Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: ++Classified by order of Ordo Hereticus++

"Sir? Surely we'll die if we do that?" Shouted private Jenkins above the roar of the increasing wind as the plummeting valkyrie accelerated.

"What other choice do we have? We must slow this hunk of metal down though! Bisenti!"

"Sir?" Replied the corporal loudly.

"Plug your data pad into a socket and try to slow us down god-damnit!"

"Sir!" Bisenti got out his data pad from his thigh pocket and inserted one of its many cables into one of the sockets spaced around the seating area.

A few long seconds went by with everyone else anxiously watching Bisenti.

"Sir! I can gain minimal control from this pad, the computer has no landing solution for normal touchdown but we can belly flop it!"

"Do it corporal!"

During the time when Bisenti sat there frantically typing on his data pad Hoffman experienced the most harrowing time of his life. He had been in danger before, oh yes, but not in such a way he couldn't help himself. Hoffman glanced at his watch 02:07, 8 minutes till they were supposed to drop into the compound. This mission was already a virtual death sentence for his men but the fact they might all die in a crash didn't help those odds of survival. Hoffman promised to himself that if they survived the crash he would lead them to safety…whatever the cost.

Hoffman suddenly noticed a deceleration, and they were levelling out! Hoffman and every one else in the craft sighed with relief. "Corporal, status."

"Sir, I've programmed the computer to belly flop the valkyrie on a highway that leads to the compound."

"Proceed with the landing. Good work." Said Hoffman.

"Yes Sir." Replied the visually relieved corporal.

Hoffman sighed with relief; they were going to make it after all. Then he could at least try to complete the mission. The only problem with the mission now that infiltration on foot would be almost impossible with all the guards at the gates and on the walls. They would need a plan…

"Twenty seconds to dirt!" Said Bisenti to Hoffman

"Twenty seconds to dirt men!" Bellowed Hoffman. "Strap yourselves in and brace for impact!"

The landing was a brutal affair but a survivable one nonetheless. The aircraft bounced once on the highway, throwing everyone forward, then skidded along the road finally coming to a stop as it collided with a burnt out abandoned chimera.

"GO! GO! GO!" Roared Hoffman, encouraging the men to clear the aircraft ASAP. They exited and automatically fanned out in a delta formation. Covering all angles. "Right…secure the perimeter. Bisenti try to raise anyone friendly on the vox." Bisenti ran back into the valkyrie as the men formed a perimeter. Bisenti quickly came back out with the long range vox. He started sending out a mayday:

"Mayday! Mayday! This is unit 21-Alpha of the 82nd Chameleons! We've crash landed short of our objective, code named Ugly Duckling. Please advise, over."