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By Noah Dove

Your unit has very unexpectedly run into a unit that has very unexpectantly run into you. Sort out the mess quickly to be able to fight effectively!

This scenario is based on the Meat Grinder Scenario on p.195 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The special rules below have been created for this scenario specifically and should not be used in regular games of 40K.


Your unit has been moving forwards all day through a heavy mist. As the mist thins, you suddenly find yourself jumbled up with an enemy unit. How no one managed to run into one another isn't certain, but what is certain is that you have to straighten out your forces and kill the enemy, before the enemy can figure out how to do likewise.


The goal of this mission is raw survival, and preventing your opponent from getting away unscathed. The winner of this scenario is the player with the most victory points at the end.


Victory Points, Dusk and Dawn (see below)

Parting of the mists: The fighting begins just as the mists are beginning to clear. The first turn of this game uses the "Dawn" special rule to represent this.

Unverifiable landing: No competant commander would dare drop reinforcements into such an obscured battle zone. Not only could the deepstrikers be off by miles, but, worse, they could land right into enemy hands, or onto one's own troops! Given the inability to gather sufficient information on the battlefield, no unit who has the deepstrike special rule may use it.


1.) Terrain setup and side choosing are done as normal.

2.) Deployment is done like this:

Each player's units are lined up in a row. Starting with the same end every time, when it is that player's turn to deploy, they go down the line, rolling a D6. On a roll of a 1, 2, or 3, that unit is skipped, and the next unit down the line is rolled for. On the roll of a 4 or 5, the player deploys the unit that they are rolling for. On the roll of a 6, the opponent deploys that unit.

All units, including vehicles, and other models which otherwise would not be able to, gain the infiltration special ability. Such is the rampant confusion of the opening state of the battle. Note, rather than a unit being unable to deploy 18" or closer if out of line or sight, or 12" or closer without, a unit may deploy anywhere over 12" from any unit if the enemy is in line of sight, and may deploy as close as 1" to an enemy unit if there is no line of sight.

3.) Other pre-game procedures are handled as normal.