So many points! Well, I just didn't bring enough, was the issue. I visited a friend of mine this weekend and played some games at his LGS. Here, they play 2000 points, pretty exclusively. Now, I usually only bring 1500 points worth of models. I do this to prevent building a list around my opponent and to make transporting my models a bit easier. I have nearly 5000 points worth of Marines, so my life is better when I just bring what I need. Not knowing how much to bring, I brought 1850 points just in case. Of course, everyone there looked at me like I had 3 heads when I suggested a 1500 point game and none of them could fathom dropping 500 points from their lists! So, my friend let me borrow a few of his Chaos models that I could use as proxies and then I had to proxy some upgrades, etc… for what I already had. I calculated these extra points on the fly so I thought I hit the 2000 mark, but was actually about 50 points shy. Some of these were intended to go to an upgrade or two on my Chaplain, but I forgot to mention them when deploying him and forgot to use them for the duration of the game, so they didn't help too much. But, on to the game!

This was a 2000 point Seek and Destroy versus a Tyranid Swarm. The lists were the following:

Black Templars:
- Emperor's Champion - Suffer Not the Unclean to Live
- Master of Sanctity - Jump Pack, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades
- Dreadnought - Venerable, Heavy Flamer, Armor
- Terminators x 6 - 2 Assault Cannons
- Crusaders x 9 - Powerfist, Meltagun, Frags, Rhino w/ Armor, Smoke
- Crusaders x 10 - Powerfist, Meltagun, Frags, Rhino w/ Armor, Smoke
- Crusaders x 6 - Lascannon, Plasmagun
- Crusaders x 6 - Lascannon, Plasmagun
- Assault Marines x 10 - Powerfist, 2 Plasma pistols
- Landspeeder Tornado
- Landspeeder Tornado
- Predator Annihilator - Lascannon Sponsons, Extra Armor

- Hive Tyrant - Wings, Scything Talons, Lash Whip + Bonesword
- Lictor
- Warriors x 3 - Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands (WS),
     Adrenal Glands (I), Leaping
- Gaunts x 11 - Spinefists
- Gaunts x 11 - Spinefists
- Hormagaunts x 13 - Adrenal Glands (WS), Adrenal Glands (I)
- Hormagaunts x 13 - Adrenal Glands (WS), Adrenal Glands (I)
- Genestealers x 10 - Extended Carapace
- Genestealers x 10 - Extended Carapace
- Warriors x 4 - Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands (WS),
     Adrenal Glands (I), Wings
- Warriors x 4 - Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands (WS),
     Adrenal Glands (I), Wings
- Carnifex - TL Devourers, Venom Cannon, Enhanced Senses, Reinforced Chitin,
     Bonded Exoskeleton
- Carnifex - TL Devourers, Venom Cannon, Enhanced Senses, Reinforced Chitin,
     Bonded Exoskeleton
- Zoanthropes x 2 - Warp Blast, Synapse

I may have missed a biomorph here and there, but I'm pretty sure that's accurate. If there were others, they didn't come in to play.


The terrain setup was great!! We placed randomly and my opponent placed a nice big forest blocking the whole center of my deployment zone. I also had a huge building on the right side of my DZ and a small forest on the left. The Tyranid DZ had ruined building in the left side (my perspective), a small trench in the middle and wall on towards the right. On the right side of the board, in the middle was another fairly large forest.

My deployment put a Las/Plas squad on top of the large building and another in the forest to my left. My Predator was next to the forest las/plas squad. I had one landspeeder hiding behind this same forest and another behind the building. Everything else was packed in behind the large forest blocking the center of my DZ.

Tyranid deployment packed a squad of Gaunts, a squad of Hormagaunts, a squad of Genestealers, a Zoanthrope, a squad of flying Warriors and the squad of leaping Warriors in or behind the ruins to my left. The other squads of Gaunts, Hormagaunts, and Stealers were behind the wall with the other winged Warriors, Zoanthrope and Hive Tyrant. The Carnifeces were out in the open in between these two groups of units.

Rhyce was waiting in the clearing when the other Initiates arrived. He was sitting on a rock almost as big as he was staring off into the distance.
"Sir, we're ready," said Brother Caliph, the new Senior Initiate of Rhyce's Assault Squad.
Rhyce just nodded. Kairen's Rhino had driven up and the Champion leapt out to talk with Rhyce. As Kairen approached the Chaplain, a squad of Sword Brethren Terminators joined them.
"Expecting the full swarm today, Sir?" Brother Ulien asked as he spun the barrel on his assault cannon.
Rhyce hopped off his rock and looked at the Terminators. "There's no such thing as the full swarm, Ulien."
The Terminators shifted, looking confused, but Kairen gave short laugh. Their moment was interrupted by a blood-chilling shriek from the other side of the forest.
"Contact! Hundreds of them, Sir!" came a transmission from a squad of Initiates encamped in a nearby building.
"Fry the big ones, we'll handle the little things," Rhyce muttered quickly into his transmitter.
"They're all big, Sir." The Initiate sounded confused.
Rhyce smiled and paused for a moment.
"Dear Emperor, what is that!?" The Initiate shouted over into his communicator.
"That, is a big one. Now kill it."
With that, Rhyce powered on his Crozius and looked at his Assault squad.
"Show time, boys."

Turn 1


As you may have already guessed, my opponent got the first turn. Being the usual zealous Tyranid player he took it. Nothing too exciting. Everything in his army moved forward with maximum efficiency. On the right side his Hormagaunts blasted out in front of the forest blocking my DZ. His Tyrant, flying warriors, and gaunts hid behind the forest in the middle and his stealers didn't make it over the wall. On the left everything simply advanced in one big pile.

Any unit that was able to fleet, fleeted. His Carnifex missed both Venom Cannon shots against my Predator. His Zoanthrope on the right side tried to blast my Dreadnought but was too far for its concentrated blast.


Black Templars:

Now, I knew I had to be tactical here. First, I knew I wasn't beating him in an all out assault, which is what my guys like to do. Still I had to hold them back. Also, I was trying out my Suffer vow which reduced my Initiative to 3 (not that it mattered with all that I 5), but I still wanted to be in the habit of using terrain to my advantage. I started by piling both of my Rhino squads into the forest. The Rhinos, which I wanted to keep useful, moved to the edges of the forest so they could be used to block traffic in the lanes around my forest, forcing the bugs through it. The Terminators also hopped into the forest. My Landspeeders flew out to the edges of the table to fire on his hiding units. My Dreadnought also advanced out of hiding to the edge of the forest.

I started the shooting with my Predator placing 3 wounds on the middle Carnifex, nice! The Las/plas squad nearby helped by tagging it with another one. On this same side my Terminators reduced his Genestealer squad to a single model and the Landspeeder took down a few Hormagaunts. Over to the right side of the board, my other Las/plas put a wound on the Hive Tyrant who was poking his head above the trees. The Landspeeder wiped out a full 3 Tyranid Warriors with its shooting and the Dreadnought sniped the last one who was, conveniently, poking out around the forest. My two Crusader squads reduced the charging Hormagaunts to only 3.

No Assaulting! (Yes I forwent charging the 3 Hormagaunts)

Brother Proctor began to charge out of the forest he and his squad were waiting in, when the revered Emperor's Champion blocked his way.
"Sir! We can't just sit here waiting. I will serve the Emperor if you don't!"
"Brother, I have fought these xenos before. I have seen them rip my own men limb from limb. We will serve the Emperor much better by killing as many as possible and in here, we have the advantage. Throwing your life away for the Emperor will do nothing!"
The other Initiates watched as one of their newer members was chastised by the Champion of their Crusade. Kairen stopped abruptly when a transmission came in from the fire squad behind them.
"Ready your weapons. The first wave approaches!"

Turn 2


First, the Lictor shows up! Way out of assault range of anything in the forest near the Hive Tyrant. Oh well, he won't do anything this turn. Another furious charge. The Tyrant flies over the forest to stare down my Dreadnought. His nearby Gaunts rush into the forest and the Genestealers charge up behind the Hormagaunts who move within an inch of my Crusader squad. The Zoan moves forward as well. The other side of the board does the same, his lone Genestealer leading the charge.

In shooting, Carnifex 1 fires at my Tornado way on the left side. 3 glancing hits later and my speeder's a wreck. Carnifex 2 fires at the Predator. 1 glancing hit later and it too is a wreck. The Zoan on the right side fires at my Dreadnought and knocks off its Assault Cannon. This kind of shooting from Tyranids? Unheard of! The last Zoan fires a concentrated blast at the Terminators. Snake eyes on the Psychic test force a Perils of the Warp strike that wounds the Zoanthrope! The blast hits but is caught by the Terminator's invulnerable save. That's better.

His Hive Tyrant charges my Dreadnought (read bait) and scores 4 penetrating hits. He rolls 1, 5, 5, 6. Venerable won't save me now, but I try. The 3 destroys re-roll to 1, 2, 4. So close! The Tyrant however is left stranded. His 3 Hormagaunts charge my Initiates in cover and are promptly wiped. His lone Genestealer charges my Terminators in cover, but still went first due to their powerfists. He failed to rend and was quickly plastered.

Black Templars:

More shooting from my Templars (did you know they can shoot?). My Jump Packs move to whack the Hive Tyrant. The Landspeeder repositioned itself on top of the building.

My living Landspeeder joined my two Rhino squads in shooting at the approaching Genestealers. Only 4 were left after some nice saving on my opponent's part. My Assault squad fired at the Hive Tyrant. The bolt pistols do nothing, but one plasma pistol wounds while the other overheats. The Marine misses his save and dies, whoops. The Las/plas squad fires on the Tyrant as well. The lascannon deals wound number 3 while the plasmagun double pumps to deal 2 wounds. 1 too many, overkill! On the left side of the board my Terminators wipe out the flying Warriors, while the Las/plas squad kills a single leaping warrior.

Again, no Assault!

Rhyce eyed the lumbering beast a short ways off. It had just ripped their great Venerable Dreadnought to pieces, with seemingly little effort. Rhyce decided it was his turn to fight the monster.
"That one's ours Brothers!"
With that Rhyce kicked off towards the Tyrant. A flurry of pistol fire flew past him as he charged. His Initiates were trying to soften the beast. A lucky plasma shot hit the Tyrant's midsection forcing out an earthshaking roar. The Assault Marines has squared off in front of the Behemoth and were preparing their attack. Without warning, Lascannon and Plasma fire rained down from the building behind them completely incinerating the Tyranid Monster.
"I'm sorry Sir, was that one yours?" came an amused voice over the transmitter.
"We'll talk later. Keep shooting," Rhyce quickly ordered into his communicator.
He turned to see yet another ferocious creature approaching. Though not as big as the Tyrant, Rhyce knew all too well what a Lictor was capable of.
"That one's next!" Rhyce shouted as he pointed his Crozius at the Lictor.

Turn 3


On the right side, the Lictor and Gaunts approach the Jump packs. The Genestealers march up to Crusader squad. On the left his Hormagaunts and leaping Warriors close in on the Terminators. His Gaunts head to the Las/plas squad. The wounded Carnifex in the middle moves towards my Crusaders in the woods as well.

Both Carnifeces shoot at Marines but fail to kill any. One Zoanthrope kills 2 Marines from the middle Crusader squad while the other misses.

Now he's excited, he gets to assault. First, his Lictor and Gaunts charge my jump packs. The Lictor starts off by killing 3 Initiates. The Chaplain and Marines kill a total of 4 Gaunts who kill a single Marine in return. The Powerfist misses both attacks on the Lictor. In the middle his Genestealers charge my right-most Crusaders with the Carnifex. I go first killing all but one Genestealer. The stealer does nothing. The Carnifex kills 2 Marines, but gets fisted in return. Thank good Powerfist placement and my vow for that one. I hit once and rolled a 2 to wound. His 2 Leaping Warriors and 8 Hormagaunts introduced themselves to my Terminators. The Tyranids went first collectively killing 3 Terminators. Only 1 Terminator was left in base to deal a single wound to a Warrior. Finally, his healthy Carnifex charged my Las/plas squad, killing 2 members and taking no wounds in return.

Black Templars:

The only movement takes my Landspeeder in range of his Zoanthrope on the right side.

Said Landspeeder kills said Zoanthrope with 2 rending hits from its Assault Cannon.

In Assault my Crusader kill the lonely Genestealer who can't manage a rending strike. The Lictor kills another Initiate and is killed in return by their attacks. Another 2 Gaunts are killed by the Chaplain. Despite the lack of synapse, the Gaunts pass their lead check and stay to fight. The Carnifex on the left side fails to kill any Marines, who fail to do any damage in return. In the middle, the Warriors are unable to rend this turn and therefore kill no Terminators. The Hormagaunts achieve the same. My Terminators answer by killing off his Warriors.

The battle with the Lictor and swarm of Gaunts is raging as Rhyce is fighting his hardest to fend off the little beasts. Despite his best efforts, he can't make any headway towards his Brothers and watches as another Initiate is mangled by the Lictor's barbed claws.
"Caliph, kill the damn thing already!" Rhyce screamed at the top of his lungs as he batted another Gaunt out of the air.
As if on cue, Brother Caliph ignited his jump pack and blasted up towards the Lictor's head. A powerful swing completely decapitated the Lictor as it tried to lash its talons out at its attacker. The Lictor had been too occupied with its previous victim to notice the new threat was now a lifeless pile of biomass. Rhyce let out a relieved sigh as yet another Gaunt was crushed under his power weapon.

Turn 4


He doesn't have much left. His left Gaunts move into the forest to help the Carnifex against my Las/plas squad. His Zoanthrope moves around and misses another shot on my Crusaders.

My Assault squad reduces the Gaunts to a single model who first kills a Marine and then decides its time to run. I fail to catch him and the Gaunt starts to run towards the far away Zoanthrope. The Terminators only manage to kill 2 Hormagaunts after losing another member of their squad. The Carnifex and Gaunts reduce my las/plas squad to 2 members who manage to kill a single Gaunt.

Black Templars:

My Jump Packs blast over towards the Terminators and the Landspeeder lines up the Zoanthrope in its sights.

The speeder soundly kills the Zoanthrope, with a full 3 rending wounds.

The Jump packs charge the Hormagaunts and help the Terminators in wiping the squad.

Turn 5


They refuse to yield. The Carnifex and Gaunts kill my Las/plas squad and massacre out of the forest.

Black Templars:

My Jump packs move toward the Carnifex along with the Terminators. The Landspeeder and nearby Crusaders shoot the Gaunts to pieces. The Assault squad and Terminators first shoot, then charge the Carnifex killing it. The Carnifex directs its two attacks on the Terminators, but one misses and the other is saved by their durable armor.

Brother Ulien was running towards the last remaining xenos, a massive Carnifex, when he heard the roar of jet packs behind him. He quickly glanced over his shoulder to see the battle-hardened Chaplain quickly approaching.
"Still alive Ulien?" Rhyce said mockingly as he rushed past towards the Carnifex.
"You sound disappointed, Sir."
"Not at all, now help me kill this thing."
"I thought you'd never ask, Sir."
The combined assault on the slow, lonely monstrosity proved effective. Powerfists flew as Brother Ulien and Caliph collectively ripped the Carnifex to pieces with the help of their squads. During the fight the Carnifex managed to strike Ulien with a sharp talon in the chest of armor, but it was deflected by the massive plating leaving the Sword Brother unharmed. Once the chaos settled, Rhyce looked over at the hole in Ulien's armor.
"I guess that's why you get the bigger armor. You get hit more."
"Must be, Sir."
Rhyce smirked and could tell that Ulien had as well inside of his Terminator helmet. They walked off to rejoin the rest of their Brothers and assess the outcome of the battle.

With no units left on the table, this game is over.

My opponent scored a total of 850 Victory points for killing my Predator, Tornado, Las/plas squad, and reducing my Assault Squad and Terminator squad below half strength.

I managed to score 2570 Victory points for all of my scoring units left on the table.

I was very pleased with my army's performance this game. I wanted to test out a different vow with Suffer, but ended up facing an army where Suffer really paid off. That extra strength helped my powerfists against the Carnifeces and made killing pretty much everything easier. Since I was comfortably in cover for the whole game the lower Initiative didn't really come in to play at all.

I would like to note that my opponent made some decisions that hurt him a bit here. First, DZ didn't have too much terrain in it and despite the fact that I was deploying everything behind terrain he still bundled everything he had behind two large pieces of terrain. Getting first turn he just charged in front of it, but couldn't to do much to prevent the "wave" formation that had developed. This left his forward units unsupported and his rear units less powerful. Varying fleet rolls didn't help the matter, sending his Hormagaunts on the right WAY out in front. Also, I feel he was a little biomorph happy. Adding up all of the biomorph points, especially on units like Hormagaunts, I think he might have been better served with more models. But, I5 + WS5 on basically everything is rough.