Hello, everybody, this is Noah Dove, publisher of The Ailarian. I'd like to take a chance to write to my fanbase and address some concerns that have already come up.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who read the first edition of this magazine, and, more importantly, those who have stuck around for the second. I hope that this magazine can become an enjoyable part of your weekly routine. Thank you as well to our contributors and those who gave constructive criticism, as it is because of you that this magazine can exist and thrive.

I have received a couple of questions regarding the color choices for this website. At the moment, there are no plans to alter the color scheme. As well, white, 15pt. Arial font on a near-black background is nearly the easiest thing possible to read. If you are having troubles, I recommend turning down the brightness of your monitor (or up the contrast) or increasing the size of your text using the '+' key. Otherwise, I would like to thank you for some design and layout ideas. As you can see, many of them have already been implemented.

As well, I have received many questions regarding submitting work to be published in The Ailarian. As always, anything that you have written or would like to write, so long as it is 40k related, is good enough to be submitted. Just send it in! Note that not all submissions will be published right away, as some may be put into reserves to be published at a later date. We DO have enough content and writers to make this a weekly publication. If you feel that this is untrue, by all means submit your own work.

Also, I would like to clarify the purpose of this magazine a little bit. The Ailarian is NOT White dwarf. Not only is it online, and free, while allowing for user submissions, but as well, you shouldn't expect giant articles with lots of pictures, or interviews with anyone famous or anything like that.

This allows The Ailarian to be much lighter, which allows for it to be published weekly, and with user submissions.

Likewise, this magazine is not a forum. Not only is there an editorial process involved, but as well, there is an actual product being created here. Aspiring writers, for example, can point here on their resumes. Think of this much more like a newspaper, or an actual magazine, than a free-comment forum

Once again, thank you very much to the over 1200 people who checked out the first issue of this magazine from over 46 different countries! Your continued interest will help keep this project up and running. Thanks a lot,

-Noah Dove