Infiltrating Space Marines is a popular type of army to play, both among competitive tournaments and friends. This article takes a closer look at the Infiltrating loyalists, the units to use and why they work so well.

The List

The list is usually focused around Tactical Squads, with Infiltrate and usually 8-10 men strong. They usually have a Veteran Sergeant with a Power Fist leading them and one or two special weapons, depending on what traits you select for your force. I like to go with:

Tactical Squad at 226:

Veteran Sergeant + 7 Space Marines
Power Fist, Teleport Homer, Meltagun, Heavy Bolter, Frags
Infiltrate, True Grit, Counter-Attack

As you can see, the squad has 8 members, one of them upgraded to a Veteran Sergeant and given a Power Fist to swing around. I also have a Meltagun and a Heavy Bolter, and I'll explain the Heavy Bolter later on. On top of that, each Marine is equipped with a Bolter and Close Combat weapon, True Grit, Counter-Attack and Frags. Each Marine in the squad costs a minimum of 22 points, which might seem expensive, but it'll be worth it – believe me.

Two or three of these squads will make up the bulk of your force, together with a Scout Squad or two. The Scout Squad should have a set-up like this:

Scout Squad at 150:

Veteran Sergeant + 7 Scouts
Power Fist, Teleport Homer, Bolt Pistols, Close Combat Weapons, Heavy Bolter, Frags

As you can see, it's geared towards Close Combat, but with the addition of a Heavy Bolter. Again, a Veteran Sergeant has been added with a shiny Power Fist, for more Close Combat punch and also some anti-tank capabilities.

Furthermore we have to have some anti-tank power in the list:

Devastator Squad at 244:

Veteran Sergeant + 7 Devastators
Teleport Homer, 4 Missile Launchers

Simple enough, 8 guys, a Veteran with a Teleport Homer and 4 Missile Launchers.

Now we have the core of the army set-up all right, let's look at the extras. First of all, you've probably noticed that all the squads have Teleport Homers, and I'll explain that in a minute.

The extras of the army will first of all consist of an HQ – since you need one for filling the mandatory slots in your list. Secondly, it will consist of two Terminator Squads, both five men strong and with two Assault Cannons. Nothing fancy, but very, very effective.

By now, your list will be at almost 1500 points, and it'll be nearly 50 bodies strong. Also remember that each and every one of your models has a toughness of 4 and a Save of at least 4+, but mostly 3+.

General Tactics

Generally speaking, you don't really want to play an Alpha mission, since you'll lose your Infiltration ability (yet not the Deep Striking). When you deploy your army, make sure to pick a target for each of your units to attack the first couple of turns, as in, the Tactical Squads go after the squishy infantry, and the Devastators go after tanks.

Another thing to remember is to keep your force concentrated along one of the flanks. Your opponent will most likely deploy across his entire deployment zone, and thus – you'll only have to deal with half of his army at first.

To be sure that those enemy infiltrators don't screw up your deployment, you could just deploy a single squad at one flank in your own deployment zone, to make sure that you have an 18 inch area of deployment around that unit for yourself later on.

This is where the Heavy Bolters come in. Sit tight and fire away the first two or three turns, until your Deep Strikers arrive from reserves. Hopefully, at least the two Terminator squads, or one of them and the Librarian will arrive on the same turn. Place them along your own forces or behind your enemies or wherever you feel it's best suited, and you move in with your entire concentrated force on the same part of your opponents army.

When he moves in with the rest of his army, you move out with your Terminators and Tactical Marines and simply step on his half-army.

It sounds simple, but this is just the basics. Join me next week where I will go more in-depth with the tactics.