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Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 22
Location: Camp 89 - Medical Ward 4 Corridor

Sergeant Avery Hoffman was nervous, what had made that yelp? Was it a fellow guardsman or something sinister? He had dropped his pencil so decided to grope around for another makeshift weapon while he thought what the hell to do next. He felt around the room, a store cupboard, and found a small fire extinguisher next to the doorway.

Hoffman slowly poked his head through the doorway and looked up and down the corridor, it was still pitch black. He cursed as he hefted the extinguisher while we began to walk once again down the corridor - searching for help.

The thing continued to follow the human it was stalking, it had briefly exited the corridor but it was now walking slowly down the corridor again, now with a large heavy object. The thing jumped to the next rafter to keep up with the prey.

The hairs on the back of his head prickled as Hoffman continued his slow advance on the end of the corridor; he had decided not to call out for anyone as he knew to be discreet if he was to find the source of the outcry. He glanced over his shoulder, he was dead sure something was watching him - he had that... feeling.

The thing jumped to another rafter and clicked its teeth, impatient to strike. It had taken colossal risks to gain entry into camp 89 and now it might fail in its mission. This made it angry - it MUST not fail.

Hoffman finally reached the end of the corridor. He edged the door on the side of the corridor that led into the office and was met by the stench of blood. He glanced at the desk to see a guardsman who almost looked like he was sleeping, head on desk, were it not for the barbed blade that had been thrust through his chest. Hoffman glanced at one of the chairs next to the desk to see another guardsmen, this one slumped in the chair, his head missing.

The thing looked down at the human it was looking around the office from the doorway - visibly disgusted by what it saw. The thing grinned, though it looked much like a snarl, as it perched upon the rafter, barely two metres from the human.

Hoffman turned around and looked through the window of the door that exited the corridor, pitch darkness there too. He signed and hit the door open with the extinguisher and crept through, feeling out with his free hand so as to know where the walls were.

The thing dropped down silently to the floor as the human went through the door. It slipped through the door just as it was about to close and crouched silently, intent on not being noticed in the darkness by the alert guardsman before it.

Hoffman stopped. Had he just heard something behind him? He glanced over his shoulder but was, as always, met by darkness. He couldn't see a thing.

The lights flickered on.

In that fleeting glimpse of the beast Hoffman straight away knew what he was dealing with, a cultist. Before he could do anything about it however the cultist had hidden in the darkness as the lights flickered off again.

Hoffman raised his extinguisher and swung it in a low swipe where he guessed and was met with a dull thump where he had hit it then a grunt.

The thing ran down the corridor away from the human, with its cover blown it had to get to cover. Fast. Obviously the guardsman had thought he had hit the enemy but he had not...The thing cursed as he thought that there might be more survivors on the ward, he might have missed more people.