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Camp 89 Part 7

Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 22
Location: Camp 89 - Medical Station 4d

Sergeant Hoffman lay on the bunk in the medical station, he was snoozing. He had trouble steeping as after he had collapsed he had been hit by a stray bullet in the backside - an excruciatingly painful experience for Hoffman as he could only sleep on his back.


Hoffman opened his eyes. Had he heard something? He was in an isolated ward because of his rank and even then no other NCOs had been injured. He was alone...


Hoffman sat up and looked at the door where he thought the sound had come from. Nothing. Just a dim light from the corridor, the light lit the room just enough to see but Hoffman knew never to trust his senses completely when fighting in a Chaos infested area. He quietly got out of bed, still looking in the direction of the door.

Hoffman looked down, damn, while he wore his armour still he had been stripped of all his equipment, even his boot knife was gone. He reached for his bedside table and picked up a pencil which lay on a clipboard. He held it like his knife and slowly, in a crouch, advanced on the door.


Probably something stupid like the light malfunctioning. Thought Hoffman to himself as he looked through the crack between the door and the door frame. He still saw nothing, cautiously he pushed the door open with his foot, holding the pencil out in front of him with his right hand like a combat knife.

He popped his head through the gap and took a look up and down the corridor, still nothing anywhere.


He finally noticed what was making the noise, it was a string light switch that was repeatedly tapping the doorframe. He grabbed it and stopped it tapping the door, he was about to turn back into his ward to catch some more sleep when he noticed a drop of some liquid on the floor by his feet. He crouched down and took a look.

He immediately stood up again as he felt a drop on the back of his head. He used his left hand to wipe at his neck and took a look at the liquid on his hand. It was blood.

He was just about to glance up at the ceiling to find the source of the blood when the lights went out. Hoffman reached out in the direction of the hanging light switch with his hand. He found it and yanked it downwards, it clicked on but the lights remained off.

Hoffman was just beginning to feel his way down the corridor when he heard a noise behind him, a kind of wind rushing, as if someone had just run past him. He looked around to see darkness, then the lights came back on. Perplexed he began to walk again down the corridor, towards the office where a guard should be.

Again the lights went out, Hoffman reached out for a wall and fell in through an open doorway instead, while on the floor covered in towels he had grabbed as he fell off a shelf he heard a yelp. Hoffman struggled to his feet, shaking off the towels. He glanced around in the pitch darkness, he could see nothing.

The thing looked at the human, the thing's advanced eye sight meant it could literally see in the dark, it jumped to another rafter near the ceiling and watched its prey - preparing to stalk it...