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Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 22
Location: Camp 89 - Medical Ward 4 Corridor

The lights flickered back on.

Hoffman glanced down at the thing that lay on the floor, but - it was a human being, with stormtrooper armour and the markings of Hoffman's squad. He had obviously hit him by mistake. That meant the thing was still conscious and stalking the sergeant.

The thing grinned in the darkness as it hit behind the door the human had not long ago crept through. The thing thought again about drawing one of its weapons to finish the prey off but there was another human in that corridor now, it could be armed - and this made the lowlife Chaos scum nervous.

Hoffman looked back up looked around, attempting to spy out his stalker once again. It seemed to have disappeared, maybe even run off. The mortal forces of Chaos had a reputation of cowardly behaviour when met by strong resistance.

Hoffman hefted the extinguisher as he thought what to do next. He could either carry the unconscious soldier down the corridor and get help or try and kill this cultist now so to stop it from killing other soldiers.

He quickly decided to do the later and moved towards the most obvious of hiding spots - behind the corridor door. He crouched over as he prepared himself to ram both doors down the centre with his crude weapon.

The thing contemplated springing out to strike the human from behind but remembered to be cautious. The human had already seen it at least once and so it would be weary to its presence.

Hoffman tensed himself as he readied himself, he was sure the thing was behind the door now, there was nowhere else for it to be. The sergeant raised the extinguisher above his head and smashed it down the middle where the two doors met. Knocking aside both doors Hoffman quickly dropped his heavy club and advanced, looking left and right as he passed through the doorway he saw the cultist. It had been smashed by the doors being thrust aside by the brutal weight of the extinguisher and was in a daze. Hoffman grabbed the collar of the cultist's robes and threw it to the floor.

The cultist couldn't think straight, the door had swung at it as it crouched hidden from the awake human's view. The door had hit it flat in the face. It felt the human throw it by the collar on the floor and tried to reach for its dagger, but couldn't muster the strength to do so. Hoffman pounced on the floored cultist and pounded it with his fists, again and again, until it ceased to move. Even then he pounded it with his bruised fists, pounding its knarled face until it was a bloody pulp. He repeatedly dove his fists into the battered remains of the cultists head until iron strong arms grabbed him from behind and lifted him up.

"Stop!" Bellowed the voice, as Hoffman struggled to escape the grip. "It is dead! DEAD!"

Hoffman struggled for a moment longer then relaxed. The voice was right, it was dead - he had got his vengeance for the men it had killed, they might have even been his men. Hoffman looked up at the person who held him and wasn't so surprised to see the sparkling eyes of Inquisitor Lancelot staring down at him.

"Come, sergeant Hoffman," said Lancelot softly, "you need to be de-briefed."

Sergeant Hoffman nodded as the Inquisitor released his grip. He understood.