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Emperor's Children sprue review

I sat down yesterday and started looking at some of the new plastic Chaos sprues.
Sprue pics from the US GW site, link:

I really like the new plastic Chaos Terminators and want to add some unique conversions to each squad. I have a few bitz left over from some old plastic Chaos Marine sprues but I think if I pick up a box of Possessed, I can really do some cool stuff. Even though I'll be using Dark Angel Deathwing rules for the army and it will be nothing more than "counts as," I want to convert the weapons that will ultimately be the assault cannons, power fists and cyclone missile launchers.

I would like to use the different heads, chest plates, hooves and maybe even the wings off the Possessed sprue as well. I can see a good amount of greenstuff work to accomplish the sonic weaponry I'm looking to achieve but I've got some ideas floating around.

As for bases, I know I don't want to use the plastic rock outcropping base from the Terminator Lord sprue, it has too much of a unique look that people will instantly recognize. I am thinking of sculpting something similar for my HQ but instead of a chaos shaped rock outcropping, I am planning on a crumbled stone Imperial Eagle. I don't know how I want to separate the squads just yet, I may just use a different base design for each squad.

I haven't even gotten to squad banners yet either...

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