Mission: Secure and Control w. 4 Loot Counters. At 1500 points, Gamma level.

Simon's Deathguard list:
* Daemon Prince with Stature, Strength, Aura, Armour, Speed, Mark of Nurgle,
      2 Close Combat Weapons, Move Through Cover and Frags
* Lieutenant with Speed, Plaguebanner, Mark of Nurgle and Infiltrate
* 7 Plaguebearers
* 7 Plaguebearers
* 7 Plaguebearers
* 7 Plaguebearers
* 7 Plague Marines including an Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns,
      Move Through Cover and Frags
* 7 Plague Marines including an Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns,
      Move Through Cover and Frags
* 7 Plague Havocs including an Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, 4 Plasma Guns, Infiltrate,
      Move Through Cover and Frags
* Chaos Predator with Twin-Linked Lascannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armour
      and Smoke Launchers
* Chaos Predator with Twin-Linked Lascannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armour
      and Smoke Launchers

Steven's Space Marine list:
* Master Alexander with Power Weapon and Storm Bolter
* Dreadnought with Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers
* Rhino Squad of 9 Marines + Power Fist Veteran and a Meltagun
* Rhino Squad of 9 Marines + Power Fist Veteran and a Meltagun
* Las/Plas Squad of 6 Marines
* Sniper Scout Squad of 6 with 5 Sniper Rifles and a Missile Launcher
* Bike Squadron of 4 Marines + Power Weapon Veteran and a Meltagun
* Assault Squadron of 7 Marines + Power Fist Veteran and 2 Plasma Pistols
* Devastator Squad of 8 Marines with 4 Missile Launchers

Now, I have some notes before the game: Steven is first of all the newest player at the club. He has never faced Deathguard before. I'm mentoring him on 40kO and in real life, which is why I was happy to lend him one of my Rhinos ... since he's a student and has a tight budget. He also borrows some Assault Marines and a Tactical Squad from another player at the club, hence the not-too unified look of his force.

Furthermore, all the fluff in this report is written by Simon ... the Deathguard player, and thus I can't take any credit for it.

Before the game started, I was sitting down and designing a list for another player at the club. I added a 5-piece Termie squad w/ two assault cannons to the list, and my brother asked "Why only five? Why not six?" "Because it's expensive..." I replied. Now, in Swedish, the word for six and sex is the same one, and Steven - who had obviously been listening in on the conversation blurted out: "Yeah I know… Or what kind of six/sex are we talking about?"

Enough of this ... onto the game!

Steven won both the rolls to choose sides and the first turn.

Through the cloud of dust and earth strode the mighty Morkar, a daemon prince of Nurgle. At his side walked a smaller figure, his lieutenant Kral. They where looking out over the ruins of a once great imperial city as Morkars soldiers landed on the surface of the blasted rock once called Sorfac IV. In the city laid their price, a rebellious commander known as Alexander. He had left the Imperium but stubbornly refused to join the ranks of chaos.

"Send the men into the city, you lead the scouts" mumbled the great daemon prince.

"Yes lord, what of Alexander?" answered Kral.

"Destroy them all"

Turn one:

Steven moves up both his Rhinos and both of them pops smoke. He then moves his Assault Squad up to hide behind one of the Rhinos. In shooting, his Devastator Squad shakes the Predator on Simon's left. The Scouts fire on the second Predator, but to no effect. Steven's Dread then manages to score a total of two hits out of six against Simon's rightmost Nurgle Marine squad, manages a single wound and it is saved.

Simon starts off his first turn by breaking one of his Marines ... and thus he calls a time-out for repairs. He then breaks the weapon off a second Nurgle Marine, Simon replies by shouting "I hate you!" at the Marine, and the Nurgle Marine drops an arm for response. Apparently, Simon's Nurgle Marines are all suffering from leprosy. He continues to move up his Marines on his left, and moves away his Pred a bit and pops smoke.

In shooting, Simon's Predator hits the Dreadnought, but he then rolls a one to penetrate. His infiltrating Nurgle Squad shoots 8 Plasma shots at the Las/Plas Squads, hits all and manages 7 wounds, but Steven passed all but one save.

The battle had begun, Kral's scouts had spotted the enemy through the thick patch of trees and opened fire, the trap was set and they where in it. Kral was trapped with only a handful of men and without a route of escape, soon all of the enemy would be upon them and then only the grandfather would be able to save them.

Turn two:

Steven's bikes moves up, well into assault range. He then moves up one Rhino and the Assault Squad to shoot and charge at the Infiltrate Squad. He then disembarks with both Tactical Squads to perform some kind of vice grip move, and shot the crap out of the Plague Havocs. The thing is that he's unknowingly stepping into Simon's trap, since Simon's Lieutenant is standing right behind the Havocs, and he's holding up a nice Plaguebanner/Icon.

The Devastator squad shoots at the unharmed Predator (on Simon's right). He manages one Penetrating hit and nothing more, and it results in a "Crew Stunned" result ... but Simon's got Extra Armour. His Bikes unloads at the Nurgle Marines ... and kills two. The Dreadnought killed two Marines in the squad on Simon's right. He then prepares to shoot all the Havocs to death.

He unloads with 2 Tactical Squads, 1 Assault Squad and 1 Sniper Scout Squad. Two Marines goes down. The Las/Plas squad shoots at the Predator, but failed to scratch the front armour.

In the Assault Phase, the Assault Squad moves in against the Havocs. His Bikes charges in against the right Nurgle Marine Squad. The Biker Sergeant fails at wounding any Nurgle Marines, the other Bikers cause one wound, but it is saved. The Nurgle Marines retaliate and lands a bunch of hits. One goes down to the Power Fist, and one goes down to a regular wound. Steven passes his Ld-check. The Assault Marines then cause 4 wounds and Simon fails 3 Saves. The Power Fist hits only one but it fails to wound. The last Plasma Gun guy dies to the outnumbering rule.

Simon kicks off his turn and all 28 Daemons wants to move onto the field. 21 arrives via the Icon and Daemon Prince ... and the last 7 at the right. He moves up the Daemon Squad and the Nurgle Squad on the right, and the Daemons in the centre moves around a bit. Nurgle's rot is ineffective, and only causes 3 wounds. All are saved. Simon's Predator unloads at the Devastators, and causes 3 wounds. Two Devastators goes down. The Plaguebanner kills another two Marines of the Tactical Squad with the Silver Rhino.

In Assasult, Simon charges in with pretty much everything. In the Biker Assault, one biker goes down to the Fist, and they cause zero wounds in return. Two Plaguebearer squads charge Igor and friends. Igor killed a single Plaguebearer, and Simon then rolls a pile of dice. A total of 17 wounds is scored, but only 4 fails their saves. Steven passes his Ld-check.

In the fight between 7 Plaguebearers and the Silver Rhino Squad, Steven deals zero wounds and Simon six. 3 Marines fails their saves. Steven passes the Ld-check.

In the Assault Marines vs. Daemons, Lieutenant and Daemon Prince, Simon kills 3 Assault Marines before they are able to strike (all are dealt by the Daemon Prince). Steven then hits 6 Attacks on Simon's Plaguebearers, scores 3 wounds and Simon then passes 2 Invulnerable saves. The Plaguebearers then deals 7 wounds, and 2 Marines dies. Proxymo misses all attacks, and Simon's aspiring champion deals one wound. Steven horribly fails the Ld-check and is swept away.

The Plaguebearers locks into Igor's squad, and thus 19 Plaguebearers are locked in combat with them.

"They are closing in my lord, what is the will of Nurgle spoken through you?" Kral calmly asked through his com-link.

"You will stand your ground, I will soon be upon them and then none will stand, all will flee in fear" answered Morkar.

"Yes lord, thy will be done"

The scouting squad was getting cut down in the crossfire, from all directions bullets where flying and one by one the plague marines fell. Through the trees sped warriors loyal to Alexander, led by their mighty champion Proxymo. They cut down all but a single marine and their champion Raze. Looking at their fallen comrades Raze raised his enormous, mutated claw and cuts the head of the remaining plague marine.

"Bless us in the blood of our sacrifice great Nurgle" and in those words daemons burst from the warp to the aid of their brothers in worship. With their aid the tide turned, and from their rear burst their great lord Morkar. Soon Proxymo and his squad of heretics where dead on the ground and the flanking soldiers where locked in a fight between reality and the warp, fighting for their lives.

Turn 3:

Steven starts off by saying "this turn will not be as happy as the previous turn was!"

No movement occurs; he just goes to the shooting phase directly. The only effective shooting was the devastator squad shaking a Predator again.

In assault, one Biker dies, with no wounds dealt in return, and Steven rolls boxcars for Ld. He then proceeds to roll a 1 for the sweep test. Wohoo!

"Alright, let's resolve this one then shall we? Steven, you've got 5 regular attacks and 3 with Igor."

"Yeah, and you have like a hundred…"

Igor and pals deals two wounds. Simon passes one save. Simon dealt a whole bunch of wounds, but Steven rolled awesome armour saves. Igor and pals fails their Ld check and gets stuck in the sea of Plaguebearers and the Rhino behind them. In the last fight, the Daemon Prince deals two wounds and the Lieutenant one (saved). Steven tries to kill the Lieutenant, but fails to do any wounds. The Plaguebearers then reduces the squad to a single member (Veteran) and he passes his -5 Ld-check!

Simon moves up a bit with his massacre rolls and that ends Steven's third turn.

Here, a rules question appeared: what happens to the DP now that he can't lock anything? We thought that he simply wasn't engaged in anything, so the DP consolidates away from the fight.

Simon starts off by just moving so he can assault later. His Predator then unloads again on the Devastators, and kills 3 of them, removing one Missile Launcher effectively. They pass their Ld-check though. The Dread is melta'd to death.

In assault the Lieutenant kills the Veteran before he gets to strike. The squad massacres towards Alexander and friends. The Daemon Prince kills two Marines, and takes no wounds in return. The Plaguebearers kills another Marine, leaving only the Lascannon Marine and Alexander's personal bodyguard alive. How's that for fluff ... Steven actually chose to take away the Plasma Gunner before the regular Marine? They pass their Ld-check and stand their ground. The blue Rhino is killed by the Infiltrating Aspiring Champion.

The arrival of Morkar and the summoning of the favoured daemons of Nurgle, the tide of battle had now turned and all who lived felt only despair. Proxymo and his squad, some of the greatest fighters they possessed, had entered the lines of Nurgle and never returned. What came from the forest was far more grim and no allies of Alexander and his followers. The horde of daemons soon overpowered Igor and slew all of his marines, pressing on. Their great dreadnought, a veteran of a thousand battles was utterly annihilated and his flaming wreckage was spread on the ground. But the chosen of Alexander stood their ground, taking faith in the presence of Alexander.

"For Alexander!" screamed Horatio, the leader of Alexanders bodyguard as the daemon prince jumped into their trenches, followed by a wave of daemonic soldiers.

Turn four:

Steven moves nothing again, and goes to shooting. The Sniper Scouts kills a single Plaguebearer and all Devs rolls 1s and 2s to hit.

In assault, Alexander moves in to charge the Daemon Prince ... a great last stand. He takes two wounds, and deals none in return. In the other assault, Steven deals zero wounds, and Simon 3 ... one save is failed. The last one is swept away. Alexander is also swept. Simon moves around with massacre to get out of difficult terrain.

In Simon's turn, he moves up to take care of the last marines. He then shoots the Rhino, it explodes and takes a Daemon with him. He also kills 2 Devastators with his second Predator. The Daemon Prince charges them via rolling a 6 for the Difficult Terrain test. He split the last one in half, and massacres one inch. All that is left of Steven's army is the Sniper Scout squad.

Steven: "Well, at least I have the high ground"

Alexander, seeing Horatio and his squad being overpowered by the tide of chaos, leaped forward and swung his mighty sword. The daemonic prince, favoured by the great god Nurgle, was however far to powerful. He smashed his enormous sword, sending Alexander to the ground. He laughed a cruel and terrible laugh before moving towards the last bastion of Alexanders men.

Turn five:

Steven just shoots with the Snipers on the Daemon Prince. They deal two wounds to him, but both are saved.

In Simon's turn, he moves his Daemons to look cool, and then charges the Scouts with his Daemon Prince. The Scouts hits five times, and deals one wound. The save is failed! ("OH! RIGHT IN THE EYE!"). The Scouts then fails their Ld and are swept. The owl flies away as the sole survivor.

The scouts, last of Alexanders men fired their rifles at Morkar, drawing his attention. Soon he was climbing the building they thought safe and smashed his fist, killing several of them immediately. They had fight in them however, Morkar soon discovered. Magnus, leader of the scouts jumped of the platform from which he stood and landed on the back of the enormous daemon. He then drew his battle knife and plunged it into the back of Morkar, the great daemon screamed high, more of anger then pain before reaching around his back and catching the little scouts.

"Fool, did you think you could destroy me?!"

"No, but you're just dumb enough to be tricked into letting Alexander escape"

The daemon prince turned his head enough to see the place where he had downed Alexander, no body laid there. The wounded marine Horatio was also missing. In the distance a ship was seen speeding from the planet, smashing through the chaos blockade of the planet.

"You have angered me greatly little mortal"

"Then kill me, you ugly son of a whore"

"You are not worthy" exclaimed the daemon prince before dropping Magnus, sending his falling into the horde of gibbering daemons, being torn apart by the hungry daemons. He never uttered a single scream, denying them their last twisted pleasure.

Final score:

Steven received 270 points for things he killed in Simon's army. In addition he scored 0 points for objectives.

Simon received 1500 points for stuff he killed and an additional 750 points for the two objectives, netting him a total of 2250 points.

Result: Victorious Slaughter to the Deathguard.

So I can't say that this was a close battle. It was a Nurgle steamroller rolling over a newbie Space Marine army simply. I felt bad for my personal newbie several times as I was watching the battle unfold. Still, props goes to Steven for being a good sport and being able to joke about his army even though they are getting torn apart. He also rolled very bad the last three turns for the game ... without complaining about it.