons [2000pts]

Chaos Sorcerer
-winds of Chaos
-Warp time
-Disc of Tzeentch
-Personal icon

5 Rubic Terminators
-5 combi-plasma
-Icon of Tzeentch

5 Rubic Terminators
-Icon of Tzeentch

Possessed Squad [Power weapons]
-5 men with champion
-rhino with dozer blade and smoke launchers

Rubic Squads (x2)
-8 bolters
-Sorcerer with doombolt, icon and second power


-Twin lascannon
-lascannon sponsons

Havoc Squad
-4 flamers
-Aspiring champion with combi-flamer


Turn 1

First turn is granted to the Sisters of Battle, starting with one squad mounting up in a rhino and driving off. Seraphim move out of the way to make way for the Exorcist, which moves into a position to shoot at the Defiler. Two rhino’s full of girls move to within 12” of the far left hand side to target the lone Rubic marine squad. Both rhino’s use smoke launchers for protection. The lone Inquistor targets the minds of three pyskers, but fails to damage them.

The rhino’s open up their fire hatches, delivering meltagun blasts and bolter shells into the rubic squad. Two Rubics are killed. The Retributors turn their attention to the far right hand side Rubic squad, delivering divine guidanced heavy bolter shells into them. Two of the three divine were saved against via an invulnerable save. One or two more Rubics fail their power armour saves however. Exorcists delivers it’s missile’s into the Defiler, failing to scratch it’s armour.

Seeing the rhino’s move over to the left, the Thousand Sons began to re-enforce the area. The chaos rhino performed a dangerous drive through the woods, but safely delivered the Possessed cargo. The rhino protecting it from the Sisters army. The Chaos Sorcerer flew over the rhino, landing behind it’s rear. The right side Rubics and Havocs moved forward, though the Rubics could only muster two inches.

Fearing a battlecannon shot on top of their heads, the Seraphim invoked Spirit of the Martyr for an invulnerable. The Defiler wisely deciding to shoot the Exorcist instead, scatters the shot 2”, allowing for a direct hit. The blast blew away whatever cover was protecting the Exorcist, stunning (shaken) the vehicle with a penetrating hit. The predator aimed at the rhino, only shaking it.

The Chaos Sorcerer charged the rear of a rhino, with Warp time allowing a few strikes to hit the speedy vehicle. However, no luck glancing.

Turn 2

The Callidus appeared behind the Havocs, disguised as one of traitors. The two mounted squads disembarked, ready to deliver swift death to the enemy. One squad was set to rapid fire, while another was set to charge. Inferno bolts are a pain, so I’d rather assault to deny return fire. The Seraphim chose to hide behind one of the rhino’s, protected from enemy fire and in a good position to assault next turn. One of the rhino’s failed to get into a position to stop the on-coming Possessed (had no idea they were in the rhino, mistaken squad identity). The Retributors would have to immobilize the Chaos Rhino to block them from assaulting me. My shaken Exorcist, reversed into safety, while another mounted squad rushed to the center to provide more support next turn. My Exorcist to the far right moved into the forest and targeted the Predator for no result (trends continue)

The Inquistor casted Hammer of the Witches for a second time, this time getting the mind of a Chaos Sorcerer to succumb to the perils of the warp. The Callidus used her neural shredder, hitting a total of 9 models. A Rubic marine and 3 Havocs died to it’s mind lysis effects. To the left, I unloaded into the Rubic Marines. Divine guidance was invoked, as I fired 15 bolter shots, a heavy flamer and meltagun. My other squad used a meltagun, bolt pistol and heavy flamer before charging into assault. Using hand of the Emperor, two girls died before delivering their strength 5 attacks. After all that, the 7 man squad was now 4 men strong. Dammit, not good enough

My Retributors fired at the Chaos rhino, only managing two shaken results. My Callidus charged the Havoc’s, killing one and running down the out-numbered individual, allowing the assassin to consolidate into the Rubic marines.

My Canoness was also in range of the Chaos Sorcerer, allowing for a one on one duel. With a 2++ invulnerable, charging bonus and a wounded opponent, the Canoness was ready to remove this dangerous threat. Using litanies of the faith, she became invulnerable. The Chaos Lord struck first, warp time allowing it to boost it’s potential threefold. Four invulnerable saves needed to be taken and…..

Canoness has just got herself killed and given the Chaos Sorcerer a massacre move towards the Retributors. That is so not good.

Death from above, in comes the Terminators. Scatters were kind. One terminator squad landed next to the mid-positioned Rhino, while another 5 landed within 6”-8” inches from the far right Exorcist. The Chaos Rhino moved out of the way, allowing the Possessed to charge into both Sisters squads. Wow didn’t expect that, especially considering the gap. To make matters worse, the Defiler decided to join the fray and fleet to get into combat. Only once it got into combat, it’s impossible to determine who he’s in base contact with. The Chaos Lord flew right next to the Retributors, using the Winds of Chaos/Warptime combo to kill 4 girls. Not even Shield of Faith/psychic hood could prevent that. Shooting phase saw mass meltaguns take out the Exorcist in the woods for a 6” explosion. Catching the Terminators was no problem, but their tough armour prevented any damage. The Serapim lost one girl in the explosion.

In assault, the Chaos Lord wiped out his kill zone, leaving 4 girls for him to consolidate into. The Battle sister squad asked for Spirit of the Martyr, needing a roll of 8, to protect them from the power weapon attacking Possessed. I rolled double one;s (D’oh) and saw my squad melt in front of me. Both squads of Sisters were reduced to two girls each. One of the Veteran Superiors did managed to immobilize the Defiler, while the other squad killed another two Rubic marines. Books of Saint Lucius kept both squads fighting. The Callidus leapt out of assault, but was consolidated into by the Rubic marines.

Turn 3

Not good, not good. The Exorcist brought itself back into the fray, driving into the woods ready to target the Predator. The Seraphim to the left got ready to charge into assault, while the Seraphim from the right got ready to shoot the newly arrived Terminators. A squad of battle sisters got ready to blast the other Terminator squad into oblivion. The Exorcist finally does something, immobilizing and stunning the Predator (ignoring the stun). The Battle sisters fired at full effect, with divine guidance powered weapons. The result saw only a single Terminator fall. Not a good thought to know those remaining terminators have combi-plasma. Ack.

Seraphim to my right, shoot and assault the Terminators, bringing them down to two Terminators for no loss (spirit of the martyr). Callidus killed one Rubic, before the Sorcerer in the squad wounded the Assasin, finishing him off with a blast from his force weapon. The Seraphim to the left charged into the big assault, killing 4 Possessed on the charge, losing one of their own. The rest of the Battle sisters died predictably, providing more faith for my dwindling faith pool. Trying to hit and run ended up a disaster, falling a couple inches short of jumping over a rhino. They had to go another way instead. Chaos Sorcerer finished off the Retributors

Finally, the Chaos Lord came face to face with the psyker that wounded him earlier. The Rubic Marines went to help the Terminators in assault. Tired of my rhino’s firing storm bolter shots, the Tri-lascannon blasted a rhino straight to hell. The Defiler aimed at the Exorcist, missing terribly with its battlecannon. Out of 8 combi-plasma shots, 6 girls died to the Terminators, before being assaulted. They were subsequently wiped out. The Seraphim to the left turned invulnerable in both the shooting and assault phases, allowing just the Veteran superior to survive. She passed her leadership test against all odds, thanks to a Book. She used hit and run to get behind the Predator.

The Rubic’s charged into assault with the Seraphim to the right, but with Spirit of the Martyr, only two girls died. One more Terminator fell in combat. Hit and Run saw the Seraphim leave combat.

Faced with the fear of dieing, the Inquistor finally (after 2-3 different attempts a turn) blocks a psychic attack with his psychic hood. That just allow the Chaos Sorcerer to kill him in combat instead. At this point I was thankful he said dead. He was the king of the low dice rolls.

Turn 4

Seraphim hops behind the Predator and with 2 glancing hits and one penetrating hit, destroys the Predator. The Seraphim in the middle are out of faith. The only choice is to bring units below 50%, deciding to attack the Terminators. It doesn’t happen, as they chose to attack the Seraphim, which did not turn out to well for the girls. Game is called. With the Sisters of Battle having no scoring units and the Thousand Sons having three scoring units on the objective, the game was over.

Victory: Thousand Sons


*Got to say, Warp-time is a killer of a power. It turned the Chaos Sorcerer into a killing machine and the fact it affects "Winds of Chaos" turns him into a brutal shooting unit. Definetly something to look out for him the future.

*Exorcists performed horribly both games. Such a shame they're such a vital unit for anti-tank, lack of other adepta sorita options

*Seraphim while proving be very useful, proved why having one squad is the best option. They eat through faith like a plague of locusts. Considering most of my army was dead and I was out of faith, one squad will definetly have to be dropped in future games. After reading this battle report, I may use a Dominion squad/Immolator in their place

*Elite Inquistors are definetly not a worth having a psyhic hood. I didn;'t have the henchmen, so went with an Elite Inquistor. Only managed to prevent one psychic power, which ironically, was aimed at him Cheesy

*Overall, I've got to test the waters with the new Thousand Sons. I've found the AP3 bolters to be the biggest problem more than anything for my girls. I've had some terrible rolling when it came to divine guidance, so his Adz's invulnerable save's was never really frustrated at any point. It is something I'll have to be wary of, I can no longer just divine guidance at rapid fire and leave everyone dead. I'm going to have to whittle him down instead, since I cannot rely on close range firefights to get the job done.

*Anyways hopefully will be bringing my Eldar next battle, to get a third game with the new codex. Hope you enjoyed the report!