I believe I should give a little background. If you don't care, scroll down.

At around eleven o'clock PST on the morning of 12/9/07, I realized I was stupid enough to bring money to a Games Workshop; I instantly blew fifty-five-ish on a squad of Kasrkin and their special weapons. Now, as I was busy trying to get the little backpack to stick onto the damn things, there was another customer talking with the Redshirt in charge.

I listened a bit, and for the next 15 minutes, I heard the kid talk on and on about how badass his Demon Prince was. And about how he should have a 4+ invulnerable save because he's a demon. Now, the super glue was starting to get to me, so I politely told him that even though he should, the profile says 5+, and we must abide by it. Fair enough I believed, yet he continued to bitch.

Next a few customers/people looking went in, they talked with the redshirt; I was back to shutting the kid out and gluing my men. He talked about the army, and I had an adorable little tyke ask me about my Guard, I told him the usual cliché stuff (Average Joe, demons Yada yada yada) and the person I'm going to play against said how they sucked. I replied yes, of course they suck individually, and I explained how one must use tactics and sharp wit to fight with them properly, even though it isn't necessarily what I use.

Of course, the kid continued to nag about how his demons are better, and having fought my Chaos friends more times then I've the impulse to buy more stuff, I knew a thing or too about Chaos, or so I prayed. Usually I abstain from challenging people to prove a point, lest I end up with egg on my face. But, I was high off super glue, and my patience was dropping more then a ten dollar whore behind Wal-Mart. I challenged him to a 1000 point game, were he continued to nag until we started.

My List 1000 points

Sr. Officer w/ Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Iron Discipline
Commissar w/ Power Fist
Melta Gun

Full Veteran Squad w/ 3x Plasma, Missile Launcher | Power Fist + Storm Bolter on Sgt
(Over-tooled, yes, fun, definitely)

Full Storm Troopers w/ 2x Plasma + Infiltrate
Infantry Platoon
Jr. Officer w/ Power Weapon, ID
2x Meltagun

2x Infantry Squads w/ Heavy Bolter + Grenade Launcher

20 Conscripts

Fast Attack
2x Lascannon Sentinels

Heavy Support
Basilisk w/ Indirect Fire

His list 1000 points (don't know exactly)
Demon Prince
8 Chaos Marines w/ Heavy Bolter
10 Khorne Berserkers
10 Lesser Demons of Khorne
3 Bikes
3 Obliterators

The mission was Take and Hold Omega. I got side, he got deploy and first turn.

As you can see here, I hugged as much cover as I could, standard Squads in the trench, conscripts in the woods, Vets in the far building. Thanks to escalation, I couldn't place my basilisk in first, of course, that also meant he couldn't place his bikes, DP, and his lesser demons, halving his army; while I had nearly all of mine.

"Leading the assault again" Leo grumbled. He checked the mission objective, secure the demon tree and in order to allow further purging of its ruinous powers. Easier said then done, the artillery support was being a bugger, so he had to make due without it. "Check in men," he said of the com-bead.

"I've got my men hold up in the building like you ordered Chief," responded his Veteran Sergeant.

"Grenadiers digging in at the objective, we'll hold our ground," came the voice of the Orrax sergeant.

"Arg, I've got my men in the trenches, they'll provide fire support," Lt. Gregory Koral replied.

"Pontus PDF reporting in," came the man in charge of the PDF rabble.

Leo snickered a bit, chucking the local PDF up front was always a good idea. "Shall we being the operation Commissar Charrington?"

"They've already begun, you should pay more attention," he replied.

"Shit... " Leo muttered as he checked through his binoculars.

Turn 1A

He began the turn rather slowly, moving his Obliterators and his Khorne Berserkers up. He fired 3 plasma cannons onto the Storm Troopers; he missed 2 shots, but managed to nail 3 of them.

Turn 1B

I respond by moving my Conscripts, Plt HQ, and my HQ forward.

In shooting I managed to kill on Obliterator with my plasma guns on the Storm Troopers, and my Vets taking out 2 Berserkers. He made all the saves for my heavy bolters, GL, and LG, and my Sentinels missed.

"Open fire!" Sergeant Kimarov ordered. He and his grenadiers ignored the death of their comrade and fired their hellguns and plasma weaponry at the foul demons.

"Sir, I think they're charging!" one of the grenadiers cried out.

Kimarov couldn't believe it, he was right.

Turn 2A

First off, he failed all his reserves rolls, let the bitching commence.

In movement he continued to cross dead mans land with his berserkers. His Obliterators continued to move forward.

In shooting he fired plasma cannons onto the Storm Troopers, killing two or three. As for his Berserkers, we got into an argument over whether or not he could fire them at my vets. I told him no, and promptly laid my 12 inch ruler down on the table, with roughly a half of an inch to spare. He said my ruler was wrong, and that his measurement was right. The local redshirt told him that his measurement included the bit of the tape measure thingy; More bitching cometh.

In assault he charges his Obliterators into my Storm Troopers, cutting them down after I managed to score a single wound. He consolidates into the Conscripts. He'll never get to use them again...

"God-damn-it!" Kimarov cried. He sliced his power sword across the front of the monstrosity. A smile crossed his face as the limb came right off. As he turned to finish the job he finds a power fist coming towards him, he dodges one, another, and jumps at the Obliterator. It was the last thing that registered in his mind.

Turn 2B+3

Alright, at this point I kind of forgot to take a picture or 2, I was too busy trying to deal with the guy that I didn't remember to take pictures.

First off, my Basilisk makes it onto the board. I move the Sentinels around to its sides to get a line on the Berserkers. I move the Plt HQ around the Obliterators, and prepared to charge.

In shooting the Basilisk scatters off slightly but manages to cake a one or two of th Berserkers, unfortunately my sentinels failed to hit, again. Now here's were it gets a little fun. My Veterans proceeded to wipe his squad down to the Sergeant; apparently he didn't know Veterans could carry 3 plasma guns and a missile Launcher.

In close Combat more conscripts die, I didn't really care.

"HOLY!" Lt. Vasquez of the Pontus PDF panicked. Men were cut down left and right in front of him; he only prayed support was coming soon.

"So, what have we lost so far Charington?" Leo asked.

"Kimarov and the entire PDF auxiliary." he replied.

"Pity, I liked Kimarov," Captain Leo sighed.

Starting with his turn 3 he manages to bring in the lesser demons and the Bikers. He moves his Marine Squad forward a bit.

Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my Plt HQ, too busy trying to explain to my opponent about the importance of playing smartly, and that conscripts were expendable. Of course, he continued to brag that he was slaughtering my men, but I decided to let is go. However, this distracted me from my report making, and left my Plt HQ exposed to the biker's bolters, somehow he only nails 2 of them.

Also he manages to kill his last Khorne Berserker with an overheating plasma pistol, it was hilarious, and of course this only furthered his complaining.

In Close combat he just slaughters more conscripts, they pass their Ld10 morale check.

"Support is coming!" Vasquez yelled to his men, seeing the flag of the Etheran 501st waving between the trees. Yet, they weren't moving forward...

I had no idea what I did for the bottom of turn 3, I might either have done nothing, forgot it existed, or was cheated out of it. Most like the first one.

Turn 4A + part of 4B

Finally his Demon Prince comes in, way too late to do much if you ask me, though, I didn't want to ruin it for him.

He continues his charge forward with his lesser demons, coming to me in piecemeal, and also his marine squad. He also moves his Bikers 12 inches forward to piss me off.

In CC he charges the bikes into the squad, and attacks with the Obliterators. 2 men are left; I tested on their own leadership; Outnumbered 5 to 2, roughly 2 to 1, and under half strength, Ld 3, they break. Amazingly, they get away.

"Fuck this!" Vasquez yelled, fleeing the battle, it was only him and Jonston. He didn't dare stay, he knew the Etheran have left him and his men to die, he would no longer be bound by their command.

Forgetting to take a picture before I started my turn, I managed to do the following.

Move my Sentinels and my Basilisk. Bean 5 Chaos Marines with a direct hit. Of course, my sentinels failed to hit anything again.

"Dude, I'm so wasted right now, I'm seeing double," one sentinel pilot said to the other.

"I don't what to shoot man, first there's one, then there's another, can't we all just live in peace?"

"That's deep man, that's de-hic."

"Sentinels, report, have you two gotten into the Guinness again?" Leo barked over the com-link.

"Oh hello Butters, what'cha wearing?" came the reply.

"I lov-love you man! You naughty, naughty Guardsman."

"God-damn-it," Leo gritted his teeth.

Turn 4B-end

Alright, what wasn't represented in the pictures is how I managed to peg 6 of those lesser demons with my Veteran Squad. Having reduced it to under half strength, I moved on to targeting other things. Though, I wished my regular infantry had done a little better this game, because my opponent made all the saves on my heavy bolters and such.

Unfortunately I managed to miss all my melta hits, meaning no instakill for Nossy today. It would seem my sentinels were sharing.

In Close Combat, I charge the Obliterators with my Plt HQ, and I charge my HQ and my ONE sentinel (Some kid played with it and placed it there, I hate children sometimes) into the bikers. Now this is the part where my opponent laughed, Guard in CC. He kills 3 Guardsmen with his attacks. I killed all 3 bikes with my 9 power fist attacks. It was my turn to laugh. My Plt HQ didn't do too good, but managed to kill one Obliterator before dying, meaning he only had one scoring unit left on the field (The DP), giving me nearly all of his victory points.

Now, at this point, he merely forfeited. The Redshirt was pressing us for the table, and my opponent didn't want to bother fighting two more turns with so little men left, so we ended it. Of course, he packed up faster then I could take the picture.

Leo waited as the Bikes charged forward at him, he was patient. As planed, the bikes stalled in the mud at the edge of the woods, and this is when he attacked. "For the Emperor!" he yelled, leaping from behind the log and onto the bike, kicking the unsuspecting marine off, before slamming his chainsword into its neck. The other marines tried to fight back, killing a few poor Guardsmen, before Charrington was able to dispatch of them.

Hours later

"I have the casualty figures here sir," the Commissar reported.

"Lt. Koral was heavily wounded, he'll be out for at least a month; he might even be medically discharged." Leo said, ignoring the Commissar. "We've lost a few troopers too, but it seems that our casualty figures were light."

"That is the price of consorting with heresy; you won't understand the full might of the Emperor's wrath until it comes first hand." Charrington replied.

"It's not that Commissar, we've lost too many men in my opinion," Leo sighed.

"Sacrifices must be made, the PDF fought valiantly today, the Emperor would be proud to have them in his presence."

"Who?" Leo replied, "I was talking about the Grenadiers, I got those men killed for nothing."

"... " the Commissar was quiet throughout the rest of the battlefield inspections.

Alright, at the end of the game, I had taken all the victory points but the 110 point DP, giving me 890 points in terms of kills alone. I also had 81 points of my HQ and one sentinel for 55 points at the objective; this gives me a total of 1026 VP. He had killed my Storm Troopers, one Platoon HQ, and halved my HQ, plus the Demon Prince in 12 inches of the objective, giving him 310 VP.

At +716 Victory points for me, it lands me 85 points shy of a "Victorious Slaughter," so I'll settle for a "Crushing Victory."

Hero of the Game: Most likely my Veteran Squad, coming in at 155 points, I think they've killed at least 200+, and for some reason, they were the only ones I felt actually did something spectacular on their own. They held the flank and they held it good, I think they all lived through the ordeal.

MVP: I'm probably going to have to go with the Veterans again, I tried to give a reason for the conscripts, but they really just prevented me from killing the Obliterators sooner, so I'll have to rework them some other time.

What I learned: Now, I may not have been playing the best player in the world, but I'm going to have to thank Ailaros on his Open/Closed/Static report thing he did because as I tried to plan things, I couldn't help but refer back to it. I.E. Basilisk behind woods being able to fire onto the Berserkers once they got into LOS, hilariously on the exactly turn I came onto the board; of course I saw myself walking into an open trap as I moved my HQ around the close combat, exposing them to biker fire.

Another thing I learned is to play a little wiser with the Storm Troopers, I was a little over confident with their ability to hold the Objective, and it cost me their lives. I'll have to watch them a little better, probably stick them with my Vets, not that they'll need the help or anything.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed it, see you next time!